Don't tuck me in.

Ok so it's Christmas coming up. (just in case you hadn't noticed. Never let it be said I'm not helpful)  There is food to eat, wine to drink and diddly squat time to exercise (or inclination but perhaps that's just me - go to the gym or sit and eat mini stollen and watch Christmas movies with the kids, like that's a hard decision to make.)  

Whatever I fancy blaming - maybe even the washing machine? - clothes start to get tight.  As much as I love the shirt tucked in look, there are occasions where not having to breathe in and letting it all hang out under some fabric is a godsend. 

So whilst I said I would continue with the blouse post today, I've actually decided to dedicate this to "tops that let you eat kettle chips & drink booze".  Which frankly I think is an infinitely preferable title to blouse.  Tops that don't draw any attention to the muffin that may or may not be working its way happily over those trousers that fitted perfectly at the beginning of November. 

These still work well over cigarette pants and are wonderful over skinny jeans or trousers.  As an aside, as I mention further down, I can feel the start of a leather trouser (read pleather) itch.  Most of these would be fabulous over them.  I do actually have a pair of pleggings (yes I have just made that up - pleather jeggings/leggings/treggings thingies) from Topshop from a gazillion years ago which I seem to remember were a casualty of too much champagne and cashew nuts last year and may have a tiny split seam.  I shall undertake some research.  Anyone else fancy any?

But firstly let's get starting with the "tops that let you eat kettle chips & drink booze" so that we can have a guilt free Christmas blow out. 

Starting with the most luxurious ones first - it would be rude not to include them as it is the festive party season and if you're in need of a super special outfit, these would add the perfect finishing touch.  They should actually come with labels on that say "not just for Christmas" - these would be one of the most useful pieces in your wardrobe practically all year round (assuming that the wonderful summer we had last year was the one every ten years that we normally get) 

Serra Shirt from All Saints. £128

Asdis Shirt £128 from All Saints  This is a slightly shorter version.  I may be salivating slightly over the trousers. 

And in a pale taupe colour 

Whilst we're talking about drape, if this is your colour (and for me this would be full on colour.  Unless it's yellow, you may have noticed that I'm not the biggest embracer of all things bright) then this is a real bargain. (check out the trousers again - there's a theme here that wasn't even started by me). 

F&F Wrap Front Blouse £14

Sticking with a festive (ish..) theme, I love the luxurious cranberry velvet trim to this.  If ever there was a perfect blouse for a Christmas occasion. 

Macey Cream Blouse from Reiss £135

We all know there is usually a real scarcity of things in navy so this is worth snapping up if you're a lover of all things dark blue. 

ASOS Blouse with gathered hem and colourblock panels £32

Moving onto print now, this one still has tones of navy in it.  Perfect for plain cigarette pants or jeans.  

Luxe Smudge rose bud navy shirt £17.50 

A paler version - 

Blurred Floral print wrap top £20 from Dorothy Perkins 

Couldn't of course do a post without including my beloved animal print.  This one would work all year round - perfect for dressing up (I think would look great with (p)leather trousers if you were up for it ....) or dressing down with casual jeans and pumps. 

Ivory Dalmation Print Wrap top £22.50

This is a fitted top which would skim wonderfully over trousers.  I adore the Audrey vibe to the Peter Pan collar.  Truly chic. 

allegra by Allegra Hicks Kennedy Animal Top Black £79

Another fitted top that doesn't need tucking in and just scrapes in under the blouse heading - because errr  Mint Velvet call it one?  This reminds me of my cream Zara one from last year which I must get out actually. 

Mint Velvet Embroidered Blouse in Ivory £79

I think though this is probably my favourite of the lot - again in navy (so there's me saying you can find nothing in this shade and of course - oodles.  Maybe I'll just throw in something about me never winning the lottery....) 

Somerset by Alice Temperley lace Bodice blouse £99

They also do a cream version 

Finishing with a couple in different colours that just scream for pleather skinnies.  Longer line for those who like to cover the tops of their hips. 

Black Asymmetric Blouse from Mint Velvet £79

This one is called the Lydia Asymmetric Blouse £79

Absolutely love how they've styled it here.  M&S - take note?

And in an appropriate "wine" colour 

So there we have my spare tyre concealing round up.  Off to check out some new trews. 

Here I am last night - sequins a go go as promised.  Fab party! 


Sequin dress - All Saints
Black 120 denier tights - Topshop
Black Suede ankle boots - Zara
Gold & diamante cuff - Taylor Stephens

And today, up at the crack of dawn to take RR1 to hockey.  The cold is back so had a quiet day at home with my mum and just waiting for a take away curry catching up on Strictly.  Movie afternoon with the kids, popcorn and Monsters University.  Lordy my face looks puffy. 


White longsleeved tee - H&M
Beige knit top - H&M
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Fur gilet - Taylor Stephens
Gunmetal Virgin Hi tops - Ash
Fabulous Finches Scarf in Owl Brown - Mulberry
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

Hope everyone had a fab weekend.  Can't believe we're half way through November.  How?!

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11 comentarios:

  1. i always think of you in dark colours, but you look great in pales, I love that finches scarf, I was just abandoning colour for sludge, but now you have me thinking.

    1. I have to say I do have days when I love all things black, dark and moody. But then other days a bit of colour does make me feel better. I definitely have a schizophrenic (sp) approach to my wardrobe.

  2. I have the black mint velvet asymmetric (spelling?) one - it is so forgiving - will be my going out top over the festive season. You look great as usual!

    1. Thank you! They're great great tops aren't they? Love the ranges of print they do them in but the black one is probably the most useful definitely x

  3. Looking gorgeous as ever in your sequin number. A lot of these blouses are turning my head but have vowed nit to buy a other blouse until I can find a really warm cardigan to go over them that isn't waterfall/coatigan as then need to put a coat/jacket over the top and then get hideous hang down - though the bikers jacket over the assymetric mv blouse looks great - but di you know why I mean? Yes please to pleggings post - love that word. Have a great week x

    1. Thank you! Why do you need a really warm cardigan? Have you thought about perhaps wearing a layer underneath as opposed to on top so that you're warmer? Cardigans are a very hard nut to crack with a jacket over the top, that's for sure. And yes I think I should patent the word pleggings.

  4. Love the navy & cream Asos one and already have the F&F one .. but hadn't seen it in that colour. I bought the dark green and loved it so much (v, v forgiving draping!!) that I bought the blush coloured one too. Definitely my bargain of the year!

    1. I think that colour is a new Festive one. They don't seem to have the green or blush one anymore. Tis a bargain indeed, isn't it. x

  5. Great Post - some lovely choices. Have noticed a lot of wrap type blouses on pinterest lately - very flattering.
    Lucy S x

  6. Hi Kat, check out h and m immitation leather trousers with a fabric strip down the side panel, a seam on the knee £24.99. There are a few dodgy pairs on the website but these are lush, I have worn mine loads over the last month and had lots of positive comments as the style is very flattering.

  7. Hi Kat.
    What a timely post...literally just bought a pair of leather trews on ebay last night after too much wine and watching SCD (and imagining I had the body of a professional dancer...ha!). From Zara with zips at the ankle in buttery leather. Kind of scared waiting for them to turn up... Good to know there are tops out there to hide the inevitable over hang.