On a Tootsie roll

Well it's Tootsie in reverse really but I'm really on a roll with my buying of all stuff mannish.  Which is why I was beside myself when I saw this ad earlier and thought, well it has to be something super expensive like Hudson or a posh shoe dept in a posh shop, no?

No as it turns out.  Clarks.  Yes, Clarks.  Goes to show what a difference a bit of clever lighting and a trendy backdrop can make.  So I trotted along to Clarks the other day to see if they really were as good in the flesh and they are indeed.  Clearly the message hasn't got through to the rest of my generation or younger, as most lovely ladies (bar the sales assistants) in the shop had about twenty years on me.  

I know that there are some big Clarks fans out there (certainly a couple of very good friends) and when it comes to flats I can see why (she says not actually owning any flats and only owning a pair of sandals).  I am only gutted personally that whilst they seem to have mastered the Brogues market, the Loafer market is still safe in Russell & Bromleys hands.  And of course, what suits me better?  Yup that'll be a loafer. 

But maybe I should try and get into the Brogue vibe.  It really does look so great on the friends I know who wear them.  Starting with the three from the ad. 

And by the way, I managed to find a code BLING that did give you 20% of the other day.  Hopefully it will still work. Only works on full price, not already reduced.  Go forth and brogue.

Hamble Oak Animal Print £54.99   What's not to love about a bit of leopard?

Hotel Chic Black Interest Leather £64.99  These look as good in the flesh as they do in the ad above - clearly I love them and would be my top choice as they are more loafer (ok probably slipper) than brogue.  Leather, suede and pony skin.  Honestly these are stunning.  Do I need them with my other loafers though?  Dang, I should probably save my money for shoots.  Or navy. I need navy. 

I also love these in the tobacco leather £64.99 So classic with navy and/or black just to give that outfit a slightly different dimension.  These would also tick the box of taking you into the Spring.  I'm just gutted they don't do them in the "interest" leather like the black ones. 

Hamble Park Black £54.99  The third shoe in the initial ad.

Hamble Park Dark Tan Leather  £54.99  And in a tan version. 

I will admit I wasn't too sure about the "monk" ones above (that apparently is the description for them - both Clarks & Russell & Bromley agree on this.  But then, me being the hideously shallow, "buy into a brand" marketeers dream, have done a swift volte face after seeing this pic from Russell & Bromley.  And then reading in the Telegraph fashion section that these are the "shoes of the season".  Suddenly I'm all over them.  Especially when the Russell and Bromley ones below are an eye watering £175.

Staying with Clarks for some more apparent bargains which aren't in the above ad - and to be fair, I have done a fair bit of research on this (I'm supposed to be looking at fridges and freezers.  And dishwashers.  And waste disposals.  Then tumble dryers and washing machines.  Seeing as I am procrastinator extraodinaire, to say I have looked at a lot of shoes today in the interests of "work" is an understatement).  And lots of loafers and brogues out there (in leather) are expensive.  Nudging towards and well over the £100 mark.  And in all honesty the Clarks ones (apart from small gems that I've unearthed further down) are the pick of the crop. 

Hamble Oak Wine Interest Leather  £54.99  "Interest leather" seems to be Clarks way of saying a bit patent.  But these are lovely - a complete classic. 

Hotel Disco in Pewter Metallic  £64.99 My friend has these and I can say they look absolutely amazing on. 

These are ideal if you're looking for a brogue but want a more simple style with no punched detailing. 

This shade of taupe/stone is an amazing option if you're looking for a neutral shade that will go with absolutely everything.  Ideal to take you into the S/S as well.  This is the same colour as my Anya Hindmarch bag so I can vouch for just how functional it is. 

Now it is unusual to come across anything decent in navy (although this year there definitely has been more around) so these are worth a shout out. 

And I shouldn't love these but I absolutely do - they've got everything going on - metallic, snakeskin, stud detailing.  A slight assault to the senses but in a randomly good way.  Just add one plain outfit. 

