How to add instant Spring

Suffice to say I think most of us are ready for a bit of sunshine.  I also think it's fair to say that most of are quite happy to see the back of Winter. 

So we're not going to be seeing wall to wall temperatures of sunbathing heights but I'm feeling ambitious in saying we can ditch the super heavy coats. 

And if we can't - I have the perfect solution for adding instant sunshine. 

COLOUR.  And because I am a practical soul at heart (ok .. sometimes) these are things that will keep us warm and will be able to wear all year.  You can layer them for super cold days, just throw on over dresses, jeans and skirts for Spring days, take in lieu of jackets into the Summer - perfect for taking on holiday.

We are talking knitwear.  But ones that they'll see you coming in.  FULL ON COLOUR.  Ones that are designed to bring a smile to your face when you put them on.  I am going as bright as I can.  

I'm also thinking oversized.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who has indulged in one carb too many this week - what is about being housebound that turns me into the Cookie Monster?  I don't even really like biscuits, it's just that hummous and carrot sticks don't cut it when you're looking out at sideways snow and a houseful of verging on feral children.

But others may be just my perfect shape - slim and quite fitted, ideal for wearing under blazers and bikers, perfect for balancing out fuller skirts and looser trousers (think boyfriend jeans, straight leg jeans, wide leg trousers - both cropped and full length or loose harem style).

Let's see what I can come up with (I should point out, that sometimes I know exactly what I'm going to include in a blog post as I've seen things I know I want to include and other times, I think of something I want to write about and hope I'll be able to find enough content!  This is one of those.  It's an idea I've just had and I do the research and write the blog simultaneously).

These are all going to be PLAIN.  I have more interesting versions that I'm collating for another blog post but today, it's pared back style but full on colour.

Chunky Rib Knit from & Other Stories £59  Lilac.  Perfect with leopard print.  And yellow.  And navy.  Trust me...

The sleeve detail has it this season.  LOVE. 

Knitted Jumper by Y.A.S £48

Sleeve love again at ASOS. 

ASOS Cropped Jumper with wide sleeve £18

Slightly higher neck at New Look. 

Slouchy high neck jumper in red £25.99

And in the yellow again £25.99

Cropped Sweater in Red Yellowish (I have no idea why they call it that) from & Other Stories £35

Oversized straight sweater in pink £69 from & Other Stories

And the same in green again £69

Oversized again in blue - perfect example of how to layer at & Other Stories £49

If you're looking for more subtle.. then how about a mint one from Topshop. 

Feather Knitted Jumper from Topshop £55

I LOVE this colour.. so gorgeous with navy and all other blue shades. 

Fisherman Crew Neck Jumper from Topshop £69

A dusty mint version (best colour description ever) at Weekday. 

Weekday Oversized Boiled Wool Jumper £50

Slimmer fits at Mint Velvet. 

Fuchsia Crew Knit from Mint Velvet £49

Lightweight at Monki £15 in green

And at ASOS. 

ASOS DESIGN Tall Jumper in Fluffy Yarn £22

Apparently this is oversized... doesn't look it to me.  But it does look like it will go with a skirt I've just bought and have been contemplating returning as I don't know what to wear with it. 

Oversized Sweater in Blue from A£16

For all the v neck lovers... 

Sherbert Side Split Boxy Knit from Mint Velvet £59

And the same in fuschia £59

Higher V neck in green at Topshop. 

Jumper by Boutique £49

In the fuchsia, again from Boutique at Topshop £49

V neck again in the most stunning blue. 

Ocean Raw Seam Detail Knit from Mint Velvet £89

Or in the Lemon, but this time a linen version - £59

I'm always being asked for different necklines and I'm sure some of you will love these. 

Peony Merino Wool Cowl Neck from Mint Velvet £79

And in the azure - again £79

So hopefully there is a colour and/or a style there for everybody.  I am definitely going in for the turquoise and the pale blue.  Although I have to say, the yellow is also definitely floating my boat.  

And the green... I always get so many positive comments on this mint green jumper I've got on here which I got from M&S, 3 or 4 years ago.  


Green jumper - M&S (3 or 4 yrs ago)
Coat - Jigsaw (gift aw17)
Jeans - Zara (sale aw16) 
Bag - Hill & Friends (gift aw16)
Trainers - Golden Goose (sale 3 yrs ago)
Earrings - Mango (ss17)

So we are off to pick the husband up from the airport (gaining all the brownie points) and then steak supper, glass of red wine and I have promised the 13yr old she can stay up and watch the Oscars.  I ALWAYS wanted to do this when I was younger and was never ever allowed.  I did get round to doing it, when I was in the US and didn't realise how boring it is! 

But she is insisting and to be fair, she is obsessed with film.  At 11yrs old she got herself (and her dad) tickets to a Pixar talk at BAFTA.  She just applied online.. she didn't realise it was for "students" as in film students!  I rang when I found out but they said she could still go with an adult.  The husband took her and made her network at the drinks reception and she ended up coming away with the business card of the CTO of Pixar in LA who said to call and come in next time we were there (clearly somewhere we hang out err never!!).  

Anyway - suffice to say, she's also interested in the Best Ear Lobe Category etc etc which is what the first four hours are so I've said she can stay up.  So long as she takes me when she gets her nomination. 

And just like that - they're back at school tomorrow.  Bar one.  Who is ill.  You couldn't write it... 

I'm off to do a little order of the bargain turquoise jumper to cheer up this week and will report back.  Over on Instastories at the moment are pics of some of the dresses from the other day that I ordered for research - some are good, some are not so good... 

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2 comentarios:

  1. Yes to knitwear, yes to colour! Loving your choices, but which one to choose?
    We need something to cheer us up while we wait for the weather gods to wake up to the fact that spring has started! (We are in the middle of the second thaw in two days - yesterday was sub zero and sunshine, so the snow literally evaporated, its called sublimation. Then it snowed for several hours this morning, but it's above freezing now).
    Cashmere has definately been my friend, and colour is very much welcome!

    1. Well I tried on nearly all of the ASOS ones and they are a total busted flush. DANG IT!! Had more success if you look over on Instastories in Shopping... at H&M. I definitely agree, cashmere is a lovely choice - I also am partial to a good heavy cotton knit. Or a fine merino (Uniqlo I love you..!!)