There is nothing more relaxing...

...than a pair of joggers.

We come on holiday a couple of times a year to Suffolk and these are the one thing that I pack, regardless of what the forecast will be. 

I say that but you can pretty much guarantee that on the English Coast, at any time of the year, it will rain at some point. 

And even if it doesn't, sat on the beach watching the children swim (there is NO way I am getting in - it's basically the North frigging Sea!!), it's not exactly bikini weather, the wind is pretty much always on the slightly (very) ferocious side.

They double up into the evening with a vest and sweatshirt for movie nights (or bingo nights as they are here this Summer..) on the sofa with the children.

Even dinner out here is an incredibly relaxed affair - I don't think I've ever seen anyone wear a pair of heels here in 12 years.  

It's so lovely to be able to switch off and essentially "glam" around in your jamas. 

That's not to say they can't look presentable as well though - I am all the slobbing out as the weather isn't the best and so am wearing mine with a huge jumper, trainers and parka (I did swap for a leather jacket for the cinema).  But when it's due to improve - a pair of sandals, a tee and a blazer suddenly make them eminently more stylish.

These for me are definitely something it's worth thinking about with regards to cost per wear.  I had a pair from Me+Em last year and loved them.  They will be well worn this year as well.  I got the more reasonable versions below but the more expensive versions, I would happily wear to a meeting.

Triple Stripe Drawstring Track Pant from Me+Em £149

The other pair to definitely consider from Me+Em which are an amazing price are the double stripe joggers.  I got the navy and white stripe from last season and can vouch for their quality and the all important comfort factor.

Me+Em Easy Fit Double Stripe Joggers in Black and Khaki £59

Or navy and cream... again £59

Somewhere I haven't looked for ages but keep seeing in magazines (my holiday crack) are things from Gap. 

And these look like they're definitely worth checking out.  It also seems that every time I go onto their site, there's a code off.  Pops up at the top of the page or just subscribe to their newsletter and they send you a code.

Tencel Utility Joggers in Black Moss (which in layman's terms is....? A grey shade of green??  I would think randomly useful though). £49.50  And they come in petite and tall as well.  I should definitely, definitely be looking more at Gap.  

In True Black again £49.95

Or the Medium Grey ("grey" to you and me).

Fleece at Gap, except these are French Terry Fleece Joggers which sound infinitely more stylish. £29.95 in true black.

French Terry Fleece Joggers in the washed black again £29.95

And the light heather grey - do remember, these are just any fleece joggers... these are French Terry fleece joggers...

Another grey at hush but this time with the addition of a zip at the ankle.

Amie Joggers from hush £49.50

Or in a shade which I think is perfect for all year round and just that little bit different - olive. 

Olive Amie Joggers from hush £49.50

Or classic charcoal - ideal for those who don't want black black, again £49.50 - the Amie Jogger.

If you don't want cuffed bottoms then M&S is a great entry level to try them out.  These have their place but for me - and if you're looking for true jogger joggers (although god forbid I should actually break into a jog in them..), they've got to be cuffed.  And you can file that with "things I wouldn't have said a couple of years ago"....

Jersey Tapered Joggers from M&S in black £19.50

Or at Me+Em, slightly more but you would get more than a little bit of wear out of these. 

Me+Em Easy Cargo Jogger in dark khaki £99 

Similar shape but a more relaxed jersey fabric in a difficult to get hold of navy. 

Herringbone Jersey Track Pants in Navy from Jigsaw £80

But I will say my favourite style is definitely the harem style.  Say what you will about them - Hammer time blahblah - I love them.  They are so comfy, they are the perfect holiday trousers.  They even work with heels.  Trust me.

ASOS Harem Pants in Jersey £16

Which they also do in a Tall, again £16.

However the ones that I live in and have done for years are the hush long harems.  I also wear the cropped ones but they're out of stock so let's not mention them.  You have to be early in the Spring to get hold of them as they do sell out. 

The full length ones though are a year round staple and I genuinely wear mine every week.  In fact - every day.  A pair of these goes on as soon as we're home and I'm not leaving the house anymore.  They wash and tumble like a dream (it does say you're not supposed to tumble dry them but I do with no adverse effects at all).

