My favourite winter warmer

Now whilst one would assume that it's a scarf (and don't get me wrong, we all know how much I love a scarf)  actually, the one thing I've found I simply can't live without is (or should that be are..) my wrist warmers.  Or fingerless gloves.  Or arm warmers.  Call them what you like, these are essentially mittens without tops.  So that should be fingerless mittens truth be told but I've never heard them called that.  

I can't get on with proper gloves for every day milling about.  Fiddling with car keys, purse, kids coats, seatbelts, my fingers become cretinous and just scream "free me, free me".  Ish. 

So whilst the kids have been small I have embraced the wrist warmer (that singular idiotic fashion speak again - sorry) with a passion.  When I got my first pair five years ago, the only place to get them was from Toast.  I have a pair in dark charcoal and how I haven't lost them, frankly is a miracle. 

They do still sell them at Toast but there are also loads of other great options out there.  I don't know anyone that doesn't love these - if you have someone who is a dyed in the wool glove person or sheepskin mitten fan, then they're a cold handed bod and will love a pair of these to cosy up in inside.  I have been living in my pairs for the past couple of weeks since this cold snap has snapped.  The perfect Christmas present and they do come now in present friendly budgets as well. 

Starting with my old faithfuls:-

Merino Rib Fingerless Gloves from Toast £29  They also do these in a mushroom colour which is a taupey shade.  Gorgeous and the price has come down since I bought mine 5 years ago.  Absolutely adore them - they are my lifeline all winter. 

Gorgeous colour range - classic ink blue to some brighter orange and mustard shades. 

This colour from Mango is perfect to go with pretty much everything.  I love a cable knit as well. 

Cable Knit Fingerless Arm warmers - £17.99 in make up 

It probably hasn't escaped your notice hat I don't wear a lot of red- I wish I could, but I've never found it quite works.  That and purple.  Just not me but I do love it and these gloves are gorgeous - a perfect Wintery shade. 

Cable knit Handwarmers in Red from John Lewis  £15

Also in a speckled cream colour.   Is it wrong to say that these appeal as the fleck means you won't notice the dirt so much?  I'm assuming the same rule applies to cream gloves as it does to cream carpets (always have a couple of different flecks running through a cream carpet to hide the dirt.  Fact) 

Also from John Lewis are these Zig Zag Border fingerless gloves £15 There's something very vintage looking about these.  70's or 80's?  Love. 

A classic oatmeal cable wrist warmer is available at Mint Velvet.  Love the neutrality of these and perfect if you're not looking for ones that are too long. 

Oatmeal Cable Gloves  £22

They also have grey marl cashmere gloves with a button detail for £25 

If a Christmas jumper isn't your thing (and obviously I have to do a Christmas Jumper blog some time in the next week or two.. would be rude not to.) then perhaps a pair of Christmas gloves might be in order.  These are certainly not remotely offensive and actually perfect with an all black ensemble.

M&S Snowflake Knitted gloves £12.50
Or even more subtle a pair of leopard printed ones.

Leopard Pattern Printed Gloves from Mango £17.99

Possibly the ultimate in printed luxury, 

Pure Cashmere Snakeskin print fingerless Gloves from M&S £45 

Pure Cashmere Tiger print fingerless gloves £45

The best selection though has to be from Hush.  Three perfect styles in a wonderful neutral palette of colours. 

Fine Knit Wrist Warmers in Charcoal Marl - £30

In mid grey marl 

Grey Marl 

Cashmere Wristwarmers in black £30

And cashmere grey marl £30

And a fabulous chunky cable knit 

Ecru Cable Knit Mittens  £35

In charcoal and mid grey marl  £35

Finishing on a slight curve ball.  These certainly won't be to everyone's cup of tea but I am rather drawn to these.  Warmth wise, chocolate teapot springs to mind but they do look kinda cool.  Perhaps not to be teamed with matching trousers. 

Jane Carr Kohl Leather Fingerless gloves from My Wardrobe £150 

And my outfit from today - great great day with lovely friends decorating my fave local restaurant (The Vine in Sevenoaks if anyone is interested - truly great place if you're ever in the area) 


Denim shirt - Zara
Horsing around sweatshirt - JCrew
Real Straight jeans - Gap
Navy peacoat - Zara
Tan Cypress boots - Acne
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch
Cable knit gloves - Dorothy Perkins

Tomorrow super busy day, back on the case with housey jobs.  Tiles and radiators on the agenda and then a quick trip to Bluey to crack on with some Christmas shopping.  But then ridiculously excited to be going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the evening with my two eldest and my mum! I swear I'm more excited than the kids.....

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  3. Oh dear! Sorry about that! I have just bought some fab cable knit ones from Gap for a bargain at £11.25. Love them! Thanks! Lynne x

    1. DIdn't think of looking in Gap. Fab idea!

  4. Mine are cashmere and from Uniqlo. Navy. GORGEOUS!

    1. ooh I didn't know they sold them in there. Will have to have a look. Thank you x

  5. Can I ask something really obvious? Don't your fingers get cold? I suffer terribly and I love the look of these but all the while I'm thinking 'what about your fingers'?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. HA ha ha! Well clearly if it's minus a gazillion degrees or I'm standing outside for any great length of time then I wear proper gloves but nope, on the school run and general milling about these work a treat. Plus I can drive in them and I can't drive in proper gloves. Don't even mention "driving gloves".......

  6. I soooooooooo want a pair of these after seeing you & Fashion Lover wearing them! These are defo going on my Christmas list! I have some lovely black leather gloves & I'm so scared of losing one with the whole on/off business all day & so wrist warmers are the way to go! Far too much choice though! I do like the M&S snowflake ones but I think a plainer pair is the way to go! Ax