Oh my lord, stop with the offers.

I have discount offers overload.  Left, right and centre.  20%, 30%, up to 40% off   Apparently it's because of the US tradition of big sales the day after Thanksgiving.  However seeing as we don't have Thanksgiving over here, it all seems a bit, well, random. 

And I feel pressure.  Things are reduced.  I must buy.  There are bargains. I must buy.  There are only x shopping days till Christmas, the offer expires at midnight.  I must buy, I MUST BUY.

Oh for the love of god, I need to grow a pair and take a chill pill and stop being a marketeers dream.  They're just shops.  Not Svengalis.  It's just stuff.  That I invariably do not need.  I do not need another sweatshirt, another coat, another scarf or another silver jumper.  Focus woman.  It's also ridiculously easy to go off piste and buy something just because it is reduced - as opposed to something that you genuinely love.  

For the sake of a couple of squid, I would say it's worth sticking to your guns and holding out for what you truly do want.  You'll wear it more, you'll keep it longer and it will make you feel great.  The other thing you buy as it's "almost" the same but slightly cheaper, well, every time you wear it, all you'll do is be reminded of how fabulous the thing you really wanted was.  You'll find excuses not to wear it and it will be in the charity shop by this time next year.  Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything like that.  Me?  Never. 

However if there are things that you do need, then it's definitely worth having a good look around to see if anything from your wish list is on offer.  (we all do know of course, thanks to the Law of Sodus that this is highly unlikely.  Should a miracle occur and it be reduced then the chances of it being in your size are of course, nil.  Says she having gone to buy the Mint Velvet Shoe boots from John Lewis and finding them totally sold out in my size. Obviously) 

So back to my faithful wishlist - we're still on a Jenna Stalkathon here and since I've got some trouser outfits planned in my head for the upcoming weeks, I'm turning my attention to shoes.  Court shoes.  Which is up there with Blouse for absolutely godawful words in fashion.  But there is no getting away from it - a court shoe is what I'm after.  

Must be pointed.  Must must be pointed.  And for the purposes of this blog post, they must be a stiletto and a good sized one at that.  These are verging on taxi shoes, of that there is no doubt, especially if you're not used to walking around in them a lot but they completely make an outfit. 

They can transform a pair of every day skinny or boyfriend jeans into a totally night out appropriate outfit.  Ditto to a pair of work cigarette pants - they elevate them to party worthy levels.  Pure magic.  Just add a little top, maybe some extra bling and you're off. 

I also think they look fabulous with a leather pencil skirt - or would look great with a full midi skirt.  I'm not going to lie - I do personally struggle to wear them with a dress.  I feel wedding worthy as opposed to just slightly party worthy.  And middleaged.  This is what the middle class housewives on all the CSI shows wear.  For apparently just gadding around during the day.  Or I feel like I'm off to work.  I can't put them together - just feels wrong diddly to me.  But I know other people who do team them together for nights out with huge success.  I guess it's what you're used to and what you're comfortable with.  Certainly the more comfortable you are with an outfit, the more confidently you wear it, the better it looks.  Without a shadow of a doubt. 

So without further ado, I shall start by eschewing the special offers that are flinging around and bring you a couple that aren't leather but are perfect for trying this look out if it's something you're not used to.   Or are great if you're just planning on wearing them when you just go out out and so really they won't get the hugest amount of wear.  Unless you are a total party animal in which case, please do excuse me, you might want to invest a bit more in them.  And there are some more expensive ones on offer further down. 

Truffle Patent Pointed Court Shoes £22 from Tesco   Love these.  Very classic and I think anyone would be gobsmacked if you said they were £22.

Slightly lower again from Tesco but in limited sizes 

A classic blue suede shoe!   From Tesco.  I put these in, as I love a pop of colour (rubbish fashion saying klaxon) and these would just lift a plain outfit and would also look fab with navy. 

Whilst we're on the subject of blue, if you're certain these are a must for your wardrobe and you'll get lots of wear out of them, then these from Kurt Geiger in leather are gorgeous and on a price match. 

Black Suede Stiletto from Carvela £90  A lovely suede shoe with a useful leather heel - as much as I love the look of  suede heel, it does tend to get knackered rather more swiftly than its leather counterpart.  Or maybe I'm just a shoe wrecker.

Slightly more out there but perfect to add that hint of Christmas to any plain outfit.  They call it metallic pink but to me, I'd go with rose gold. 

I can't describe quite how much I absolutely adore these shoes.  Love with a huge capital L.  I am about 20 seconds away from ordering them.  The ultimate statement shoe.  Ponyskin, check, leopard print, check, super pointed toe and killer stiletto, check check.  This doesn't even fall under the definition of buying something because it's cheap.  It does probably though fall under the definition of buying something because you've had a glass of wine....

Staying with colour and the Christmas theme - Red Patent from Office. £65 Use the word ELF for 20% off.

I love the slight adaptation of the front of these from ASOS - classic but with a slight twist. 

ASOS Peace Out in red suedette £30

These are an amazing bargain - Overstep in leather now £34.00 again from Office.

