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I know.  Random.  But I honestly think this can be a lot LOT more versatile than one would think.  Is it a flattering colour?  I'm not going to lie to you - I have no idea.  I am not a colour expert by any stretch of the imagination and whilst I know some people put huge faith in "their colours", I tend to just veer towards what I like. 

I will say I think it's a great idea to start with as a base - knowing what colours work for you, if you're not hugely confident in your fashion choices - it definitely makes it easier to build a capsule wardrobe around colours that you're happy with and you know suit you. 

But personally, whilst half of me is French (in my head), the other is pure fashion magpie.  Experimental, the only rule being - if you like it, wear it.  Which leads to some interesting colour combos, some of which work and some which you'll think meh - that wasn't my finest outfit.  However, fashion should be fun so today, I'm going for gold with lilac.  

What to wear it with?  Well, it's perfect for slotting neatly in with you existing wardrobe of neutrals.  Ideally suited to greys and blacks.  I like the idea of it with pale pink - in some instances it can look like a shade of blush - lovely with navy and I'm going to throw it out there and say leopard.  

Having had a quick (well, it's never quick when you venture onto Pinterest is it?) look, I've found a couple of outfits for inspo.

Paired with pale pink...

With a plummy brown..

This Winter from Mulberry...

First up, I'm breaking you in gently with knitwear which is probably the easiest way to add this colour into your wardrobe.

Knit Sweater £35 from & Other Stories

However I think this one is gorgeous.  It says it's cropped.  Hmm it doesn't look muffing flashing cropped (unless you wave your hands in the air, but just don't do that) and I think it would be perfect with waisted skirts or high waisted trousers. 

Micha Lounge Boxy Crop Jumper in Lilac £28

Mixing the colours for you at Autograph. 

Pure Cashmere Colour Block Jumper in Grape Mix £85

Moving on from a jumper to a sweatshirt.  Currently my favourite lust brand - Ganni. 

Ganni printed cotton sweater £95

T-shirt for the end of the Summer.  Perfect for under a blazer with jeans and trainers into the Autumn.  Breaking yourself in gently to all things lilac. 

Printed ripped t-shirt from Mango was £17.99 now £8.99

And then adding some frills into the equation.

Frill Blouse £59 from & Other Stories

And then there's the mixing of print.  

Starting with my FAVOURITE dress that I've seen in ages.

Carlton Printed Georgette Dress from Ganni £190

Or they have it in a top version. 

Ganni Carlton Printed Top £95

Frilled Blouse from & Other Stories £49

And finishing with footwear.  Well.  Boots.  Sock Boots.  I TOLD YOU!!!  These are now everywhere.  I have been banging on about these for years - and finally they are everywhere. I would love to say I am way beyond the curve - alas, I fear that I just hanker after them from years ago.  Yes I remember them first time round.  Late 90s... LK Bennett LOVE.  I lived in these.  I am more about reliving my youth as opposed to being any form of fashion guru.

The husband actually said - "Oh dear god, please don't tell me they're back in fashion.  I hated them on you first time round but didn't ever say anything".  Bad luck sucker.

Heel Sock boots £49.99 from Mango

And then leopard.  Lilac leopard.  You had me at leopard.

Georgia Lilac Leopard Heels from Topshop £56

So I am hugely sorry at not having been around the past couple of days.  Been having a lovely time with the children and taking advantage of the gorgeous weather.  Went to see Wicked on Thursday, couldn't decide where to go and eat (I had obviously neglected to book anywhere... EEJIT) so did a BBQ smash and grab at good old M&S (best gluten free selection), the husband came home early and we had a lovely family evening. 

Yesterday - outfit below - had a lovely day with the kids swimming with friends and then, as the weather was so good and life is short, invited friends back to ours for another BBQ.  Therefore no work was done - so I do apologise! 


Top - Coster Copenhagen
Black Harems - hush 
Sandals - & Other Stories
Bag - Anya Hindmarch

We are off to another BBQ this evening.  And will probably drag the children swimming this afternoon - they would rather sit all day on their devices (just mine?!) but once they get there, they adore it and it's definitely much better for their souls and for appeasing my guilt!

I am looking at skirts next time, hopefully next week I will have the new pages for you to look at and jewellery is also on the cards.  Have a fabulous weekend and hope the weather is as good for you as it is for us.

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13 comentarios:

  1. Lilac and blush! Just a thought.
    I had a gorgeous lilac sweater about 10 years ago, and I wore it with that sort of dark blush that is almost a sandy colour, it was such a great combination. Wish I still had that sweater!
    I've found that sometimes I fall in love with a colour that doesn't suit me, but I can make it work if I don't wear it too close to my face, so in a pair of trousers or a skirt.
    As for jewellery, yes please! Have you looked at the Danish company Enamel? Not to mention Jane Kønig and Julie Sandlau.

    1. Gorgeous together - lilac and blush!! And completely agree - just don't wear it too near your face if you don't think it works. Should never stop you wearing a colour you love though. Haven't heard of those jewellery companies - will look them up, thank you xxx

  2. The dress is just gorgeous.With black suede ankle boots in the winter and a long thick cardigan.Very very tempted

    1. I know right?! I am in LOVE with everything Ganni at the minute. x

  3. I happened to be in Stories today and saw lots of lilac :) I tried the jumper which is lovely (I already bought it in grey last year) but having recently bought the Helen jumper in Candy 9pink) from Hush, I reckon I now have enough woolies for a while.

    Lilac can work on me in small amounts, and with navy or grey.

    1. Yes, there was loads and loads in there wasn't there?!

  4. Love this Kat! So good to see an alternative to yellow (which doesn't suit me) and red (doesn't suit me either!!). So thank you! I love lilac and now it comes in leopard!! It's made up for all the yellow and red this season!!

    1. There's lots of yellow and red, isn't there? And GREEN!! Deffo got green coming up (and a random colour as well...)

  5. I have to report back on the Hush harem joggers. They arrived super quick to the US and I have been living in them. Hands down the most comfortable things I have ever worn. Even found a way to dress them up for work! Now I'm tempted by the Winona trousers. Do you know if they are true to size?

    1. They are amazing aren't they? The Winona trousers, yes I think they are if I remember rightly. It's work reading the comments as you should hopefully get a good idea xxx

  6. I'm not sure I like lilac. I do know it makes me look dead though :D So, whilst I could go for an accessory or keep it away from my face I think I'll just swerve it. I need a wardrobe clear out before I buy anything else. I've run out of space! I love your outfit and wish I could but I'd just look like a badly aged rock chick. So jealous! Glad you've been having a fab time. I wouldn't worry about kids and devices. How much time do you spend on yours? ;-) Mine would device every spare minute but are easily distracted from them and also I just limit their use. ALthough sometimes it results in them following me around and prattling about subjects I know nothing about and my ears start to bleed. I do worry that mine have no concept of utter boredom though and apparently it's good for you... xx

    1. Mine are NEVER bored!!!! actually I think my 12yr old declares she is but my two boys always have each other. They come up with the most random games to play!

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