A Onesie free zone but...

... I am going to do a blog on loungewear.  All things snuggly, all things for chillaxing in (The Husband actually says that, I think he got - I hope he got it - from one of the kids and now thinks it's the perfect word and to be fair, yeah, it works).  Those days when it's hideous outside (yes there are some families who gamely take the weather head on in a challenge and thrive on walks in Arctic Conditions - we are the family who see it as the ideal excuse to order Dominos and watch movies) and you can't completely justify keeping your jamas on all day and so need a comfy alternative. 

The perfect items in fact to put on a Christmas list.  These have Boxing Day written all over them to me.  I will also confess that, depending on what I'm wearing, once the kids get into their jamas on any night, I also drag out the loungewear for mooching about in.  Story time, emptying the washing machine (oh the glamour), loading dishwasher, cooking dinner for himself and usually blogging, I like to be in something I can easily curl up in.

Or a day like today when I am still rough.  I honestly feel like someone has just switched off a light somewhere and that my batteries are running on low.  I've spent most of the day asleep (a complete rarity) having had an utterly pants night last night, my wonderful friend has taken my kids to school and brought them back and I need to try and get with the programme for tomorrow.  Oh and fling out the 9yr old at Brownies but that's at the village at the end of the road so I don't even have to get out of the car ie just add shoes.

So I'll take a photo of what I've got on today for the outfit but these Toast harems owe me diddly squat now and I could think about investing in some new ones. 

Let the research begin and lets start with full on luxury.  These scream sitting round the Christmas tree to me (HINT HINT) 

Rosie for Autograph Pure Belted Pyjama Bottoms £99  Pyjamas my backside.  I would happily wear these to Tescos and defy that security guard to tell me I'm "inappropriately dressed" (a) no it hasn't happened but b) our Tesco does have an Appropriate Clothing warning sign outside.  We're all class here) 

They also do them in a gorgeous pale grey 

I also adore the cuffed version, probably more actually but they're sold out in most sizes - seeing as they're £35 only, that's probably why.  What a surprise that M&S have a stock ordering nightmare.  So unusual..... REALLY M&S? (who have had the gall to charge me for something I was supposed to click and collect, despite them telling me they were sorry but they couldn't deliver it.  Because yes, I really don't mind paying for it, even though it never arrived.  Thank goodness their people on Customer Services online are so helpful as their processes are pants to put it mildly.  And they wonder why they're in trouble.   Small tip M&S - check out John Lewis) 

Having said that, I think that the Rosie range for Autograph does look so so gorgeous that I will be trying to track it down in store on Thursday (ooh actually passing an M&S tomorrow - I shall bob in and report back) 

Rosie for Autograph Cashmere blend cuffed trousers - £35

Also love the matching tops they have 

Rosie for Autograph Backless Jumper with Angora £35

For the ultimate snuggle (instead of wrapping one of the kids Ikea blankets round you from the playroom - just me?) this is delicious. 

Rosie for Autograph pure cashmere poncho £99 (again this would definitely be leaving the house with me)   Can I also point out that the chances of me sitting like she is below in it are the biggest NIL you can imagine.  A poncho and nothing else but a diamond necklace.  Oh how we laughed.

The other fabric that I love to slob around in is my beloved jersey. 

Whistles Lola Jersey lounge trousers in black £65

Grey Marl Lakehouse Brushed Jersey Legging BHS £16

Some of my favourite are definitely from Hush - they have two versions. 

Slim Leg joggers in dark charcoal marl £39.50

How about a bit of festive cheer with red ones?

Long Harem Trousers in black £49.50

and in charcoal grey £49.50

A warm thin layer on top is then essential.

Staying with Hush I love their longlength stretch tees £30

Or a vest if your heating system is a lot more effective than our ancient on its knees one. 

Longlength Tank £22.50 

Now I know that as a layer, people rave about the Uniqlo heattech longsleeved tops (and the vests I believe).  I know a couple of friends who use them as the perfect layering top and what best for a snuggly outfit than something that keeps body warmth in (I think that's what they do - I'm not sure the dimensions work for Gulliver proportions but if you're of normal stature then definitely check these out) 

Heattech crew neck longsleeved top - £14.90

So we have our underlayers and now to top your lounge outfit off - to my mind it has to be a slouchy hoody.  Wouldn't it be ideal if it was cashmere? 

