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It's BLACK LACE!  Boom boom.  Apologies - that is completely and utterly pants but I am actually sat here curled up in my jamas, nursing a hot honey and lime (no lemon - kids are lemon fiends on their pancakes and I always run out).  I have the head cold from hell and so am not firing on all cylinders.  Hence an utterly tut joke.  

However the show must go on and I am very much conscious that the party season is almost upon us and there is nothing worse than panicking at the last minute for something to wear.  

I am going to throw it out there now (much to the hilarity of all those who know me in real life) and say that, wait for it, I actually don't need a Christmas dress this year.  Faint.  (yeah right)  I have a couple of big parties coming up and I am going to wear my All Saints sequin number for one and my Zara lace and feather dress for the other.  Sorted.  She says.  Of course this will not happen in the slightest and I shall be panicking like kerrazy the day before.  As per usual.  

So just in case, it seems sensible to do some research so that I at least have done some leg work before the full on panic sets in. 

One thing I've always thought I would like is a lace dress.  Now clearly my Zara one is part lace but it's very dressy.  For a full on party then perfect, for dinner out with friends slightly OTT. 

To my mind the most perfect lace dress is the DVF Zarita dress.  Which I was going to say - ho hum, too short for me, always been gutted when, HOLD THE PRESS, they now appear to do it in a "long" version.

DVF Zarita Long Dress £304

However (deviating from my "hilarious" title already - soz) I think I would probably have to have it in the navy.  This for me is the ultimate in class. 

Navy Zarita Long Dress £304 from Matches 

A full length zip does seem to be par for the course with a lace dress.  Love. 

This is the shorter version - perfect for those of a more diminutive stature.  This just about covers my muff.  Think glorified £300 doily.

Zarita Dress £275 (that extra lace you have to pay for in the long.....) 

However there are definitely some great ones on the high street if a) you can't get the Zarita in your size (irritatingly the navy long one is sold out in my size.  Soddus Lawus) and b) you fancy spending the rest of your budget on shoes and a bag.

This one from Warehouse is again in a gorgeous navy with a gold background. 

Two tone lace dress £48. I fear it may be rather short for the tallies. (like that's anything new). 

Another overlay lace dress but this time in black is the gorgeous Panelled Dress from Pied A Terre - £125  This has more than a hint of the By Malene Birgers to me. 

Ok warning coming up.  This is from the wonderful photographers at M&S online.  I'm not sure they could have made this look more mumsy if they tried but try they did and boy have they succeeded.  I actually think it's the necklace that totally ruins it.  But hey, it's actually a really gorgeous dress and with some earrings (this dress just so does not need any more embellishment over the front - you can't actually see but if you look online and zoom in, there is an edging detailing around the bust area which clearly needs to be smothered with an extra necklace.  Not) 

Looks so much better from the back in their pics.

M&S Collection Floral Lace Shift Dress £69 

An exceptionally familiar shape is this Adrianna Papell dress in navy £150 On further inspection, I'd love to know how different this looked on from the DVF Zarita.....

If you prefer a lower neckline then this navy one from Kaliko is probably more up your street.  Far better for the more hourglass figures amongst us (of which I clearly am not one. Sob) 

Kaliko Lace Dress in Navy £79.20 currently on a price match (is anything full price anymore?) 

They also do this in a black version £79.20

Another lace number but this one is more fitted with what looks like a bit more stretch.  Like the above but slightly cheaper.  Not entirely sure the white plastic shapeless model does the dress any favours. 

Black Lace Plunge Midi Dress from RIver Island £38.00 

A much lighter take on a lace dress is this from Fenn Wright Manson.  This is the one that's going to take you into the Spring/Summer - ideal to wear all year round.  As perfect for a May wedding as for Christmas day. 

Ann Lace dress from Fenn Wright Manson £130

If full on lace is not your style then there are lots of dresses out there which have a hint of it.  Perhaps slightly less Bonham Carter than head to toe lace (have to say personally I prefer the full on versions but can see that they're not for everybody) 

Black & Neutral Matt Sequin Dress £159 From Mint Velvet.   

And the detail at the back.  Just stunning.  This would give the straightest up and down person the illusion of shape.  Beyond sexy. 

Hobbs Invitation Chantal Dress £129  Now if you do feel perhaps that there is too much lace out there, this is the ideal alternative as it's just a lace illusion.  Beautiful detailing to it.  This would cut the mustard for those Christmas parties. 

These I think though are probably my favourite in this category as I know the ruching is unbelievably flattering.  If it wasn't for my Patrizia Pepe ruched one I have from last year, then this would definitely be on my shopping list.  So so useful. 

Phase Eight Latoya Miracle Lace Dress now with 20% off at Phase Eight £79.20

And in navy. Love.  Again £79.20

Now I know I can't really wear them but to ring the differences then these two are an alternative to a straight dress.  Love them both. 

Coast Staten Dress £95

And finishing with a black dress which isn't lace at all but I saw it the other day and think it is just so so useful.  Am therefore flinging it in here. 

Jigsaw Ponte Silk dress £129

Since I've been rough today, I literally came home from drop off this morning and got changed into jamas (threw a parka on to take RR1 to her piano lesson where I sit outside and she runs into the house - the shame).  All the kids were thankfully dropped off after school and I have spent the day feeling ridiculously sorry for myself shivering on the sofa.  

