Orange is the new black

Yes.  Orange.  Is it because I have had a sudden hankering for something orange?  I could say yes but, well that wouldn't be entirely true.

In a couple of weeks (actually I've just realised it's not a couple of weeks - it's NEXT WEEK!), it's Stand Up For Cancer.  You Tube have a live feed on the 7th September and I've been asked to present a segment on How to Wear Orange during their Lifestyle section.  With some pretty famous slebs and me... EEK.  And I also have to wear orange.  Which is no mean feat... 

Where on earth to start?  Ok so here's what I've come up with so far but any other suggestions - fling them this way.  

I'm going straight into it - there's no time to lose.

Floral Wrap Dress from Mango £35.99  Lovely - but too short for me.

This could be an option although I know this isn't going to be long enough on me... (it would obviously cover my fandango but I like it long long... ORRRRRRRRRR I'm going to get into dresses over jeans which was my FAVE thing in the 90s - you have all been warned).

Rixo London Camelia dress £295

Gestuz Moxie Maxi Dress £199.99

Chiffon floral at Warehouse could work but it would be the wrong length on me.  Perfect if you're not a 5ft10 giant!

Victoria Floral Chiffon Dress from Warehouse £59

Maxi love at Ganni (I reckon I could actually wear nothing but Ganni for the rest of the season).  This is HANDS DOWN my favourite option.  Love.  Seriously love love love.

Ganni Geroux Floral Print Silk Crepe de Chine Wrap Dress £325

I think I'm definitely after a print but the detailing with the ruffle here is interesting. 

River Island Lace Ruffle Tiered Midi Dress £70

The other option were they to have had in my size, would have been a skirt.  Love this from Henry Holland at The Outnet.

Pleated floral print skirt was £240 now £120

Speaking of separates, orange blouse? 

Floral Print Blouse from Mango £29.99

But this could also be a contender.  Now.  I know it looks beyond Abigail's party in this but I think it might work.  It's definitely orange. 

I'm imaging I was sent a memo that said, go big or go home....

And what about a pair of orange boots to go with the dress? 

Heel sock boots in orange from Mango £49

So I need help with this.  Anyone please seen anything orange I can wear, speak now.  Pretty pretty please.

Here I am today..... 


LOVE jumper - hush (don't forget 10% off with the code A17PREVIEW)
Skirt - M&S
Trainers - Golden Goose
Bag - Hill & Friends

.......after an "interesting" day (if you read my Insta, the summer holidays finally caught up with my and I lost the plot... with school entrance exams next Thursday and a son with Asperger's and ADHD who takes four hours negotiation to do any work AT ALL and who needs to do an element of revision as this is one of only a handful of options school wise we have...), my amazing nanny came to save me and looked after the boys for a couple of hours so I could take the 12yr old and her friend shopping (I also then managed to lose it with her after her "woe is me" attitude was the straw that broke the camel's back.  Then I had ALL the guilt as it was the first time I've ever shouted at her in public as opposed to just the "gritted teeth" approach....)  WINE.  SEND ALL THE WINE!!   And your orange suggestions please.

Tomorrow is another day.  The husband is taking a day off (LOVE HIM) to be with the boys whilst the 12 yr old and I venture to London for a fantastic treat.  Will report back. 

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13 comentarios:

  1. There is a lovely orange silk equipment shirt on the outnet:

    Perhaps styled with wide leg crops or a la Clemence Poesy?

    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.
    Love the blog. Thank you x

  2. You HAVE to do the Mango dress. It will look amazing on you. All the feels for you and school exams. I have the 11+ exam just around the corner for my son who has no SEN at all, and that is hard enough. But with a SEN 9yo who has secondary school on the horizon I can empathise. You're not alone.

  3. I have the Rixo Camilla dress, different print, and it is gorgeous and a pretty good length (I'm 5'7"). Have you seen the orange Rixo,skirt too? The Ganni dress is amazing- I'd go with that one and like you, I think their AW collection is just devine. Especially the knitwear. We need more details on your live feed please?

  4. I think these pieces would suit you

    Jarlo Tall All Over Lace High Neck Fishtail Detail Dress

    from ASOS - its tall brand, would look amazing with your hush biker

    or True Decadence has a tall brand with True Decadence Tall Allover Lace Prom Midi Skater Dress

    again with your biker and your local accessories. Personally if its a big event and with celebs I go for the fishtail - you can emphasis some great shoes

  5. French Connection has shirt dress

  6. I think you're the queen of remixing, so what can you do with your orange leather m&s skirt?

  7. There is still an M left in this, which would look amazing on you!!!

  8. Kat, where have you been for the last few years of my lost fashion life, I am so glad i just found you! Everything you pick is just my style, my larger ankles and calves aside but hey, I can work around this small fashion problem! Lovely choices again, off I go to Mango. Again.

  9. M&S have a gorgeous chunky sweater in orange at the moment. X

  10. Obviously not for a party though 😂

  11. This top looks amazing on.

  12. Dear Kat ... Please email me your address (to ), and I'll send you a bright orange watch! I've done a bit better than that, and every one we sell, we'll make a donation. Here is the link to what we've made for you:
    Thank you for making me laugh, making me think, and keeping us all cheerful! Chris

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