Step one in my bid to be Queen Stalker.

Well on the upside, I am "bang on trend".  The hot topic in fashion is my current wannabe BFF Jenna Lyons.  She is everywhere.  Her style tips are everywhere (could have saved myself oodles of time trying to be clever and decipher it for myself and just waited for Grazia today.  Duh.  However there are more tips which I shall be bringing you.) 

So, firstly, I have news of my first ever JCrew purchase.  This has *actually* sold out worldwide and the second time I have tried to order it from Net A Porter (first time I had apparently bought it after stalking the site for weeks after it sold out only to be sent an email saying error, it had already been sold.)  But success is for the determined and I managed to get hold of one - again after being a sad sad NAP refresher. 

Even The Husband asking if I was sure it was JCrew and not Lloyds Bank (oh how we laughed) couldn't deter my excitement.  It arrived last night and I wore it today.  

With a denim shirt (which apparently according to the Holy Grail of Grazia and Jenna is a TIp.  Oh I'm there and I don't even realise it.  The fact that it is actually the one and only shirt I own is clearly neither here nor there.).  I had trialled the denim shirt yesterday with my beloved ancient Zara breton jumper and again I loved it (but was freezing and had to throw on a scarf.) 

But I definitely have a White Shirt hole in my wardrobe so let the shopping begin.  Now surely the most sensible place to start is with the shirt experts. 

Starting with 100% cotton as I know it's what some people like.  Personally I do think it depends on the fit and this actually looks like it's properly fitted which would work.  I would also have to check the length of the sleeves - seeing as I have gorilla arms. 

However I think that if you're working from home or a SAHM and moving around a fair bit as opposed to sitting at a desk, for me, a shirt really needs to have some stretch in it.  Otherwise it's downright uncomfortable.  Maybe it's because I'm not used to wearing them or maybe I'm just an old bird but hell I like a bit of movement in my clothes (off to fetch the zimmer)

The following shirts are all mostly cotton but do have a small percentage of elastane in them as well.  And from what I remember (in those dim and distant memories of when I used to wear fitted shirts), it make them easier to iron as well.  I actually seem to remember I had some that had so much elastane in them, if you stretched them well to dry they didn't need ironing. That, of course, may have just been a dream......

Staying with the shirt specialists,

Good Old M&S - this is probably worth looking at although I so wish they did them in a "long" style.  Apparently you can buy trousers from M&S if you're taller than average but nothing else. 

Pushing the boat out but I bet this one is beautiful in the flesh.  Actually I love the concealed buttons - would be pretty enough to wear without anything over it.   Almost like a smart blouse (sorry, I couldn't help it).  A more feminine "shirt"?  I think the longer cuffs make it definitely look worth the money.  Those extra details that make all the difference. 

So moving away from cotton shirts to viscose.  I would expect this one to be a lot silkier and probably a lot more comfortable to wear on a daily basis for bombing around in.  I think would work perfectly for a layering shirt. 

And finishing with my fave of the lot and the one that I will definitely order.  Yes I know, it probably is sacrilege to all things Jenna but it's so me.  And that actually is what I think is perhaps the best way of adopting someone else's style.  Taking inspiration from their look as opposed to trying to copy directly what they do if it's not something that would work for you.  I will try a fitted white (stretch!) shirt but this I know will work like a dream 

And here's how it looks with a jumper over it.  Genius. 

There are clearly loads more out there, I am on an arm length mission.  Maybe I should actually check out JCrew themselves (and sell a child to pay for it) as the sweatshirt I have does in fact have super long arms ie it fits me.  Tis a miracle.  However I do recall reading that Jenna herself, despite being obviously a massive JCrew fan has her white shirts made bespoke.  Hmmmm.   Yeah, not sure I want one *that* badly.  I shall report back. 

So in the meantime, here are my outfits from the last couple of days when I have been in Jenna mode.  I do have some more from the weekend when, in case no-one noticed, my internet was down and I couldn't post anything.   Thank you BT for delivering my new Home Hub, the old one that you decided you were going to disconnect (it was slightly old to be fair - think 7 years) without letting us know, on Saturday.  Oh no, sorry, I had to wait till Monday.

Moving swiftly on as it gives me the rage and in fact the new upgraded one is ridiculously sporadic.  This blog has taken me an offensive amount of time to post as I keep losing internet connection so I shall just post the pics from yesterday and today and save the weekend ones till tomorrow. 

