The new season we've been waiting for...

...well I have anyway, as I've been lucky enough to have a couple of sneak peeks and it is, I think, simply their best collection ever.  Finally, A/W at hush. 

Yes it's here.  This is the first drop and there is so so much more loveliness to come through the season but I'm cherry picking my favourites that are available now. 

And another reason to shop now is 10% off with the code A17PREVIEW.

First up - a jumper which I love. Love, love, love.  That'll be the Big Love jumper.  Now, I happen to know that these are really limited edition.  There are most of the grey ones and then the two pink ones I *think* are about equal stock levels.  But not that many at all.  You have been warned. 

Size wise - I have on the 10 here in the pale pink which is perfect if you want it not to be super oversized (and you are a size 10 - adapt up or down accordingly!).  I've ordered the darker pink in the 12 as I'm planning on wearing that with leggings and skinnies so want it larger.  Clear as mud?!

Big Love Jumper in charcoal £130

In the Red Jewel and the Pink £130

And in the Rose Dust £130

Another thing I've already snaffled - the most perfect black t-shirt (which obviously has a logo).  This sums up the summer holidays for me - a saying I love.

Que Sera Sera tee £35 - the S is a 10 I would say.

Whilst we're on the subject of tees... I also have my eye on this one.  Perfect with burgundy and pink or blush.

Lightning Bolt T-shirt £35 in Burgundy

And then the grey and the gold £35.  These do NOT hang around, I promise you that.

Joggers.  Well, we all know how much I love joggers... (and how great would the above tee look with these and a black blazer, plus heels = perfect night out outfit).

Metallic Stripe Joggers from hush £45

And the Metallic Stripe Sweat Top £49 - would I wear them together?  Do you know what... I think I would!

And sticking with the relaxed.. CAMO JOGGERS *punches air*.

Morgan Printed Joggers £49

Another favourite of mine which have been reinvented in a new leather this season - I am definitely going to try them and will let you know what I think.  But they are apparently an improvement on the old ones and since I thought the last ones were superb, I do have high hopes for these.  I do know that they're still raw hemmed so you can cut to your leg length.  Or roll them up - love that idea.

Leather Leggings £345 in black  Definitely worth buying now with the 10% off.

Speaking of taking advantage of the 10% - it's a great time to buy the Onyx jacket.  

In the grey - which in the flesh is definitely a bluey grey if you wear it with blues (duh!) and a grey grey if you wear with black.  Less harsh than the black one - looks amazing with blush and yellow shades.

Onyx Biker Jacket in grey £295

And in the black.  I have had mine for four years now and wear it constantly.  They honestly just get better with age.

In the black £295

Dress wise - this has my name all over it. 

Althea Knit Dress in Burgundy £89 (it has stars on it.. )  I'll be wearing with trainers, with ankle boots, with knee high boots come colder weather, this is the perfect throw on dress for every day.  Huge scarf, leather biker or longline trench.  The jumper dress is definitely one to watch this A/W.  

Whilst we're talking about new season and must haves, an instant wardrobe update.  The skinny scarf.  Yes please.  I am gutted there's only one colourway.

Skinny Lightning Scarf £29

And finally - this.  Perfection in an overnight bag.

Cecile Weekend Bag £250

And there is loads more besides.  Would love to hear what your favourite pieces are...

I threw on my jumper this morning for... drum roll.. .breakfast at McDonalds's for the 9yr old's birthday.  Can I just point out that this was his choice!  I did suggest a number of more salubrious dining destinations but it was McDonald's or nothing for him (their coffee is actually not that bad at all).


Big Love Jumper - hush
Tee - Hollister
Jeans - Current/Elliott
Sandals - & Other Stories
Sunglasses - Walter & Herbert

I have a confession to make.  I am an evil, evil mother.  It's my 9yr old's birthday and I'm going away for the night.  It was the only night that everyone could do and it's the biggest treat ever so he's having an entire birthday weekend instead.  As the husband had to go to work too, we'll all be together at the weekend.   Plus... we had McDonald's (all the eye rolls..!!!)  And we were up at 6.30 to open his presents.  He is besides himself at having multiple celebrations and I get a precious night away.  Holidaying in dog years again...

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15 comentarios:

  1. That jumper is amazing and the bolt T shirt and those leopard joggers and... and... and..... also I know that 10% is the best that we'll get so might have to have a little splurge

  2. I'm an A/W type and always do a big Hush shop this time of the year! Have just made the most of the discount code other order the lightning bolt the tee in grey (I dithered and missed it earlier in the year...), three pairs of joggers (the metallic strip ones, grey leopard and midnight), the Shelley blazer and the Sabrina cardi - to replace a 7 year old long cardi which has seen better days.

    Looking forward to trying everything on!

  3. Too much lovely stuff, as usual I'm going to have to stagger my spending!!! I've ordered the Ivy dress in green, as I've got a few Tara's and the kick flare trousers and the Que Sera Sera t shirt as it makes me sing! 😂🎤🎼

  4. I like the look of the grey Tara dress, the lace skirt, and yet more harems. I fancy the onyx leather jacket but funds won't allow.

  5. Oh shit. I'm sitting by the pool in 3-digit temperatures and now all I can think of is AW. And I've been waiting patiently for this Hush new season to drop - does not disappoint. Thanks for the code too...**goes off to blow the budget - who needs to eat anyway?**

  6. Argh I ordered the harems 2 days ago! Damn, could've used the code! Love the items you've picked out from the new season.

  7. Thanks for the code, I may have just have ordered a pair of pj's! Oh and some kilties for my sneakers, at £3 it was rude not to (so I'm all set to find a pair of white and/ or silver sneakers), and an inexpensive way to find out if kilties are for me!

  8. After missing out the last few years, I finally ordered the Stella jumper and leather mini skirt. Your 10% code made it a slightly less guilty purchase (thank you!!)) although I have been rather indulgent the past few days so must. stop. now. (Btw the triple-stripe Me+Em joggers from your previous blog post arrived and is amazing, as is their pinstripe blazer!)

  9. Eek! Just ordered the leather jacket in Onyx with your code. Have been lusting after this forever and it is a BIG birthday for me later this year....

  10. Thanks for the discount code. I have already ordered the khaki harem trousers and live them. Will be wearing them at Greenman this weekend - hurrah!!! Saw the new items today and really struggling not to order - too many good, good things! I must be strong!!!! Oh dear!!!!!

  11. I got the Onyx leather jacket this time last year for my birthday too and I did not regret it for a minute!
    Right now in my basket I have the following, mostly tops to go with the plethora of bottoms in the wardrobe:

    Amie joggers in navy
    Ren midi dress (not decided on this yet)
    Que sera sera T
    Erica Knit top
    Wide jersey top in grey (would be fab with leather leggings and skinny black jeans)
    Helen jumper (also undecided as I have had little luck with their heavier knits in the past). Might get it to try out.

  12. Got the red/pink Love jumper and persuaded partner to get me lightening bolt in grey/white for anniversary present - code and free p and p take a bit of the sting out of it and think I'll live in jumper....

  13. Kat, you are an enabler.... 10% off code was just what waiting for to click on basket with harems and 4 more t-shirts to add to my hush collection. Thank you

  14. Hi Kat - can you tell me how the leather leggings come up to size please? I love your blog and have been following it for years - thanks! xx

  15. I have fallen head over heels for Hush. I live in NZ and have been desperate for everything Hush. So thank you for enlightening me. How long does the A17PREVIEW promo last for?