Could this be the most versatile colour ever?

A controversial question I appreciate and there definitely is no definitive answer but I'm going to throw this out there and see what you all think. 


For a start, it's the base colour of leopard print which is singularly the most versatile print out there - as I always say, it's basically a neutral.  

And secondly - is there a colour it doesn't go with?  I'm sure there is but since I can't think of one right now, I'm hedging my bets and going for - a bag or a pair of shoes or boots in this colour will go with anything. 

Which is why I am on the hunt for a pair of tan boots.  

I have been THWARTED in my hunt for the Mango black boots - a massive thank you to everyone who says they have looked for the boots for me and said they can't find them.

And also, a thank you to all of those who messaged me with a suggestion for another pair of boots that may serve as an alternative. 

I say thank you... you are THE WORST enablers.  The Ganni boots in a tan.  Well - I say tan... brown.  Which is sort of tan... ok it's not remotely tan, they're a rust brown but they will be super versatile IF they fit.  I also did spend the best part of two hours on Mother's Day hunting these down in my size as they're like rocking horse poo. 

Now as I say that about the brown - it seems that a fair few sites actually call them brown and not tan.  So is BROWN the most versatile colour ever?  I found the other day when I made a start on my Spring cleaning, a brown leather jacket from All Saints which I am resurrecting for this season. 


Leather ankle boots in chocolate.  Actually maybe Chocolate is a more poetic description... Schultz was £355 now £145

More chocolate at Office in the sale (as you can see - the tan hunt is going well...)

Office Auburn High Cut Unlined Boots were £85 now £68

So I'm on a chocolate roll... 

Office America Western Chelsea Boots were £82 now £41

Slightly off piste with a tan/brown snakeskin mix... (but there is at least a hint of tan here).

H by Hudson Kenny ankle boots £160

Ok so apparently these are grey.. hmmm they look very like a mole brown/beige colour to me.  Infinitely useful and super versatile.  I appreciate... not tan.

Boho Boots from Boden £120 H2F9 for 20% off.

Brown again in the sale at Kurt Geiger. 

Shake Brown Mid Heel Ankle Boot were £159 now £59 (they say tan by the way...!)

And back in the room with tan... YES TAN.

At Boden in the sale. 

Alford Ankle Boots were £120 now £72

Spider from Miss KG in tan were £99 now £69

Another proper tan (or maybe it's beige.. I've touched this too many times today!).

Ernest Tan Mid Heel Ankle Boots from H by Hudson £72

Office Ambassador Lace Up Tan Boots £95

Ok so maybe it's actually not tan. maybe it is rust that I love as these ROCK!  Yup, I've pretty much concluded that it's not actually tan that I really like - it's brown boots.  Or rust.  But not really tan.

Office Ashleigh Flat Ankle Boots in Brown Leather £82

Also these...  Not remotely what I had in mind at all but I love them (see above note about doing the volte face on tan).  Absolutely and utterly love them.  Am tempted to buy from Autumn... or for now with a floral midi?  All hail the 90s... 

Snail Tan Flat Ankle Boots from Kurt Geiger were £169 now £139

And then there are the Ganni boots.  Which I may have already ordered and had delivered *shuts eyes and pretends it isn't so...*. and may be wearing today.  Happy Mother's Day to me... I got mine from Boutique One and the reason I ordered them was because they were sold out everywhere else in my size. Literally the only ones in the UK I could find in a 40.  Most other sizes though, available at Browns Fashion.  But they are limited stock everywhere I've discovered.  Not that you have to panic buy like I did.  None of you are as remotely moronic as me.  I will say that they are more than comfortable.  There's a reason why men wear heeled cowboy boots - it's comfort related.  I say men.. I mean actual cowboys.  And Simon Cowell.

Ganni Brown Rosette 75 Boots £355

There are of course a plethora of other western options (some of which are brown/tan) on a blog post I did a week or so ago. 

But for me - it was all about the new boots today.

Jumper - A Finer Thread (gift current)
Blazer - Zara (ss17)
Boots - Ganni from Boutique One (current)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (current)
Jeans - MiH from Fenwicks Bond Street (sale aw16)

I will be back tomorrow and it's a story of new hair....

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3 comentarios:

  1. This has just reminded me I have a pair of brown western shirt boots hiding somewhere. I loved them then added chains and leather laces round them a few years ago to make them more on trend. Here’s hoping they are still as comfy as they used to be! x

  2. Hmm LOVE the office ones and the Hudson ones too for summer but also thinking about Toga Pullas at the moment... do you think they will make a comeback? I read somewhere and the urban cowboy look doesn't seem to be going anywhere... xx

  3. Love me a tan boot - have one leather pair and one suede. Seem to remember you bought some (last year?) with studs on?