So these are from last week that I have been meaning to post and haven't had time.  Nothing ridiculously exciting but a take on some of my usuals. 

Apart from this which is one of my current fave outfits - hence I've been wearing it a fair bit. 


Black polo neck - Zara
Real Straight jeans rolled up - Gap
Leopard print loafers - Zara
Tweed boyfriend coat - Zara
Faridah hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs 

This was actually for Bonfire Night.  Slightly random filter on here which makes the screen look filthy.  Oops. 


Black double zip jeans - Mint Velvet
Black and gold lurex jumper - Zara
Chocolate leather jacket - All Saints
Biker Boots - Kurt Geiger
Dune Monogrammed scarf - Louis Vuitton
Fur Gilet - Taylor Stephens


Black oversized poloneck jumper - Reiss
Pear Drop skinny jeans - Boden
Wild Kat leopard ballet flats - The British Flat Shoe Company

I still have more research to do on other dresses (always be prepared....) but in the meantime I am returning to my Jenna Obsession (beyond excited about going to the store on Wed - not that I expect her to be serving behind the counter.  Maybe?) and am on the look out for things to add in to my wardrobe.  I have a cunning plan......

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21 comentarios:

  1. Loving the pear trousers / black jumper outfit - very classy a la Audrey Hepburn. All the lace dresses are gorgeous - I don't know which one is my favourite - I love them all. I hope you feel better soon. Take care. x

    1. Thank you. I have to say if money were no object i'd go for the classic Zarita in navy. But the others are also so tempting..... Thankfully I don't need one (yeah right..!) Am off to bed for an early night in the hope that normal service will be resumed tomorrow x

  2. You've unearthed some crackers there Kat. I was a little unsure whether to give my claret lace number an outing this year but after seeing these, think I might just have to. I too love your Audrey outfit - very chic x

    1. Thank you! Claret lace sounds absolutely gorgeous x

  3. My sister in law has the DVF one in a champagne nude colour behond gorgeous! The navy one is divine, saw it in my local up market boutique but on the same day I tried the sold out autograph M&S one, it was the only one left in store in a size 12 alittle large for me, it is a total copy of the DVF with the v back and zip, fab quality not so in love with the colour a purple wine colour here is the link

    1. It's amazingly similar but yes, the purple does absolutely nothing for me. Darn it, back to the DVF!

  4. Another great post! I'm actually really loving the fit and flare lace dress from BHS, I don't know how it looks up close and personal but picture wise it looks more than £45 worth.

    Hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than being ill......other than being ill and having 3 kids (mum of three myself)
    Take care

    1. It's super cute that dress isn't it. A friend of mine has actually ordered it so I can't wait to hear what it's like. Ridiculously tempted I have to say. And thank you - it's so much better being ill now that my kids are older and I have friends who can take them and pick them up from school. And they can just have a sandwich for dinner. So so much easier. x

  5. Oh no Kat - feel better soon...and I'm hearing you with the full price comment - never seen so many mid-season sales! Great selection of dresses and loving your outfits as always xx

    1. Thank you darling and yes, the amount of sales are bonkers. Except that I keep missing out on bargains. GAH

  6. Boo I have a cold too and a really sore throat, I sound odd answering the phone to be honest. Feel better soon and have a great day tomorrow at J Crew! Can't believe what I've read about their pricing so I won't be buying anything anytime soon but it's always nice to look :)

    1. It's so galling that their prices are so inflated here, isn't it? Let's hope they have good sales...

  7. I hate lace, I find it scratchy and cheap looking yet it's rolled out year after year. However, I love the Jigsaw dress you tucked in at the end there!

  8. Beautiful dresses though I would never have anywhere to wear them!! Plus lace sleeves always remind me of my wedding dress:) Love the fur gilet - had mine on yesterday - can't tell you how excited I am about cold weather!:) xx

    1. You so would, no?! You go out to dinner all the time! And Christmas around the corner.... Yes, I had a partially lace wedding dress - loved it. Yup, have to say i'm loving the cooler weather too xxx

  9. I'm usually with you on the all lace versions, but that MintVelvet one is stunning and I guess would be pretty flattering since I have no waist at all.

    1. Beautiful isn't it. A great nod to lace and like you I have zero waist - really think this will give the illusion of one. A proper Bodycon dress.

  10. I can't believe you've stated in black and white that you don't need a Xmas party dress so don't believe you're going to stick to that one though could you please show us your lace feather Zara dress as it sounds amazing! I love all things lace and actually have a navy lace asos midi which I love but is very tummy unfriendly so could do with a more structured fit love the m&s and mint velvet. Loved Claudia's white lace number on strictly Sunday night too hope your cold is better.

    1. No I really do love my Zara lace and feather dress - and tbh if I don't wear that I may well wear my one shoulder All Saints one. No-one going to this party has seen either of them so perfect! Love them both - I am NOT buying a new one.......

  11. Oh, bugger, now I want a dress.....the jigsaw ponte dress....heading over there nowvto seebifvthey have other colours, can't do black, look like a white wash wall! X hope you feel better soon!