A slight ringer here but if full on colour isn't your thing but you want a bit more interest than plain then these add a sophisticated edge to a neutral outfit. 

ASOS Piper Pointed High Heels with Colour block - now reduced to £22

Finishing with a couple from M&S who are resolutely not bowing to the Black Friday madness. 

These are stunning in the flesh.  Beautiful and comfortable.  What's not to love?

Autograph Premium Lined Ponyskin pointed courts - £99

And I couldn't not include a generic leopard print.  In ponyskin.  Too useful for word.  £99 again. 

So will I have ordered the pink leopard print ones by the end of the evening?  Take your bets now please......

Outfits from yesterday.

Untitled Untitled 

Black and white striped vest - Edun
Black fine knit jumper - Cos
Paint splattered jeans - Zara
Black Thelma wedge trainers - Ash
Black and white loop cardigan - Isabel Marant
Cobalt blue scarf - Cos
Gold mini charm antelope pendant - Bill Skinner

And last night for a 40th birthday party.  Second outing for my fabulous Boden dress.  So very comfortable, really pleased with this. 


Dalmation print dress - Boden
Black tights - M&S
Margo boots - Sam Edelman
Black clutch bag - Tory Burch
Diamante statement earrings - Forever21
Crystal leather cuff - Victoria Emerson

Off to flex my credit card and attempt to apply some self restraint.  Ha.  Ha ha ha ha ha.

Has anyone else buckled under the weight of discount offer emails and gone giddy with their purchasing?  Please spill the beans to make me feel like less of a lightweight. 

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16 comentarios:

  1. I have been absolutely terrible this week!!! Black Friday deals on amazon all week, I have spent a fortune! Yes a lot of Xmas presents but also so heavily reduced randoms like a light up alarm clock, eye cream….Completely sucked in 100%. So tempted to pop an order in over at Gap as they have 30% off even their sale items which is very strange for them. I scanned your photos first so before I even read the little paragraph above the pink pony courts they were my favourites. Love them, get them!!!!x

    1. they're so so gorgeous, aren't they? Just not sure if I can quite justify them. You've done v well!!

  2. Yep, the Black Friday deals have sent me cuckoo too! I bought a couple of tops at Mango (and a leather jacket that wasn't even in the sale!), DKNY pyjamas at House of Fraser, and... an iPad Air (!!) - only afterwards realising that I'd only saved about 10% off the original price but hey, I've been salivating over the iPad for aaaages, so yeah... y'know, I might let myself off (a bit.) Loving the heels - the pink leopard prints ones would look awesome on you - get them! (and then post some photos on your blog to show us how beautifully you've accessorised them.) BeBe :) x

    1. WOW you've done well too! I shall spend the day thinking about them.....!

  3. Leave all other tempting discount offers on the table and buy the Carvela Astro Pony Statement Stiletto Heel Court Shoes in Pink for yourself now! I would love to see you dress those up. Wow. Your Boden dress looks simply lovely too!
    Louise :)

    1. Thank you! It would be fine if I didn't have a wishlist still as long as my arm! And thank you for your lovely commets xx

  4. Love that quote "It's just stuff. that I do invariably do not need" - that should be a shopping mantra as we battle through the blizzard of sales! - it's the voice of the good angel sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear whilst the devil on your other shoulder says "buy, buy buy!" haha.

    I would have said a court shoe has a 2 or 3 inch heel cut off - anything above that is definitely a stiletto and is totally purchasable!! :0) You have some fine examples here !! My favourite is the whistles golden French 75 - wow - oh and also the leopard pattern ones.

    1. Thank you s much for your lovely comment! And yes darn that devil on the shoulder. GAH.

  5. Is your Boden dress a long or regular? Love it!

    1. I got it in a long but I'm 5ft 10. Is a good respectable length on me!

  6. Buy the shoes, great posting and very very true, thanks for a note of reality . It's only a bargain if you were going to buy it in the first place

    1. You're welcome. And yes, that's very true, isn't it. So so easy to forget though!

  7. Amen to that! I am American and I have been in quite a tissy all day yesterday and today feeling guilty about buying clothes that I do not need or really want. Did get a few things at Banana republic earlier in the week but it was a tweed jacket I have been eyeing and a gorgeous leopard print fur short jacket (you'd love it). How about a post soon on Zara. You seem to get a lot of pieces there.

  8. You've done well too! Problem with Zara is that as soon as you buy something it goes out of stock - so difficult to feature as it's always out of date. Although I do have a coat blog up my sleeeve.....

  9. Oh Kat, you look gorgeous in that Boden dress. A dress with sleeves is so good for this time of year. I'm drooling over your Ash trainers too. Still..!!

    Discount codes, don't talk to me. Had my eye on (for ages) a parka in Oasis. No sign of a code... So I buy the most gorgeous coat in Zara on Friday. And today get an Oasis code (FF2013 for 25% off) and the parka is out of stock. Huff and puff....

    Bought two dresses in M&S and another top (and socks for the kids to lessen the guilt - didn't work as well as I'd expected) with 25% off also. Oh, and a jumper in Mango.

    Must stop.

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