I'm going heavy on the Spring.

Because it does actually feel a teensy bit like the of Winter, doesn't it?  Yesterday and today, how lovely was the weather?  Ok so all of two days of sun a season does not make but details schmetails... I am going for a pedicure on Saturday (my first since I put my Summer feet away last October - yes, my trotters go into hibernation during the Winter months) which means I am plotting and planning what to shod my hooves in this season. 

I will acquiesce that it's slightly too early for full on sandals yet.  We are off somewhere exciting and hopefully warm for a couple of days during the Easter holidays and then we are off to our beloved Suffolk for a week. 

Which I did get all "OOH HOLIDAYS" about.. and then I sort of realised that, err it's Suffolk in April and the chances of me donning wellies all week, are high. 

So we need an interim option.  Historically I am going to hold my hands up and say I'm not very good at this sort of footwear.  I know, I know - who I am to refuse a purchasing opportunity but honestly, if I look at my shoe rack, it's a sea of ankle boots and trainers.  With a couple of pairs of sandals for the full on Summer.  And then the heeled sandals. 

And a couple of pairs of loafers/mules.  That's it. 

The interesting thing is the one pair of mules I have - a pair of ponyskin black and beige polka dot ones from Anthropologie - are 4yrs old.  They have had a LOT of wear .

The good news is that this year - there are LOTS of these around.  We are talking mules with attitude.  Mules that make an outfit.  It just takes one pair of shoes - a classic suit, your favourite jeans and a blazer, a maxi dress or skirt and a pair of WOW shoes and instant wardrobe update. 

Let's see what's on offer.

Moira from Miss KG were £59 now £39

So that's the only subtle pair I'm going to do I've decided.  These are statement shoes.  I will be back another day with ones that are more pared back but today - our feet are going to be doing the talking.

And these are probably the best entry level I can find.  They're basically only a shoe and a tassel (albeit a quite sizeable tassel but still JUST one tassel...).

RAID Karen Black Mule £24.99

A subtle(ish) stripe now...

Kita in Silver from Kurt Geiger £139

And then full on, wham, bam, thank you ma'am.

Kita from Kurt Geiger £139

In for a penny in for a lobster. 

YELLOW!  Otter Yellow Flat Slip on Mules from Kurt Geiger £129

Multicoloured Otter Slippers by Kurt Geiger £129

These look positively vanilla compared to the above but they are now in the sale. 

Otter Navy Flat Slippers by Kurt Geiger were £129 now £79

If not a lobster, can I tempt you with a bee?  I think these look a lot more expensive than they are... but I do also think they look like they'd be quite difficult to walk in. 

Gorgeous Pointed Mule in Green £30

Pineapples anyone? 

ASOS DESIGN Mauritius Mules £22

Embellished at ASOS.

MOONFLOWER mules £32

And more embroidered.. 

Glamorous Mules £30

Stripes, which are essentially a neutral..

Stradivarius Stripe Twist Front Mule £99

Fuchsia at Pretty Ballerinas in the Ella I Love You £139

However THESE... oh these are just sublime.  Dare I say, they are the sexiest flat shoes I have ever seen?  Worn by Olivia Palermo.  Which means that if you buy them, you WILL immediately look like her.  Obvs.  Ish.  Maybe.

Ella Pretty Ballerinas Black Polka Dot part of the Olivia Palermo Collection £119

So here I am last night and those spotty ones above would be AMAZING with this dress... I did wear my Ganni cowboy boots which I liked but I'm not going to say I loved with the outfit.  Maybe it was a step too whacky.

Yes it was a little bit Mary Poppins with a lot of Laura Ingalls Wilder thrown in for good measure.  I have to say I quite liked it - it was for a Press Dinner given by House of Fraser to launch their SS18 Collection (which is gorgeous, can I just say - embroidered sequin jacket anyone?  Toucan print dress?)


Dress - Zara (current)
Belt - Topshop (ss17)
Jacket - Zara (aw17)
Bag - Chloe at Bicester Village (ss17)
Earrings - Alice's Wonders (gift current)

So can I tempt you with a mule?  Oh and one thing I will say is that yes, with tights, super difficult to wear as they're super slidey.  BUT with bare feet - easy peasy pudding and pie.  I promise.... Tomorrow I will be back but I can't decide whether to carry on with the personality purchases or would we prefer something a little more refined?  Over to you...

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5 comentarios:

  1. I love the lobster ones but I have a lobster dress and a bag and it may be turning into a 'thing' (and I don't eat them???) I also find mules very hard to wear - if only they had a little slip on strap at the back? Any Birkies type shoes?

  2. Love, love, love the lobsters. Cannot manage a mule comfortably :-( But if you see anything similar in an actual shoe...

  3. Is it just me, or do mules always look a size too small on the models? They always have their heels practically hanging off the back of the sole and it makes me imagine them clawing their toes to keep the shoes on.

    Those spotty ones are pretty sexy, though...

  4. These are just not for me....I imagine spending my whole time crunching up my feet to keep them on and them flying off when I walk faster than a snails pace!

  5. What a gorgeous selection but like them ladies about everything I really do find mules difficult to keep on.

    More personality pieces please