Can't ignore the elephant in the room any longer

That is the Christmas party.  There must be sequins.  Or something else fancy.  And I sort of feel that it has to be a dress.  I don't know why but there is something about a Christmas special outfit that screams Dress. And if we're going special, we may as well go all out special.  Everyone has room in their wardrobe for that dress with a little bit extra.  Be it sequins, embellishment, embroidery - a dress that you wouldn't wear to the pub but would be perfect for a Party.  With a capital P.  New Year's Eve, big birthday party, Christmas drinks with nibbles and full on Dad Disco dancing.

A dress that unashamedly you won't get a huge amount of wear out of, which clearly goes against the grain of what I usually bang on about.  But, having said that, I have a sequin All Saints dress that I bought three years ago now and I reckon I've worn it 7 or 8 times.  And it's not had its day yet.  It was horribly expensive for a dress which had one trip pony written all over it (£250) but with my beloved Cost Per Wear analogy, actually, it really has been worth it.  Think of these as investment purchases.  

And clearly I have hit onto something as pretty much 80% of those which I've looked at have sold out in most sizes.  Ladies clearly love a proper party dress.

There are of course still some gems out there.  I have just had an invite to another lovely Christmas Party which I clearly have interpreted as "need another outfit".  I know I said that I was all sorted for Christmas outfits (you didn't actually believe me, did you?) and I shall indeed see if I can find something lurking at the back of my wardrobe (yeah right).  However, like I mentioned on another blog, it is prudent to just have a look at what is out there "just in case".   Seeing as so much is limited stock, lots of other people have obviously had the same idea. 

Starting with full on embellishment. 

Warehouse Embellished Jacquard Dress in gold £65  This has the festive season written all over it.  Actually I do think that this could be dressed down with black ballet flats (thick opaques of course) and a black pea coat. (which may or may not be one of my other current obsessions..) 

This one I totally and utterly love.  Would be dressy enough to wear to a fabulous Christmas Party but I think is so classy in an understated way would be ideal to wear out for dinner.  Unfortunately I'm not the only one who adores it - in few sizes.

Reiss Lavine Flower Bodycon Dress £169  This I come back to, time and time again. I haven't gone so far as to trying it on but I just love it.  There actually aren't many dresses that I completely fall in love with but this one has something special for me.  Top of the list so far.   It is dressy dressy and would cover all Party options I could think of bar black tie (and I only go to one of those every 3 years, if that) but as it's a stretchy fabric it takes the edge of super formal and I'd definitely wear it out to dinner. 

Whistles Naomi Sequin Dress £250  Just exquisite.  The ultimate sequin dress. 

Fenn Wright Manson Carolina Dress £250  I love the detailing of this - super flattering with the ribbon detail and the hint of sparkle in the dull bronze sequins.

Mint Velvet Embroidered BodyCon dress £149   A very sexy little number.  Mint Velvet are on fire with their dresses this season. 

If just a touch of glitz is your thing then this is the dress for you. Hides a multitude of sins, super flattering in black with just a hint of embellishment round the neckline.  The other detailing is in the beautiful pleating and the swing of the dress. 

Coast Noelle Dress £95

Cranking the embellishment up a notch here around the neckline in a festive purple. 

Coast Willow Dress £145

I adore this dress - a complete show stopper. 

Phase Eight Black Tapework Dress £195

This dress is one of the most fabulous sequin dresses I've seen in years.  Perhaps ever.  Full on glitz but with a level of subtlety that oozes class.  Not surprised it's unfortunately sold out in a few sizes. 

Somerset by Alice Temperley £249

Can't do a Christmas Dress blog without at least including something red. Now I know I've done a lace thread already but as I was mainly focussing on dark colours, this one which is so much more va va voom, deserves it place amongst the super dressy dresses. 

Fenn Wright Manson Phoebe Dress in Pillarbox Red £150

Now as much as I do advocate an investment dress, there are some bargains to be had.  No need for any other detailing here.  Just add a small pair of diamond studs and you're off.   I'm going to ignore the fact that has anything to do with Kelly Brook.  It can be our little secret.  Spanx a go go would probably be needed here.  My recommendation as per last year is the long (ie past bum) length spanx style slip which goes under the bra so you can wear your own bra, from Sainsburys.  £12.  Can't add link as woefully they have no online ordering capacity.  Get with the programme Sainsburys.

Kelly Brook Black Embellished Shoulder long sleeve midi dress - £39.99

I've realised that this is turning into the longest blog ever and I have so many more still to explore.  I'm not going to lie - the more "Out of Stock" signs I see, the more I am starting to panic about not being able to get something (not that I need anything of course.... ahem ahem).  All in the purposes of research only.  Perhaps....