This Box Hoody in Grey Marl  from Me+Em is beyond perfect and would also work on so so many occasions. £198

Or in the Forest - not sure if this is a dark green or dark charcoal but it's a gorgeous wintery shade.  As you can see when you loosen the drawstring it gives a gorgeous swing effect. 

Love this oatmeal one from Boden now only £108.42 with the 22% off till Friday.  This is of course definitely good enough to wear out.  Would drag up those joggers to going out standard too, I'd say. 

If you prefer a looser cardigan styled version then this one from Mint Velvet is the answer to your prayers.

Mint Velvet Hooded Cardigan £89

Finishing with two ready to rock sets - as in, you don't have to think about layering as you buy them together.  Maybe an addition of a scarf or hoody.....

These are actually sold as a set of pyjamas from Next.  However I would definitely wear this out for a casual trip to take the kids to hockey..... If anyone sees me and yells that I've got my jamas on, I shall be unimpressed.  And deny deny deny!  (clearly my cold has definitely taken over my head as I think with a biker jacket and wedge trainers or hi tops this would certainly cut the mustard for a super casual look - which I know isn't to everyones taste but for me I definitely have days to be super slobby).  I will add that I am assuming in my head a certain thickness, slouch and slub of fabric.  If this is stiff classic jama cotton then I'm taking it all back.

Grey Checked Pyjamas £30 from Next 

Fabric looks lovely here - just what I have in mind and check out (sorry) the fabulous yellow thread running through it.  I reckon I may also get away with this at the supermarket and I'm thinking even Waitrose and not Tesco (pushing my luck here?!)

RIght.  Now this might look like a onesie and smell like a onesie but despite all you have heard in the past about that saying, forget it.  Tis definitely not a Onesie.  And I shall tell you for why.  Because it's waisted.  It has a drawstring waist which means that its official title is therefore an "all in one".  Some may semantics, I say standards. 

I absolutely love this from Next. ALL IN ONE (!) £38

So here I am in my outfit from today.  As you can see I am in need of a far cosier top for proper lounging.  At the moment, I am merely pretending to loaf.  I feel I need to explore more of a cashmere nature.  Watch this space. 


Pale pink longline vest - Miss Selfridge
Grey two tone sweatshirt - TKMaxx
Charcoal jersey harems - Toast
Snakeskin scarf - M&S
Jetstream wedge trainers - Russell & Bromley

I'm due to go to London tomorrow for lunch with The Husband, a quick trip to JCrew and am beyond excited at seeing the Preview of Mint Velvet's S/S14 range so fingers crossed I manage to get a good night's sleep. 

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26 comentarios:

  1. Inner slob rejoices! This selection looks divine. I have loved Hush loungewear for an age having, literally, lived in the stuff after Nancy was born. I still waft about in my coatigan which, to be fair, has now seen better days but I just cannot be parted from the damn thing. Hoping you feel better soon Kat. H xx P.s I look nothing like Rosie, whilst in slob mode, I know, shocking isn't it?

    1. Thank you and yes the similarity to myself and RHW in my slob, sorry lounging, attire is absolutely zero!

  2. It's definitely the season for slob (sorry I mean lounge) wear. You are braver than me featuring a Onesie on your blog. When I was researching loungewear recently I came across the M&S cashmere one at £199(!!!!!) which is identical in looks to the MV one. I chickened out putting it in my post for fear of backlash. I also confess to having a navy Juicy tracksuit (chav chav). It has no bling on it at all so it doesn't count as a Juicy really. Have worn it to death - strictly behind closed doors of course! Really really loving Hush this season - I want to be the model!!

    1. IT's NOT A ONESIE!!! And yes, all things Hush are just sublime. I will admit to not owning however a Juicy Tracksuit.... but I do have it on good authority that they are v comfy. And probably beat my battered to death Primark crappola that I have been sporting as loungewear!

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon Kat. The Rosie for Autograph pieces are gorgeous and I love everything from hush. Enjoy tomorrow xx

    1. All gorgeous, isn't it. and can you believe I now have a sick child. GAAAHHHHHH. I shall be making a small day out in London next week or the week after a priority to make up for it x

  4. I have those exact two slim joggers and a blue vest in my basket from Hush. I keep getting interrupted and when I go back it's empty. Their virtual basket doesn't stay long for some reason! Must do it now. I can confirm the Uniqlo long sleeved heattech vests are brilliant as are their cashmere sweaters. I have the heart print Next pjs and they are so furry on the bottom half, so don't think I would venture out in them ever, but maybe those check ones are not furry! Love lounge wear, I am so getting into it. Hope you get to have your fun day out tomorrow.

