Monday Must Have

This is a super quick one as it's something I have mentioned before but it's simply one of my favourite products that I have been buying for years.  I reckon maybe eight or nine years?  For as long as I can remember anyway...

And it's THE perfect product for an instant Spring pick me up.  Hands up who else is Over.  This.  Weather? 

Spring where are you?  I can't face seeing any more snow and I'd now really like it to warm up a little bit. 

So I appreciate, we're not looking at temperatures or sun levels where we're going to get a little colour on our faces, which is why I've chosen this as my Monday Must Have. 

Chanel Soleil Identite Perfect Colour Face Self Tanner £32 in Bronze.  

Now it comes in two colours - Golden and Bronze and despite doing my best Casper the Ghost impression on a daily basis, I prefer the darker intense colour.   I tend to buy from John Lewis as I can click and collect at Waitrose.  

Also in stock in Bronze (it does sell out quicker than the Golden in my experience) at:-

House of Fraser £32
Boots £32
Chanel £32

I use it over a serum (and moisturiser if you'd like but I don't tend to need both), firstly for a couple of days and then as and is needed to maintain that sunkissed glow.  I wouldn't say you get a TAN as such - it's definitely more of a glow.  I look less corpse and just healthy.  Alive, dare I say it?  

I don't need to use foundation over the top - it's a combination in my mind of a moisturiser and a tinted moisturiser.  However I should point out that you don't get any colour to begin with - it does have to develop which is my only negative of the product.  They don't seem to have changed the formula for as long as I've been using it.  

And that's it . It does exactly what it says on the tin.  I have had a poorly child at home today so we have been watching Goodnight Mr Tom as it was Evacuee Day at school but I am now going to get my gladrags on to go for dinner at the new John Lewis at White City.  Outfit coming tomorrow.... 

In the meantime - I'm sorry if I'm teaching any of you to suck eggs with this.  As I say, I have mentioned it NUMEROUS times but it really is that good in my humble opinion! 

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3 comentarios:

  1. Slightly cheaper for those of us with Prime - thanks for tip!

    1. Whoop! I am sometimes sceptical about ordering things from Amazon (unlike friends and my sister in law who order EVERYTHING from there) - I don't know why.. I've had some rubbish experiences and returning things is like asking for the moon on a stick. They could not make it more difficult. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO PRINT A LABEL THAT DOESN'T STICK OFF!

  2. Don’t cringe ... I know! I know! I’m eye rolling to myself BUT I have to ask ever since I’ve seen those videos ... is this product tested on animals?