Finishing with my outfits from the last couple of days. (this one is actually from earlier in the week - forgot to put it up yesterday) 

First one is random Car Park Chic.  Or perhaps not.  To cut a long story (not so) short, I had in my infinite wisdom decided to pop quickly to the supermarket after school with all three kids.  Which was torture.  It had also started absolutely pouring with rain.  And had got dark very early. (exactly how long we were in the supermarket I dread to think as I still have my sunnies on - no wonder it went so wrong)  So as the car park was almost empty, I got the 9 year old to do her best papping.  Which meant that the 5 year old had a spare 30 seconds to shut the 7 year old's foot in the car door.  Which meant hysterical crying and the onslaught of total pandemonium. 

I managed to get them all into the car, drive off, look in my rear view window and think, "which utter moron leaves a full shopping trolley just sat in the carpark".....

...... and then drive round the car park to go and pick my shopping up. 

Suffice to say, I won't be taking my kids to the supermarket en masse for the next 6 months. After that the pain has subsided, I forget, take them and we have a repeat of the above.  Cue another 6 months respite.  Just me?


Black vest - Primark
Cream knitted sweatshirt - Zara
Real Straight jeans - Gap
Leopard print house - Louis Vuitton
Camel Coat - Zara
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang
Black Jetstream wedge trainers - Russell & Bromley

Yesterday during the day 


White l/s tee shirt - TopShop
Breton jumper - Zara
Navy peacoat - Zara
Straight leg jeans rolled up - Earl
Clay Thelmas - Ash
Hot Air balloon scarf - Lily & Lionel
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

And last night, out for dinner with friends.  Blowing my own trumpet here but I am just more than a little bit in love with this outfit.  Absolutely adore it.  It's so not what I would normally wear - the looseness, the lightness of it, the frilliness of it.  But I think it works. 


Silk blouse - Isabel Marant
Silk skirt - Isabel Marant 
Black 120 denier tights - TopShop
Margo boots - Sam Edelman
Black clutch bag - Tori Burch 
Tan leather cuff - Mulberry 
Gold fretwork earrings - Etsy

Off to do some more dress research and continue with my all things mannish.  Haven't covered feet yet..... Have a great weekend everyone.  I am going to subject myself to Dr Who tonight for the first time in forever.  The music still gives me the creeps (which, at 40 surpasses pathetic) but I'm going to plough on for the sake of the children. 

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14 comentarios:

  1. Loving the IM outfit on you.... It looks amazing. Gutted I never got that blouse. X

    1. Thank you, I have to say it did exceed my expectations. xx

  2. ADORE the IM outfit - what a moron I am for trying to resist!!! That Coast dress is bloody lovely too!

    1. Like I said, I am not going to say I told you so....... YOU FOOL! Which cost dress? The black one? I completely and utterly love it. Just the epitome of class, isn't it.

  3. Fabulous Isabel marant outfit, the blouse, the skirt just gor-ge-ous! I am loving the coast noelle dress too I love the neck x

    1. Thank you so much - I have to say I am so much more impressed that I thought I would be. Beyond gorgeous and that outfit only cost £100! How gorgeous is that Noelle Dress? I honestly think you'd have it for ever. Just so so easy to wear.

  4. I take back everything I ever said about the IM 'rush' and 'madness' - that last outfit is AMAZING.

    1. Oh ye of little faith! You know me - canny purchaser, I wouldn't have bothered had it not been worth it. To be honest though, I'm more impressed with the items than I ever thought I would be. So so so gorgeous. x

  5. You look lovely in the IM outfit. I was lucky to get a few pieces too and the quality surprised me. Thank goodness the Temperley dress is OS in my size, that one is the stand out for me. Nevertheless, you are still costing me a fortune...

    1. Thank you! It's stunning isn't it. A Dress you would have for years and years. Rather happy it's OOS for me as well! x

  6. I really like a lot of those dresses but being bigger busted the high neck ones look awful on me, end up with a shelf across my chest. Might try the phase eight tapework though as see how it looks on me

    1. Sorry! The trouble with embellished dresses is that often they are higher chested as you don't need to wear any extra necklaces or adornment with them. The FWM black v neck one though would be great. And I've done a plain dress thread today with loads of lovely dresses which would be perfect for those blessed with a chest! Hope that helps xxx

  7. You look fantastic. I really love the outfit and the hair and the makeup. All spot on.