Whilst we're on the subject of way out, these will certainly get you noticed.  A complete bargain for leather.  Moving into rare bargain brogue territory. 

Slightly more subtle but another bargain in oxblood leather.  Not dissimilar to the Clarks Hamble ones above but with a couple of added details moving it marginally towards more contemporary as opposed to purely classic.  Dare I say I think they also look more expensive?  I know which ones I'd be buying. 

They also have them in black which have Classic written all over them.  For £26 these are an unbelievable steal.

ASOS Marky Leather brogue reduced to £26

For plain black, these are definitely the best I have come across for the money.   They look easily as good as ones that are three times more expensive.  How beautiful and buttery does that leather look?  I also love the detailing of the tan heel - again I think just makes them look more upmarket. 

Moving onto Loafers.  Now I don't know if I am just super fussy on the subject or maybe it's just that the brogue is a far more on trend shoe (I think this may be the case) but there doesn't seem to be nearly as much choice out there.  Certainly the Clarks ones are, errr, hmmmm, yes.  Not good.  Lots on the very low cut, feminine take on a loafer - almost verging on a driving shoe and certainly not what I'm after.

The exception to the rule however is this little beauty that I came across (again in my newly beloved navy) from ASOS. Not leather however.  But they are very cute.  I think a pretty good cross between a masculine loafer with a slightly feminine point.  I like the way they're high cut up the foot as opposed to pretending to be a ballet shoe with a loafer edge.  And the chunky sole is a winner as well. 

But the king of all loafers for me has to the Chester Tassel loafer from Russell & Bromley for £155. I have looked and looked but really haven't found anything to compare to this.  Black leather and navy suede.  Drool. 

Dune again do have the next best option in black. 

Libertie Loafer in Black from Dune £69

I am very much in love with my black patent and pony skin ones which I got from Zara in the sale in the summer but aren't leather.  However actually I am able to wear them without socks and they don't rub at all - go figure.  Unfortunately not being leather means that they probably won't last more than a season or two so I'd rather get leather ones if possible. 

Well it seems that the rugby is on its way to finishing which means its Dominos Pizza and movie afternoon here for us.  Something about Wolverine. (which clearly isn't the title but that's as much as I could gather from the 7yr old)  More mulled wine here methinks. 

Here I was earlier today 


Black swing jumper - Reiss
Black poncho - Reiss
Leopard print jeans - Primark
Biker Boots - Kurt Geiger
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch
Beige and gold oversized beret with pompom - Miss Selfridge

So there we have another chapter in my quest for all things masculine.  I feel a bit of Dukes of Hazzard coming on in the next couple of days - any idea where I'm heading with this?  Plus there are definitely more dresses to explore for the party season which is literally around the corner.  My first big night out is on Friday.  ARRGGHH! (very much looking forward to it mind!)  Hope everyone has had a great weekend xxx

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3 comentarios:

  1. I bought the ASOS Marky brogues in white in the summer, I didn't want to spend too much as I wasn't sure how much I would wear them but I never had them off my feet! They have a thin foam lining which makes them so comfortable, I wear mine without socks and have not had a single rub or blister. I also tried on the Clarks Hamble but found them a bit stiff and not as comfortable. They had some very similar white ones in the Jack Wills shop in Bicester and the assistant thought I was wearing the JW ones so I was v chuffed. Now you are tempting me to get the oxblood pair....
    I love your blog Kat - my magazine purchasing has decreased dramatically, now it's a cup of tea and DMBL40 before the school run!

    1. Oh my lord I am so so so pleased to hear that! Runs to make an order..!

      And thank you so much for your lovely comments - makes it all worthwhile xxx

  2. The leopard & patent brogues are the exact ones a gorgeous lady came into the shop wearing a month ago & I couldn't stop dribbling at her in them! They looked stunning on her & I'd so love a pair! I love your chunky Zara loafers & would love pair of those too! Ax