    1. ooh they should sort out their virtual basket shouldn't they? I have to say I may have some sweaters from Uniqlo up my sleeve for a future blog... Watch this space. xx

  5. I ordered those Next pjs this morning - snap. And was totally thinking they might not look too like pjs if I answered the door in them! #workingfromhome. I also ordered the Hush long sleeved tops in black and grey. Now I have far too many slouching ideas. Hope you feel better soon. jill x

    1. Yee ha! Great minds - my size is on a bloody 4 week wait. Rolls eyes. But I am definitely ordering themselves and yes, shall definitely be sporting them as proper wear. Apart from now everyone will know what they're jamas. Doh!

    2. I ordered one pair which was supposed to arrive today but have just had email to say delayed and other size I ordered also on four-week wait! And I want them now! Hope your house of sickness on mend. Jill x

  6. I thought you couldn't get on with cashmere?!...what about all that laundering? I am sure I would ruin it!...cashmere is something I take off when I get in - not put on, maybe I just can't afford to lounge around in it!! X

    1. I have to say I've had issues in the past as I am a lazy cow when it comes to dry cleaning but I have heard that it's actually better to machine wash it! Plus what I have had in the past has cost oodles and oodles. I'm much preferring the more reasonably priced cashmere that I've been doing research on. I probably will chicken out and end up with merino! But I completely love that Me+Em hoody, that would work perfectly in my wardrobe - will have to wait for good discount code. And I definitely wouldn't just be lounging around in it - my lounging clothes will be coming out with me! x

  7. Hmmm have just realised this blog is feeding my currently dreadful shopping habit. Figured if the Hush harems are long enough for you, they must be long enough for me, so have got off the fence and ordered. Love the Me+Em boxed hoody ... MUST NOT!

  8. I am such a skank when it comes to lounge wear ie same stuff for years falling to bits I just feel if nobody see's me in it why spend a lot of money on it - as in any money!! however this has now inspired me to sort myself out and smarten up her indoors!

  9. Damn you woman - just ordered the Rosie trousers and now want the cashmere hooded onesie that M&S have!! LOVE the Me+Em boxy top...so easy to fall into the trap of 'lounge' wear when I am sitting at home with a sick child freezing my butt off in a shrunk, cotton night dress!

  10. Damn you woman - just ordered the Rosie trousers and now want the cashmere hooded onesie that M&S have!! LOVE the Me+Em boxy top...so easy to fall into the trap of 'lounge' wear when I am sitting at home with a sick child freezing my butt off in a shrunk, cotton night dress!

  11. I love all your china Kat! The Rosie M&S cuffed ones look fab & such a great price! I'd be far too tempted to dare I say it....wear them to the school gate! Gasp!!! I totally love the Mint Velvet harems & they've been on my wishlist for a while! Ax

  12. Wow, you are a lot smarter than me on your lounging days! Do you really wear wedge trainers indoors or was this for the purposes of the photo only? I have to say I couldn't be bothered whilst illing/having a lazy day, but kudos to you for not letting the side down.

    Really love the grey pjs and as a direct result of viewing the Next page, I may be considering a cheeky order of the cream snood. Love how the pjs are cuffed at the ankle, brilliant for a shortie like me.

    1. NO!! I had to drop the 9 yr old at Brownies! Although at the mo we're having building work done so I do tend to wear shoes in the house x

  13. I call these potter pants, to potter around the house in.

  14. Hi Kat, tried to post to this yesterday but work blocked it for some reason, can't imagine why? lol! I have the Rosie cuffed bottoms and the matching cardigan but I don't think they'd work for you darlingheart as I fear they'd be a little short on the leg. I'm on 5'8"-5'9" and they do seem to ride up a little and the knee sags a fair bit which makes them ride up a little more. God I'm really selling them aren't I? But I still love them, they are beyond soft and comfortable and the cardigan is no more loungewear than it looks. Fiona xxx

  15. Quick update. One wash of the cashmere blend M&S ones and they shrunk out of all proportion but stayed baggy on the knee (how is that possible?). Horrendous and they had to go back. Just incase anyone else out there is tempted, although today they seemed to remove the whole range from the shop floor between morning and afternoon??