In case you don't do florals...

.. I'll wager you're wondering what on earth you're going to do for print this Spring?  Especially if you're looking for a dress.  Yes I bang on incessantly about how useful print dresses are but if florals are an anathema to you, it may seem like there are not a lot of other options.  

Hold that thought right there.  The great thing about these dresses is that they tick the box of the more eclectic seasonal vibe of a flowing dress but are ideal for teaming with structured blazers and jackets for a more pared back look.  Or you can go the whole hog and throw on an embroidered jacket, leopard print or add texture with velvet and patent leathers and suede.  Versatile with a capital V.

And what has made me think of this rather genius idea ,if I say so myself?   A small delivery I had today from Zara.  Which I ordered yesterday whilst at the trampoline park with the children.   I tried the check dress on the other week and also the skirt from the other day (the latter is definitely going back.  I just don't love it as much as the skirts I already have - it can't possibly stay).   Then I saw this which is WEIRD.  BUT....

How do you know when a dress works?  When you put it on immediately.

Striped Dress with Zip £25.99

Self Stripe Shirt Dress at Mango £49.99

Stripe at Whistles (and this has pockets...). 

Leesa Stripe Shirt Dress was £169 now £99

This one from Karen Millen is amazing.  (and I happen to know it goes in the washing machine.........).  My advice would be to size up as I found it very tight fitting. 

Graphic Stripe Midi Dress from Karen Millen £199

Shirt Dress at Mango which apparently is pastel green.  Or it could be navy (maybe the stripe is a very very pale green?) £25.99

Stripe at Mango in a more summery style.  

Striped Shirt Dress £69.99

Stripe at Y.A.S and this is completely awesome.  

Stripe Maxi Shirt Dress £60

Midi at Warehouse £49

The dress I tried on and loved at the time - I still think it's definitely worth keeping for that money.  Seeing as I already have the white boots...

Long Check Dress £39 from Zara

Check at M&S which you can either layer over jeans for now or wear with bare legs one day in what seems like forever away. 

Pure Cotton Checked Shift Dress from M&S £45

Or in the wine mix again £45

Polkda dots.  The perfect print that's not a floral.  Symmetrical, clean and neat but interesting at the same time. 

Spot Wrap Jersey Dress from Whistles £99

Black and white large polka dots at Mango £49.99

Pretty Woman HOMAGE at Mango. 

Polka Dot Midi Dress £49.99

And in navy.. the belt doesn't come with it (same dress as above I think) from Mango £49.99

Lightening print silk dress from Whistles was £279 now £165

And here I am NOT in my new dress... I am going to get changed now to go out this evening to a dinner to launch SS18 at House of Fraser and the striped dress has made the cut.  The big reveal on Instagram tomorrow morning. 

Jumper - M&S (3 or 4 yrs ago)
Jeans - Zara (sale aw16)
Cardigan - Zara (4 or 5 yrs ago)
Boots - Ganni (current)
Bag - Loewe (current)

And I'm not going to tempt fate by saying I was warm today but... I was a teensy tad on the "maybe I didn't need quite so big a jumper" side.  

Do we think this is the start of Summer?  Am I able to crack out the mules?  Or should I ease us in with loafers?  Full on denim jackets do we think?  I've got them all coming up shortly.  

I've also just read through the blog post and it's heavily monochrome - which I have to say I quite like as a wardrobe alternative to the super glitzy print with eccentric edge.  Have you decided which look you're favouring this Spring?  Would love to hear what you're planning on wearing.

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5 comentarios:

  1. I'm having a dress crisis - I love looking at them, there are some gorgeous ones around and when I look on Instagram everyone looks fabulous, you always look fabulous in your frocks but when it comes to it I just can't decide what to try, or it doesn't feel quite right or I just don't love it or can't think when I'm going to wear it etc. Etc. I am definitely a trouser girl although in recent weeks have had some success with skirts. Where do I start with the dress thing? All advice gratefully received!

    1. I’m with you Vicky. Love looking at the maxi dress & trainers combo but fear I’d look a tit actually wearing all that material and colour.

    2. Thanks Helen, it’s pushing the comfort zone, once you’ve done it a few times you’re off but that first wear is the tricky one when you think everyone is looking at you, at least that’s how I feel!

  2. Not feeling the stripes at all! Too many horrible memories of being falsed into stripped dresses for summer school uniform. The Poke dots however do need further investigation. something navy without a high neck or price tag would need awesome!

  3. Not that I am weather obsessed...but yesterday was beautifully spring like. Today it’s snowing. Again. I bought a striped dress from Cos...looked fab on the hanger, not so good in real life. It’s going back.