My favourite hair product ever

Well.  It has been for the past 8 yrs but could there be a contender for the top spot?

I am talking about my absolutely beloved BaByliss Big Hair.  This is a product that I have been using since it first came out in 2010.  I remember buying it and thinking - meh, yeah right, how good can THAT be. 

Simply the most life changing hair tool ever.  I was that person who washed her hair once every seven days (ok so I mostly still am) but used to get a blow dry as it would last me a whole week.  My hair was so unmanageable.  No amount of oil or serum would make it salon perfect. 

Until the Big Hair.  I dedicated a whole blog to it back in 2013 (yes I have genuinely been using it for that long) and have used it religiously since.  I have had two (which over the period of eight years, I don't think is too bad at all considering I used it pretty much every week and significantly cheaper than a weekly blow dry) and the second one is still going strong.

So when BaByliss UK asked me if I would like to review their new styling product - the Sheer Volume, of course I said yes.  

I will fess up that I was slightly confused - don't they do the same thing?  Why would I need both? 

Because they're completely different.   I know it doesn't look like they are but let me explain. 

So first up, the Big Hair.  I blast my hair with a dryer.  80% dry.  Till you can see me from space.  Case in point below.  And then, using the Big Hair (yes I do section my hair but I'm really not that precious about it) I finish off drying and smoothing at the same time. 

BaByliss Big Hair £45 50mm

It does take a bit of getting used to - when you start, you will press the brush to rotate in the wrong direction BUT honestly, after only a couple of tries you will have it completely mastered.  I can do my whole head (and I have a LOT of hair, in less than 10 mins). 

And it works.  AS you can see from here. 

Left - partly dried hair.  Right - Big Hair Done.  This is what I use all the time to get my hair straight.  This is done with my tool that I have had for about three years now.


Therefore what could the Smoother offer me that's different?  You see, if you dry your hair fully (as in leave it to dry naturally - it takes WAY too long to fully dry my hair with a hairdryer - I never have enough patience or time for that epic labour of love or if you do carry on blasting with the dryer till your arms ache) - with the Big Hair, it never *quite* smooths the frizz, as it does when you leave it partly wet (because that will be the point of the tool....!)

Here is the Sheer Volume.

BaByliss Sheer Volume Ionic Rotating Heating Brush was £80 now £60

So the thought of having the option of a quick smooth over already dry hair was surely too good to be true.  In ten minutes or so? 

Well no.  TA DAH!!!!  This was done using the new Sheer Volume that they sent me to try (and I won't be sending back!).


There are also videos of me using it, so you can see who quickly you can use it over on Instastories.  And that is me using it for the first time ever.  I wasn't asked to do any video by the brand but I've put it up as I wanted people to see how genuinely quick it is to use and how effective it is.  

Other advantages?  Time saving (honestly, it took less than 10 mins from dry hair).  Adding versatility to when and how I wash and style my hair.  And heat saving.  You can let your hair dry completely and use this is a styling and smoothing tool as it's for use on completely dry hair.   So only one lot of heat per hair wash.  Of course if your hair doesn't take a millennium to dry, then this perhaps isn't going to be as much of an issue for you, but if you're blessed with hair a la Crystal Tipps like I am - this will resonate, I know.  I have to use a lot of heat to dry my hair and then I use the Big Hair (which isn't a problem but if there was an alternative to doing it every time...).   So to be able to "just" use the Sheer Volume and combine a mix of the two on different days, is all sorts of fabulous.  

It's also apparently great for retouching and smoothing on the second or third day (assuming you don't wash your hair every day).

So, I have to say - for me - having both is the ideal.  The options that it offers for when and how I dry my hair is BLISS.  To be able to shower at night and get up and out of the house with the perfect looking blow dry in less than 10 mins the following day, will revolutionise my mornings (and ANY help to make mornings less stressful is surely priceless?)  

Other times though - especially if I've done exercise, I want to have a quick shower and get ready to go out - then the BIg Hair can achieve a salon look in less than 20 mins from rough drying and styling.

I also found that it does give two slightly different finishes.  I find the Big Hair is easy to create more volume with than the Sheer Volume (maybe I'm not using it right but that's how I found it.. eek).  The Sheer Volume however, gives me a sleeker finish.

I would love to be able to add more but these simply do what they say on the tin.  There's no complicated method to using them, no really complicated technique to master, they really are incredibly easy to use - I am in no way, shape or form a pro when it comes to blow drying so if I can master these tools, genuinely anyone can.

Here I am today - with my Sheer Volumed hair (which is BADLY in need of a colour makeover... roll on next week).


Dress - Gestuz (current)
Biker - Jigsaw (gift aw17)
Trainers - Golden Goose from Farfetch (sale aw17)
Scarf - Lily & Lionel (gift ss16)
Bag - Zara (4yrs ago)

Have you historically used the BaByliss Big Hair that I have waxed lyrical about for years?  I know that, as well as a dedicated blog, I have mentioned it LOADS and that many of you have contacted me saying that yup - they didn't believe me when I said it was lifechanging, but YUP - it totally is. 

Well - life changer number 2.  The BaByliss Sheer Volume.  Dare I say you will never need to go for a salon blow dry again? 

Have you tried either of them?  Both of them?  Would love to hear your thoughts and can also try and answer any questions you may have (or at the very least I will be able to get them answered).

This post has been written as part of a paid partnership with BaByliss.  All opinions are my own, unedited.

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9 comentarios:

  1. How much volume does it give, and can you control the volume? I have a lot of hair, so don't really need volume, but I like the idea that it's easier than traditional straighteners and can be done on straight hair. Would you need a heat protection product?

  2. Hi. I LOVE big hair but I am now using 10 day frizz ease pre-wash treatment and my hair is even sleeker without that slight frizz on the top! I use Big hair on dry hair most mornings just to redo the ends after I’ve walked the dog and before I go to work! I love it and couldn’t be without it! I am on my second one and have mine for 4 years. Have recently found that I can use it to curl my hair just like my wave wand ! Result! I’m not convinced I need to buy the new one as well as I already use Big hair in dry hair!

  3. I have both as well and you can prise them out of my cold dead hands. My hair is similar to yours, loads of it, frizzy given half a chance. These tools have changed my life. I use the Big Hair more. The hot brush (as I call it) is for special occasions as it can't be that good for your hair!

  4. I am on my third Big Hair ( the original had a smaller barrel and I prefer the larger size). You are quite right, it’s amazing ! My hair goes bushy and frizzy if not tamed by the Big Hair but a product to smooth it on the day after washing sounds like a good plan. Going to have a quick look at your vid to see the results .

  5. I too love Big Hair..bought after you mentioned it and am on my second. Use it most days as 8 need to tame hair after sleep/damp dog walks etc I like the idea of the new product but worry it would make my hair flatter ...I like the bit of volume Big Hair can give my hair..not though if using it to curl though!

  6. What size of the big hair do you use? My hair looks pretty similar to yours in length and volume and can't decide which of the size barrels to go for... thanks, Emily

  7. Not a review for Big Hair, but I have discovered an AMAZING solution to dry, frizzy, unruly etc hair - the Nanokeratin treatment. I have one every 3-4 months or so, it costs about £160 so not cheap but it has literally transformed my hair (and life) - I spent my twenties and early thirties surgically attached to my ghds but post children just didn'the have the time. I can now literally wash my hair and leave it to dry naturally and it's smooth, still with a wave (which I like) but no frizz at all.

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