These are a few of my favourite things.. last week I gave a talk at London Fashion Week Festival where the topic was "how to wear fashion at any age". 

Lots of very interesting things discussed but for me - my main point was if you love it, wear it.  It doesn't matter if it's "in fashion", it doesn't matter if other people think it's slightly bonkers.  I can completely guarantee if you feel great when wearing it, you will exude confidence and look awesome.

It was also discussed if you have a "uniform"... or, at the very least, if there are certain things you reach for because you love them and you know you feel great in them. 

For me - that was a no brainer. 

One - Maxi (or midi) Print Dress 
Two - Maxi (or midi) Print Skirt
Three - Slim slogan jumper or tee
Four - Blazer 
Five - Biker
Six - Trainers 
Seven - Ankle boots

And that's it.  Yes I wear trousers, jeans, coats and blouses.  But what do I always reach for and what would I be happy wearing day in, day out?  Numbers one through to seven. 

They're not to everyone's tastes.  But I am constantly being asked, can I do more research and give more ideas on the above.  It doesn't matter how many times I do write about them, I am always being asked to find more.  

So.  What I've thought I'm going to do. I am going to "benchmark" (which means the sum total of nothing) the above seven items.  This gives me the right to talk about more than once each season.  Not THAT regularly but I will be revisiting them to bring us up to date on new stock. 

HOWEVER clearly that's not all I am going to talk about.  Fear not - they will be dispersed amongst lots of other posts.  After all, the point of this blog - as I'm sure you are all aware - isn't that we all supposed to love and buy all of the things all of the time.  I try to highlight different fashions, different options, different way of wearing things so you can cherry pick what will work for you and your lifestyle.

Starting with Hero One today - that will be my absolutely beloved Maxi or Midi print Dress. 

Starting with John Lewis, where one of my favourite comes from - the grey leopard print maxi.  They don't have one like that but this is a pretty awesome teal version.

Somerset by Alice Temperley Dress £130

Blue again at Gestuz and I HAVE had this one on before but I saw it on an Insta account - either Gestuz or a boutique that sells the brand and it looks like it should cost ten times as much (or.. just a LOT more).  

Gestuz Maxi Dress with Blue Flower Print £150  I'm not going to point out the white boots but... WHITE BOOTS!  Yes I've ordered it - just to *try* and because I have total cabin fever.

Blue again at La Redoute and I had this one before Christmas but it's now in the sale.  

Maxi Dress with Floral Embroidery was £75 now £30

Red with a fluted sleeve at La Redoute.  New in but with 25% off SAVE25 (off everything new in!).

Long Skater Dress with long sleeves £178

So it's the season of the fluted arm.  I'm not sure this is for me - being tall, I also find these usually cut off at the wrong place on me.

Three quarter sleeves again at People Tree £135

If you feel like making a statement.  I've ordered this one.  Partly for the craic.  Partly because I've clearly gone slightly Cuckoo's Nest from cabin fever and being surrounded by children whilst trying to work and not being able to drive anywhere and partly because I think it might actually work.

ASOS Deconstructed Maxi Dress in Mismatch Floral Print £68

So I've also ordered this one to try (in for a penny in for a "I've paid for delivery, I may as well get another one in" pound...).

Vila Floral Printed Maxi Dress £50

And this one might have slipped in as well - *in the interests of research*.  Seeing as I can't leave the house, I figured I would do some Instastories tomorrow evening (well - when they arrive...).

Gestuz Long Black Flower Print High Neck Blouse £150

And this one sneaked in too... I will NOT be keeping all of them (sod's law I won't be keeping any of them).

Selected Floral Midaxi Dress with Ruffle Details £95   I fear this may be too short for me which means it will be perfect for most of you!  I will report back....

Navy at La Redoute - don't forget the 25% off at it's new in - SAVE25.

Floral Print Maxi Dress with Tie Waist £69

Monochrome Crochet Dress V by Very £65

Red at Red Herring was £39 now £29.25

Actually for me though - it's the green version.  Absolutely LOVE this. 

Cordelia Green Dress from Red Herring was £39 now £29.25

Petite.  Yes you CAN do them too!

YAS Juniper Petite Maxi Dress £80

So I'm sure I haven't managed to convince any of you if you're not maxi fans.  But fear not - there is a plethora of gems coming up which aren't "my uniform". 

In the meantime - here I am, in the snow, with not a maxi in sight!  Funny that...  Photos again are by the 13yr old.


Jumper - M&S (3 or 4 yrs old)
Coat - Jigsaw (gift aw17)
Hat - hush (gift aw17) 
Wrist warmers - Somerville Scarves (gift aw17)

And today - living my best Lenny Kravitz life.


Wrap - ASOS (3yrs old)
Coat - Jaeger (gift aw16)

I can't even talk about the snow.  Suffice to say tomorrow, I am taking all three children to work with me!  A charity fashion shoot.  Can't say any more but it will be fun.  13yr old is thrilled.  Two small boys couldn't be less enthusiastic!  The husband has gone to Northern Ireland for a boys' weekend.  His flight left this evening.  On Time.  You couldn't write it... *weeps*   Do you now see why I did a little ASOS order?!

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7 comentarios:

  1. Dear Kat,
    I’ve never commented before. I so enjoy reading your blog and one thing I really admire as well as your taste and your sense of humour is your ability to rotate (not really the right word) your wardrobe, I find myself wearing the same things all the time. How do you do it?

  2. Hi love your blogs
    Been on Instagram and love the top and bangles you are wearing on the slingsby gin post - where can I get them xxxxx

  3. Your daughter takes really great photos! To be encouraged. Well done! Love your blog - really want to love maxi dresses, but always feel that I will be too "dressed up" to do anything useful other than float around sipping G&Ts elegantly! ;-) Emma x

  4. Have definitely been converted to the maxi dress look. Bought one dress and one skirt since reading your blog. Was looking for inspiration and your blog has provided it, so look forward to further ones too. Thank-you for the inspiration :)

  5. No No No for me and maxis but they look great on others. My big splurge this week was on Turtle Doves recycled cashmere (wonder why?) they're cashing in on the beast from the east (make us feast - anyone else got the snow munchies?) and have some lovely wraps and gloves

  6. Oh dear Kate what have you done! just ordered 8 dresses Well 4 in 2 different sizes as don't know how they makes fit (La Redoute and red herring)! This being frozen has obviously damaged my brain lol

  7. Lovely frocks! My favourite the blue flower Gestuz one! And temperly dress... The frilly dilly one would look fab under your black leather biker , and white boots but there’s a fine line between so cool looking and little house on the prairie!? Just add the plaits and off you go down the hill😜😂🤪