Long Harem Trousers in Black £55

In the charcoal again £55

And the ones I have, the khaki. 

Yesterday, here I was in mine. 


Harems - hush
Love Jumper - hush (coming next week)
Onyx jacket in grey - hush
Copeland Sneakers - Air & Grace
Tools Satchel - Balenciaga 

The weather looks like it's clearing up slightly today (she says optimistically...).  We have another day of tennis, I hang out with the 12yr old and take huge enjoyment in doing NOTHING (a real first) and then we're out for lunch.  Did the cinema yesterday - meeting our intellectual levels head on, the 8yr old and I did Despicable Me 3 at the cinema, all went out for dinner and then the two older ones went with the husband to watch Dunkirk.  I went home and watched Dumb and Dumber (is that even what it's called?  I will happily admit that as soon as the 8yr old fell asleep, I rescued my brain from the toilet and turned over to the athletics!).

Bingo tonight... eyes down...

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27 comentarios:

  1. I've been contemplating the hush joggers for months. Thanks for this post because I finally ordered them. Now let's hope they make it across the pond in time for my own vacation!

  2. Love the Hush Amie joggers and cropped harems. I love in them!

  3. Love this post and love joggers! Can anyone advise on how Me & Em joggers come up for sizing? ��

    1. I would say TTS. I buy my usual size (UK12) in them and they fit as expected. (I'm size 28 in jeans and between EU38-40 and Me+Em joggers fit slightly loose but not enough to size down. But I like my joggers looser than tighter.)

    2. I would say they're mostly true to size. I would agree, definitely not loose enough to size down.

  4. Yes, I'm another jogger convert.
    My latest are by a Danish company 2ndOne. Blue and black floral, almost like camoflague. Liking the look of the Me and Em ones, just thinking they may be too long for my stubby legs.

    1. They do come up on the longer side, that I will say x

  5. Love joggers!! I have 3 pairs (dif styles) from Me+Em already and I still couldn't resist the triple-stripe ones In your post! Crepe is my favourite material for their joggers, so easy to dress up and down!

    1. It's the khaki that's doing it for me...!!

  6. I have the Hush harems and have been swithering over the joggers for ages. But the zips look too heavy to be comfy - I take it they aren't a problem? Do they go baggy at the knee very quickly does anyone know? Thanks! xx

    1. I don't have the Amie's but I've never heard anyone mention it as a problem. Maybe read the comments as they give you a good spread of opinions. The harems definitely don't and I think they're the same fabric xx

  7. I keep thinking about the Hush harems and after reading this think I'll go for it. Not sure they look as good on short people though?!

    1. I promise they do!!!! It's a weird thing but you can tighten the and wear them as high or as low as you want or as suits you. Ditto with the ruching at the bottom. Hope that helps xx

  8. After your post I've ordered the Whistles crepe joggers that are a great fit, slim but casual. they are quite lightweight so wished I'd ordered them in spring. Will I get the wear out of them before it gets too chilly? argh I'm torn, never worn joggers outside of the house!

    1. Autumn is always always milder than we think it will be!!

    2. You're right and I've worn them already! Thanks!

  9. Just to add for the lady asking about The Hush Amie joggers - they come up big and do tend to lose their shape/expand quite quickly. I have to wash them after the first wear to get them back into shape. Lovely and soft but not sure they're worth the money ��

    1. Oh that's such a shame when the harems are so different!

  10. Isn't Despicable me 3 great? whatever you're wearing! However am reminded that I have held on to what I call camping trousers, Tinga Tinga, cotton, same shape as joggers, off upstairs to get them out...

    1. Absolutely LOVED it! Off to see if I can download the soundtrack!

  11. 0ne of my favourite pairs of trousers are a pair of grey, leopard print joggers/harems that I bought last year from Sports Direct, of all places when I was looking for a sports bra. They were under £10 and leopard print, need I say more? I was also wearing them on the beach on Friday, and yes, the North Sea was very cold (we're in Norfolk).

  12. I've been looking for quite narrow cut joggers and harems I can also wear with heels. I need to break my jeans habit. Would the hush harems look ok with heels? Any others do you think? Felicity

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