My Autumn Staple is going to be...

..well, obviously the maxi dress as I've already mentioned but as well as that - don't all hate me - a maxi skirt. 

I haven't done one of these for ages, even though it seems like I'm talking about them all the time, or maybe it's just that I wear one so often. 

And there in lies the justification for another blog on them as they are simply so useful.  Plus whenever I wear one I am always being asked where they're from.  So here we are with what is available now. 

Wear them now, wear them into the Autumn with ankle boots and trainers.  

The overriding theme of the skirt this season seems to be tiers and ruffles.  Which sounds really scary.  But I promise you, it's not.  These are perfection.  Ok so remember I mentioned the other day my Gone with the Wind/Les Mis obsession, for me, it's the fuller the better.  I want ALL the flounce. 

This outfit - would it be wrong of me to have earmarked it already for Christmas Day?!

Dodo Bar Or Sebastian Georgette Skirt £325

Tiered floral at a much sweeter price point. 

Milk It Vintage Tiered Skirt £45

Tiered Ditsy A-Line Skirt from M&S in two lengths £35

Lily & Lionel Exclusive to ASOS maxi skirt £155

ASOS Maxi Skirt with Shirred waist £35

In a different print...£35

La DoubleJ Editions The Big Gathered Cotton Maxi Skirt was £430 now £301

Silk Floral Chiffon at See by Chloe was £330 now £130.65

But my absolute favourite is from Dodo Bar Or. 

Stevie paisley print silk skirt was £508 now £254

I'm finishing with a cream number as I seem to be collecting them.  I do have three now, which I do wear regularly - who would have thought they would be so useful?

See by Chloe crocheted paneled cotton skirt was £300 now £120

And proving how much I love a skirt... a couple of photos.  

First up from last night out for dinner.


Skirt - Autograph at M&S

Lace top - Zara
Shoes - Balenciaga
Bag - Studio 120 from Atterley 

And then the other day when we went into London. 


Custard Dolman Sloppy Joe sweatshirt - hush
Hot Tropics skirt - Free People
Bag - Gucci

We are having the most chilled out weekend, lazing around in the sunshine.  Swimming and BBQing.  Perfect.  Feeling very laid back indeed.  Well - apart from have very much messed up on today's dinner.  Let's do ribs, I said.  The husband remembered seeing a recipe for beef short ribs in the Telegraph the other week.  So we had a Mr & Mrs cooking prep.  And then realised that they take FIVE hours.  Eating at 10pm chez nous then.  Duh.  Will let you know how they turn out.  They smell completely epic.

Tomorrow, I'm back with a random one.  Have a big event coming up shortly which I need to wear a certain colour for.  And it's a tricky one.  Hence I'm dragging you all along withe me on my mission.  It is for a very very good cause thought...

Hope everyone else is having a fabulous weekend.  And gets to eat their BBQ before midnight!

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14 comentarios:

  1. That first one is gorgeous for Christmas, especially with the matching blouse.
    Just saying.

    I've got a family event coming up in October, not sure what to wear. It won't be super dressy as it's being held at an inn (and the guests of honour aren't in the know). Any ideas? It'll need to be something that packs easy, especially as I'm hoping to cram clothes and Christmas presents into a carry on!

    1. That's why I love these skirts and matching tops. They do the same function as a dress but you get so much more use out of them as you can wear them separately as well. I always always wear a dress for occasions like you've mentioned as I think they cover not dressy and dressy if that makes sense?!

      The other classic you could fall back on is the out out top and jeans combo...??

    2. I'm veering towards jeans and an out out top, although I have been toying with the idea of my navy jumpsuit with heels and a camisole underneath. Dressed up with a bit of rose gold bling...

  2. I think I am all set up with midi and maxi skirts for the coming months.
    Free People hot tropics skirt in green.

    This lovely navy skirt from Me&Em but mine is in navy (sold out I guess):

    This beauty from River Island that I picked up a few weeks ago:

    Plus a couple of gypsy skirts from Gap that I plan on wearing with trainers and fitted jumpers over the coming months.

    1. Love that RI one! I'm putting together a blog shortly on co-ords so that's perfect (although slightly concerned about the crop top element..!!) I never think of looking in Gap - great idea!

    2. Sweet mother divine. The cropped top! I laughed when I saw it on the rack with the skirts. 20 years and two dress sizes too late for me.

    3. I wondered if she was maybe 8ft tall and it wouldn't *actually* cropped. Is it essentially a bra?!

  3. Waaargh, clothing hell ;-) I can't do all that fabric, I don't like frills and ruffles and I wouldn't know what to wear on top - I can't do tucked in because I've too fat a waist and too short a body :D You look stunning however with the figure of a 20 year old :O

    1. Honestly, honestly I used to think the same. I'm definitely thick of waist but I've somehow just found a comfort zone...!

    2. Perhaps thick of waist but tiny front to back (if that makes sense ;-))! And definitely proportioned of body :D

    3. My husband does say I'm v "flat" 😂😂😂😂

  4. Kat have you ever seen or used "Sheln" I was looking at their maxi dresses cheap as chips but maybe okay for holidays.There are some nice styles..Never seen the site until now..If you know anyone who has used it iwould be grateful for their comments

    1. Hmm no I haven't. Wonder if someone else has any commnents??