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So I started writing this yesterday when I couldn't possibly even think about anything summery.  Oh dear lord alive, the weather.  Rain and then some.  There is no freaking way I could even begin to talk about sandals or even summer dresses (although I'm not going to lie - I am still dress hunting frantically.  Must.  Stop).

I'm going in for Autumn.  Have had the onslaught of lovely A/W catalogues (oh how I love paper to flick through with a coffee - call me old school but I love a good look book) and am busy making outfit plans. 

What is new out there then?  Well so far, I'm not seeing anything that is totally reinventing the wheel but there is one thing that I've earmarked as a must have. 

The suit.

No, I haven't lost my mind, no I'm not suddenly getting an office job and no, I'm not going all corporate.

Interestingly, the last couple of years, I've been very much about wearing loungewear in a smarter guise (is that the right word?  As in - I'm not slobbing on the sofa wearing kettle chips that have missed my mouth, but I'll wear with a leather skirt or heels).

And so for this season - how about dressing down a suit?  So the great option with this is that you can obviously wear it for work, as a "suit" or separates but you can also dress down for the weekend, weekdays, for anything.  

Thank you to Pinterest for the inspiration as per usual (and a lost two hours of my life...).

Band tee and statement heels.  CHECK CHECK.

Soft colours and a fluid tee makes transitional dressing a dream.

Into the Winter with a chunkier knit.  Sign me up now.  Oversized slouchy trousers.  I cannot get enough of these.  Dare I say I don't care if it rains from now until the end of the holidays if I get to wear this?  (actually scrap that, these trews would get trashed in the rain - abort mission, abort mission...).  So this is for dry days... we have lots of crisp, dry days in the Autumn - I can still get definitely on board with this look.

Pinstriped suit, sneakers and a parka.  COME ON AUTUMN.

All dark.

And if it's good enough for Kate...(although this was three years ago...!)

Starting with a pink that is perfect for now and ideal into Autumn (plus you're all set for Summer next year..).

Ava Tailored Blazer in Quartz pink from Baukjen £229

Dressed down with the trousers - Ava Cigarette Pants £119

Brighter pink and double breasted at Topshop. 

Double Breasted Suit Jacket £49

And matching trousers £30

Also from Topshop, a tailored suit jacket in the blue - this also comes online in a tall and a petite version.  Thanking you kindly Topshop.

Tailored Suit Jacket in Blue £49

With the matching trousers £30

And now for something slightly off kilter.  But this is so ridiculously versatile.  The jacket worn over a midi leather skirt with knee high or ankle boots?  Oh happy days. 

Check Mensy Jacket and Trousers (can be bought separately) was £98 now £74

Paris One Button Jacket from Jigsaw £198 which comes in black 

And also navy...

With the perfect matching trousers.  These, on their own with a pussy bow blouse and killer heels would be sublime for an evening out. 

Paris Slim Fit Tapered Trousers in black £115

And the navy versions again £115

Black at M&S 

1 Button Longline Jacket £45

And the matching panel detail slim leg trousers £35  I think these trousers, on the oversized length so they pool over your shoes (I'd wear flat) would look amazing.

So that's just the tip of the iceberg - I've a feeling I'll be looking at these in more detail.  Thoughts?  Yay or nay?  I'm definitely in - it's a variation on a theme, so something on the new side without being totally outside of my comfort zone. 

First thumbs up for Autumn from me here. 

On Wednesday - one would be forgiven for thinking Autumn had arrived.  Holy nora, the RAIN!  October - you can sod off, you're not welcome just yet.  We went to London and got drenched.  Properly properly soaked through.  I knew it might rain but not until later which is why I wore a white skirt.  Duh. 


White skirt - Autograph at M&S
Que Sera Sera Tee - hush (new season coming shortly)
Blazer - Baukjen
Red boots - Topshop
Happy Satchel - Hill & Friends 
Earrings - H&M
Nightingale Sunglasses - Walter & Herbert

We did though have a pretty amazing day in London despite the weather.  I was able to take the children to a Canon Activity Day at the charming Tea & Crafting in Covent Garden and then, thinking - what the chuff was I going to do them if it rained - on the train in the morning, I booked tickets to Ripley's Believe it or Not.  I managed to get tickets - buy a child for £1 with an adult ticket from Attraction Tix.  Now I just put in 1 adult and 3 children and it only charged me £3 for all the children.  I've just tried to do it again and it's worked - it's obviously a glitch in the system but get booking!  

I had always thought it was some random tourist trap at The Trocadero but I have to say, it's probably the most entertaining thing my children have done in London.  So I'd love to say they are history and nature buffs and lap up the British Museum etc but, frankly they don't.  This, on the other hand, was stuffed full of inane, wonderfully curious and mindblowingly interest but useless facts.  Chances of them being Professors aren't high but they will kick ass at a pub quiz. 

Now off to do all the back to school shopping.  I've been set a challenge... blog coming soon. 

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13 comentarios:

  1. Whoop whoop, just ordered the Topshop Mensy jacket for £13.50 with my son's student discount. Thanks.

  2. That does look fab and need to remind myself that I have a check suit from Topshop that I got last year but need a band T shirt to wear it with - NOT a whole new suit!

  3. I don't work in an office but I'd definately wear a suit... with sneakers and a tee. But mostly I'd wear the blazer with jeans, and the trousers with a sweater. Liking the bright blue from TS.

    1. And that's the joy of a suit - so many options!

  4. Well, as usual, I read the first few sentences and thought "My God, where is she going with this?" and by the first 2 photos I was thinking "Ooooh I could so wear that". Not quite sure how you keep managing to change my mind like that, but I'm glad that you do! I LOVE that first checked suit that you found on Pinterest - any idea where it's from? And I love the bright blue suit as well, although not sure that I would have the courage to wear it - still covet that first check suit!

    1. Ha ha ha!! Yes I'm hoping there will be lots of check suits about. On a hunt.xxxx

  5. love it. looks really good with band t-shirts and it's a long way from a power suit. def want in on this trend. and that you've done cropped trousers so tall women can wear too! hurrah!

    1. LOVE a cropped trouser but I'm also hankering after those super long pooling ones....

  6. I love it when my favourite looks from years ago come back in. Now to lose a stone so I can dig out the old suits...

    1. I'm like that with pointed stiletto knee high boots... I am BACK IN THE GAME!! (and don't need to lose any weight!!)

  7. Love it. I'm in but defintely need to buy a new one. I like the pale grey in your pinterest one but I bet it won't look like that on me. That's my evening entertainment sorted - rock and roll ;-)