I fear it may be time to throw in the towel

I have been shopping at Per Una. 

The butt of so many jokes for such a long time, I've hit 40 and all of a sudden, I take a swift trip to M&S (ok so we may have been in there for about an hour in the end) and have come out with a Per Una coat.  

In my defence (as clearly I was always going to have one) it was Per Una Speziale.  And I can't even describe to you how it does not look like its image online, in the flesh.  Even the lovely ladies working in the shoe boutique (we now have a shoe boutique, clearly modelled on LK Bennett, for their Autograph and other higher end shoes, complete with staff, seats and everything - even a computer screen that lets you put looks together.  As this comprises of looks from their website this is about as much use as a chocolate teapot) said they hadn't even noticed the coat in Per Una (probably because they were about 25 and never venture into that part of the store) and one went to order one online to pick up later.  They also did say from looking at the online pic they wouldn't even have recognised it. 

It is beautiful.  It is also now only £110.  It also comes up tiny.  Mine is a 14 and believe me, I couldn't go any smaller.  To be fair, in coats, I would normally prefer to take a 12 as I do have broad shoulders but this is a snug 14 even with my linebacker top half.  I haven't had time to take a photo (it looked pants earlier over my leopard print top) but as you can see from the photos below, the different of clothes on a normal person is staggering.  The leather on the arms is like butter.  Delish. 

Per Una Leather Sleeves Faux Fur Coat now £115

And I would love to say that that was the only thing I saw and the rest made me think of mum jeans, fleeces and interesting ribbon effect scarves (that are always reminiscent of a grown up version of Tagggie blankets that were all the rage when my kids were little).  

To me, Per Una could always be summed up as where you went to buy clothes that looked as if someone from a very inferior Project Runway had been given a bag of jumble and asked to use them to design a range of clothing for middle aged women.  Suffice to say it was never the first destination for me in M&S.  To be fair, it was never a destination for me.  I won't lie - I will admit that this coat was dumped on a sales rail in the Autograph section otherwise I would never have found it. 

Well, blow me down with a feather when I went to see if I needed another size and ended up in Per Una land.  It's not bad.  It's really not bad at all.  

Another thing which I saw which looked great and I didn't pap as I thought oh they can't possibly mess a photograph of that up.  How wrong one can be. 

This is lovely. I would possibly (ie definitely) wear it as a jacket as opposed to a top with nothing under it.  And maybe not team it with black "slacks". (oh ok they're probably boot cut jeans but dear lord, they're too short to start with....)

Per Una Cotton Rich Textured Biker Cardigan £39.50

I have had actually had to go back and look through the coat sections three times as I couldn't recognise this one below on skimming through (clearly I wasn't paying that much attention as it is quite distinctive)

But, and I know I sound like a fraud here, this boiled wool coat is absolutely fabulous.  I know, from the pics, it doesn't sound like that could possibly be true on any planet, but seriously, if I hadn't bought my Zara camel one recently, I would have got this.  It's gorgeous - perfectly thick boiled wool, great shape, amazing button detail - so more Marni than Per Una.  (a sentence I never thought I'd write) 

Clearly it looks slightly wonky as I'm taking a photo but I adore this.  Also the sleeves are just slightly tacked up, so if you do have monkey arms like me, you could let these down and hey presto, a coat with fabulously long sleeves.  


Then there is the Per Una Faux Fur Gilet £85  This is genuinely one of the best quality looking faux fur gilets I've seen - a lovely mongolian slightly kinky fur, which looks amazing real.  And yet, this is how they choose to photograph it. 

Here it is on me and I appreciate it's not the best shot but this is a size 16 so much bigger than I would usually take (although to be fair, I'd probably only want a 14 as I wouldn't be wearing anything as thin as just a silk blouse under it).  If you're after a good quality fur gilet that doesn't look like a cuddly toy from the charity shop after 3 wears. then I'd be buying this one. 


And I'm sure there is loads more I could have a look at but by that point I was shopped out (and if you don't believe me - have a look at the pic below......) 

Here is what I wore today for the shopathon. 


Leopard Print silk top - Zara
Indigo straight leg jeans turned up - Jigsaw
Patent and leopard print loafers - Zara
Camel coat - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

And, the main reason for the trip today.....  Bearing in mind that I had spent the last three days at home sick or with sick child.  And I had done absolutely NO online shopping.   And today was the day that Isabel Marant for H&M was launched:- 

Here is my little haul. 


Tomorrow all will be revealed..!!  Even though there is absolutely ZIP left online.  I'm off out tonight and planning on wearing a couple of bits so I'll tweet a photo later.  If you are a twitter fan but don't follow me, you can find me on @doesmybumlook40

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6 comentarios:

  1. Seriously, is there a way you can get involved in their online styling because their picture of that faux fur gilet is just ridiculous. I mean for goodness sake do these people not know that they are trying to SELL clothes online?? Yee gods. Even the model looks like she is trying not to burst out laughing. There are two entrances to our local M&S, one through Per Una and one through whatever is in season, so coats at the moment, leading to Autograph. Per Una is always heaving when we nip in so they must be doing something right......?

    1. ha ha ha! So true. Heavens knows what they're thinking!

  2. I was assured by M&S CS the other day that they are working on a brand new fabulous website due in January! Hooray!! Let's hope it includes a new stylist and photographer...

  3. The M&S photo of the gillet actually made me piss myself laughing!! It looks great on you but it looks like the model is attending a bird theme fancy dress party, dressed as an ostrich! I have to say the two tone camel and black coat looks much better on you too than the professional photo! #surprised at your per una finds! Looking to seeing your H&M haul :-)

    1. Utterly appalling isn't it? Lord knows who they're trying to appeal to at the moment.