Maybe if we dress for Spring...

... it will pitch up? 

Ok hands up if you're over this weather?  Seriously "feels like 1 degree" was what it was today (that's not my version of what I think it's feels like - that's actually what the weather app said) and if you took into consideration the sideways rain and feral wind, there was definitely nothing Spring about the weather today. 

Which is a crying shame when I have a new outfit that really needs a Spring day to do it justice.  It's my March selection from my monthly paid partnership with M&S where I select what I think is awesome and this month, I thought I'd attempt to embrace the new season with aplomb.  Bomb more like. 

However it HAS to be around the corner and at least I will be prepared.  So I have talkies over on instastories, which I took instore yesterday and these are the goodies that I found. 

First up.  The Suit.  YES I KNOW, it's another suit.  But a) I am obsessed with these for the Spring/Summer and b) M&S do them so well.  Buying a suit can be expensive.  And the more expensive, the more likely the trousers are to be dry clean which means the less likely you are (read - I am) to wear them on a daily basis.   Don't get me wrong - I have come round to embracing the need to dry clean (it helps when there is a new drop off desk at your local supermarket.  Life.  Changing) but when you're talking full length, on the floor trews, that will need cleaning more than a pair of cropped ones, being able to throw them into the machine is a tick in the right box. 

This colour is amazing.  It's called lipstick.. it's not necessarily pink, it's not red.  It's a reddy pink or a pinky red, depending on... well whichever floats your boat more. 

Single Breasted Blazer £59 I took a 10 - I would say this is true to size to slightly on the large side (same as the majority of M&S jackets)

Trousers £35 I sized up to a 12 - I could *possibly* have done with a 10 but they were sold out.

So how does one wear one of these at the minute when it's a full on Spring suit?  You embrace the cashmere, that's how, and M&S cashmere is pretty/very darn amazing.  I take a 12 in all M&S cashmere as I don't find it particularly generous (bar oversized.. always an exception to the rule).

New colours for Spring - this pale pink is divine. 

Pure Cashmere Ribbed Crew Neck Jumper £75

Then there is a darker pink - a slight tonal change to the suit but the two definitely work together. 

Lipstick Cashmere Jumper £75

This is the same colour as above... honest guv.

Or add a contrast with a print - these are more oversized, I take my usual size in these - so a 10.  

Oversized Pure Cashmere Hearts Jumper £109

This is the 14 and is way too big for me to wear with a suit - fine for slouching over jeans but a 10 would be much better - or the 12 perhaps but it was very oversized. 

Or the Star Version which would look just as great £109

However my secret YAY find so far has been the merino wool.  In my stories I say I take a 12 but actually, they come in S, M and L and I'm wearing the M which I do think is a very generous 12.  So a small would be much better. 

Pure Merino Wool Round Neck Jumper £19.50

This is me in the M - I could go a S.

Or the V Neck version again in the lipstick £25 (this is a slightly different shade from the cashmere one - I've had them up next to each other)  They also have this in the navy.  Which is sublime.  And an oatmeal mix.  Which looks ridiculously expensive.  

Again the M here - I will get them in a S (they range from XS to XL).

And here I am in the suit which I have been longing to wear.  It's so so easy to pair with any top pretty much and obviously trainers as part of my uniform.  There's no reason why ballet flats or mules wouldn't work either.  Heels would also be a great idea if you get a length that works with them (they do come in three lengths).

So I will definitely be wearing the above outfit as soon as it stops raining ...yes I did only get changed into it for the photo *weeps* and to check it works with trainers (it does) and a lot of different jumpers and tees that I already own (it does on all counts - see above for one example - SUCCESS!)  Surely it can't rain for the entirety of the holidays?  Can it?  I'm so ready to talk about all things Spring and Summer.  Ok so I can do jumpers.. (she says off to order the above v neck jumper in oatmeal.   I can't believe I didn't see it instore).

How is your Spring/Summer shopping going? (the Summer bit on the end of that sentence is totally redundant, isn't it?)  Someone said earlier on Instagram that they'd heard the seasons have shifted due to global warming.  So now Winter is actually Jan/Feb/March, Spring is April/May/June, Summer therefore July/August/September which leaves Autumn being Oct/Nov/Dec.  Which I think is true.  Must get my head around that as I am always crushingly disappointed that as soon as the clocks go forward, I'm not cracking out the sandals....

This blog post has been written as part of my paid partnership with M&S.  The post has been unedited and all views are my own.

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  2. You didn't tell us the trousers had an elasticated waist!!!!!!!

    1. Only at the back! Flat at the front = SUPER comfy!

  3. I'm trying so hard not to look! That suit looks amazing on you btw! I've decided to 'try' and have a no buy april, seeing as I may have accidentally maxed out in March! Not saying I won't cave though!

  4. Love, love, love! I'm absolutely heartbroken that the trousers are out of stock online - maybe if I don't eat for a few months, I could squeeze one leg into a size 8!

  5. Lovely suit but have gone for the short sleeved jumper in lipstick to brighten up a check suit I already have .....

  6. Love the suit an all the jumpers ... red is one of my favourite colours & it looks gorgeous with the pink & grey. Great picks Kat ��❤️��

  7. Trousers sold out in most sizes.

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