From yesterday.  Still half term chez nous so family trip to see Thor 2.  You know you're ridiculously hormonal (maybe a reason why I've had such a sense of humour failure about the Home Hub and BT) when you cry twice in a film and not from laughter.  Even Rugrat One was rather perturbed - "Mummy, are you CRYING?" sneer, sneer, thank you darling daughter  It was sad ok?  We saw Thor the original (not the full title) on Sunday and so I had got close to the characters is my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Under the jumper is the denim shirt which I really think does work. 


Denim shirt - Zara
Breton jumper - Zara
Faded straight leg jeans - Earl
Navy collarless swing coat - H&M
Clay Thelmas - Ash
Dune monogram scarf - Louis Vuitton
Cuff - Hultquist
Stone maxi zip bag - Anya Hindmarch 

And today - the big reveal of the new sweatshirt (which is sold out so there is no link) 


Denim shirt - Zara
Horsing Around sweatshirt (their name not mine) - JCrew
Khaki linen trousers - Topshop
Camel Cypress boots - Acne
Chocolate leather jacket - All Saints
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

Some great fashion filled days coming up for me along with some new blogs.  Apologies for not being round at the weekend. I shall be back. 

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18 comentarios:

  1. ???nah. Just scruffy. Sorry just my opinion!!

    1. Hmm.. yet you won't put your name to this lovely comment, which was very constructive and I'm sure Kat and other readers beside me thank you for. My opinion of you now is that you are plain rude, whoever you are! Sair

    2. Apologies Kat - it really gets me when anonymous people post insults on a good blog. Thanks for this - personally, I can't wear white without looking like the Grim Reaper, but that's my problem! S.

    3. My name is Anna. Surely the whole point is to invoke discussion? Far more interesting surely than numerous " how lovely" comments?

    4. How does it invoke discussion? Nothing is specified, nor do you offer alternatives. It's just an insult. Not something you'd say to a person's face, surely?

  2. Ooooh I love that last look, will definitely be keeping my eye out for something similar! X

  3. Thrilled the sweatshirt worked out for you!! There are some lame anonymous folk around aren't there - little trolls.

  4. Yay! You got your sweatshirt. It's gorgeous Kat. Well worth the stalking...x

  5. I'm still laughing at the fact that you became close to the characters in Thor! I am the person who howled her way through Charlotte's Web whilst The Child and her friends rolled their eyes! Looking fab as always ... and LOVE the white shirt from Me & Em. (And your Ash Thelmas have made an appearance *sigh* .. and they will perfectly match your 'lloyds' horses, lol!!!!)

  6. Adorable! Welcome to the Jenna Lyons cult. There are many, many of us! Perhaps we should start a support group? Sorry to hear JCrew is so spendy in the UK. Good thing you have a few connections in the states! ;-)

  7. Love the sweatshirt and loved the Lloyds bank comment - I just can't get over how open you are with your DH about your shopaholic tendencies - if my DH knew the half of my obsession, he would be shocked! Love that your DH obviously doesn't mind that you are a tad obsessed shall we say with all things fashion - but I suppose he could just read your blog! I too am having a shirt moment - just got a fitted denim shirt which is lovely but not quite working with a navy lace skirt that I'd planned to wear it with. I want to tuck it into the skirt, but this makes the skirt look all bulky at the top as if I've got rogue love handles or am about 2 sizes larger than I am. Anyone else have this problem with shirts tucked in? I'm tempted to cut off the bottom of the shirt - is that too drastic? Btw, I cry at everything - was in floods of tears during Up the other day - the beginning is beyond sad.

  8. I want to see your' specs! I have been wearing my white shirts under jumpers and it doesn't half give them a new lease of life. All bow to the goddess that is JL. H x

  9. Love love love the layering shirt - what a fab idea. Off to take a closer look x

  10. I like this look! I need a white shirt...

  11. I had been thinking of wearing a denim shirt with my beloved new Zara tartan pencil skirt but it looked a bit plain when I tried it. Perfect solution is to wear my new £7.99 bargain H&M sweatshirt over it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I have a white shirt hole too! Its shameful to admit as its supposed to be a staple!! I love your looks & layering! I will be pulling out my denim shirt tomorrow & having a play! The Me&Em one is brilliant! Ax

  13. Bought the me+em one its fabulous and brilliant for under jumpers without buttons and pockets sticking through, we need more shirts with less adornment!! X

  14. Bought the me+em one its fabulous and brilliant for under jumpers without buttons and pockets sticking through, we need more shirts with less adornment!! X