Time for an LBD. Or an LND. Or an LGD.

But the key is plain.  This is the dress that you have in your wardrobe that you can drag out when you're not sure what everyone else is wearing, you need something fabulous and reliable that will serve for a dressy occasion (just add bling) or dinner with friends.  For me, the great thing about a plain dress is that it's very easy to get a completely different look just by alternating your accessories.  When I say plain, I do mean a more neutral colour.  Be it black, navy, dark green or a dark wine.  A classic.  As much as I love my neon Whistles dress, it would take the mother of all accessories for it to look really really different. (and people not notice that I'm wearing a bright yellow dress.  Again.) 

So as much as I love print and super bright colours, there is something to be said for having that L-Black/Navy/Green etc- D in your wardrobe. 

Starting with a classic flattering shape and gorgeous dark navy. 

Pied a Terre Galactic Dress now reduced to £75

and in green

Staying with Pied a Terre - they really do the most amazing plain dresses that are simple but exquisitely cut from good quality fabric, great quality for their price - this is one of the most flattering dresses I have seen in ages.   Ideal ruching round the tummy and hip area, a lovely built in cross over with plunging neckline and a tiny key hole back. 

Victoria Panel slinky dress £129

Similar to this style is the Jersey Drape Dress from Baukjen  £119

Another very similar one but with longer sleeves, is available at Boden in Fig, Black and Dark Teal. 

The Claudia Dress now £71.20

ASOS Midi Dress with Obi Belt £40  I love the slightly vintage feel to this.  A 70's vibe and certainly not for the faint hearted of chest (although you could easily wear a camisole under this) 

Staying with a v neck which just screams out for a necklace and is perfect for those with a larger bust, the Aperitif Dress from Boden in black, now £71.20

Also left in some sizes in the green 

For the hourglass amongst us, this is just perfect.  A real classic full skirt fitted black ponte dress. Very Audrey.

Clerkenwell Dress now £71.20

Now this looks nothing but believe me, in real life, if you're after a classic black dress, this is the ultimate bargain for £45.00.  It feels like the most luxurious crepe - completely belying its price tag.  I have seen this instore and yet again, it took me about three trawls though to find it online.  

M&S Collection Pleated Dress for £45.00

Now it's definitely worth having a look at Atterley Road as I have a 25% off voucher that everyone can use - I'm sure loads of you got sent it but it's called a Friends and Family voucher so I assume it's fine if I share it here!  Code - FRIENDS25 valid till 1st Dec.  Which is scarily near.  Like this weekend.  Gah.

This won't be for everyone but I absolutely love the styling of it here with the long necklace.  Very boho. 

Atterley Road Elba plain black artist Dress - £59 before discount

Second Female Lucca Dress £90 before discount   Now again, this isn't perhaps as dressy as some of the others but for an LBD - a dress that you need to drag out for dinner or put a huge collar necklace on for a Christmas party, this is a great basic to have in your wardrobe. 

A ruched number (honestly you will not believe how flattering ruching can be especially when teamed with my fave Sainsburys body armour) from Great Plains but with the discount from Atterley Road this is a steal for a little Christmas extra. 

Great Plains Rome Dress £55 before discount 

Staying with a slightly less formal vibe, this cocoon dress is just pretty perfect in every way for me.  I adore this shade of blue - slightly more electric than navy.  No longer at Atterley Road - back to Pied a Terre from House of Fraser.

Pied a Terre Cocoon Dress  £79  This is actually super similar to my beloved Whistles' dresses from the summer which I got so so much wear out of. 

Also available in Magenta  (the exception to my dark neutral colour rule - this is so the perfect Christmas alternative to those who aren't a fan of red) 

And green 

Finishing with a couple from probably my biggest Winter Dress success shop - All Saints.

These I absolutely love. 

Mayra Dress in black 

And in green 

And the Pia dress which was recommended to me by the lovely Beth from StyleGuile

In black silk  £138

Or in a slightly more casual jersey which I still think could be dressed up for a smart occasion. 

Pia Jersey Dress in Ink £98

And in khaki marl

Lastly we have my current favourite.  I've featured this before actually, but I keep coming back to it.  I totally adore it. 

Pocket Swing Dress from Me+EM £198

And if I looked, I could probably go on forever.  But I reckon I'm near to making a decision on which to get.  So how is everyone else getting on with their Christmas Party outfits?  Would love to hear what you've decided on, or if you're still looking.  Trousers and a top, dress? Or maybe a skirt and a top?  And shoes - good lord, what shoes?  I think I still need to explore shoe options actually - especially for those that you can wear with skinnies and capri pants.  And don't get me started on bags.  The perfect item to start the Christmas list off with no? 

So much to get going with! 

Finishing as per usual with my outfit from today.  All day spend marizapanning (which I'm not sure if it's actually a word but it should be - to put marzipan on a cake before icing - that's on Thursday.  Mini Christmas cakes for the school Christmas Fayre.  And lots of them.  Lots)

Untitled Untitled

Black ribbed longsleeved tee - River Island
Black coated jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Leopard print sweatshirt - Zara
Madonna stud leather wedge trainers - Ash
Crocheted beret (which is too far back in this photo - don't normally wear it like that) - Primark
Black poncho - Reiss
Black wrist warmers - H&M
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

Tomorrow - one of my favourite days of the year.  Decorating a very good friend of mine's restaurant with Christmas decorations.  An annual tradition which I just love. 

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17 comentarios:

  1. Ha so that's you me and Jane now with that sweatshirt:). Love, love, love the navy Pia dress x

    1. Some gorgeous dresses Kat, I really love the Pia dress too Joanna......perhaps we should start the leopard print sweatshirt club lol xx

    2. Great minds eh! I didn't know you two had it as well! It's so ridiculously me that no-one notices it's new. Fabuloso! My current fave new purchase. The Pia dress is gorgeous isn't it. Not sure if it's too clingy on the bottom for me - my arse isn't what it used to be...!

  2. Am loving that Atterley Road Elba dress, soo reasonable too, my LBD are beginning to stack up in the wardrobe but I guess there is always room for one more right?! This would also go with pleather leggings etc etc..ok I'm sold! Thanks for the inspro!

  3. Those are exactly the two dresses that I put in my basket when the Atterley Road discount email popped into my inbox! Still to check out though. Looking for a LBD preferably with sleeves so I can wear it by day and night (always a tall order). Have night out LBD so looking for something very flexible. Also like the look of the Coast Noelle? one you posted recently but waiting for a discount code! Jill x

    1. That would be great wouldn't it. I love the Noelle one but I think I might personally find the Me+Em one more useful......

    2. It is gorgeous - get it before it sells out! x

  4. And shouldn't have slept on it - now sold out! Jill x

  5. WANT THE PIA DRESS - yes I'm shouting

  6. I want the cocoon dress - perfect for my apple shape x

    1. That shape really suits me as well. I have absoutely no shape but my legs aren't but so this would hide a multitude of sins. Adore it in the navy.

  7. I've got the ASOS kimono-style one in the red/orange colour, and I'm a bit scared to try it on because I suspect my boobs are not up to the job and I want to stay in denial just a little longer!

  8. A great selection of dresses to choose from - I absolutely love the cut of the Clerkenwell dress ( especially the flared full skirt) and also love the pocket swing dress, that has a lovely 60s vibe about it.
    LBDs ( or similar) are all so similar but all so totally different and I guess that's the beauty of them!!
    fashmr paul

  9. Love the ASOS belted dress! Would defo need to wear a cami underneath as my cleavage hasn't seen the light of day since I had kids! Your outfit is just fab! I love berets & ponchos & you wear them both so well! Ax