My cunning party outfit plan

So whilst I've been yabbering on about it for ages and planning within an inch of my life (which is actually code for talking and writing a lot and not "actually" doing anything about it), the Party Season has arrived.  Tomorrow night.  First big night for me. 

Which isn't a problem as I do have a wardrobe full of things which I "could" wear - dresses (ok so that's a grand total of two winter ones....but that's two more than I'd remembered a couple of hours ago where sheer panic at having to potentially pitch up tomorrow night in my jamas, nuked my brain of all reason), skinnies and tops (yes all great but I get ridiculously dress obsessed at Christmas time - dear lord, is this a middle aged thing? I'll be all about the slacks and comfy slippers next) and and and, my jumpsuit! 

How could I have forgotten about it? (probably as I had to unearth it from the back of my wardobe, scrunched up amongst the jeans pile - that's how).  Mine cost thruppence ha'penny from a Taylor Stephens sale in the summer and saved my bacon as a great outfit with tan shoots and a little cream shrunken blazer for a party I had in June.  When the summer hadn't quite kicked in yet and it was rather nippy.  I've worn it the grand total of once and I won't lie, I had forgotten about it.  However I am giddy to have found it and feel like I have a whole new outfit opportunity.  For Free.

I don't think I'm going to wear it tomorrow however as there's a lot of arm on show and at the moment my arms, having not been exposed to any form of sunlight for the past x months, have reverted back to "can be seen from space" status.  Frankly the thought of self tanning in the next 24 hours is one I can't get my head round right now.  It also needs to be worn with sandals (oh hello gorgeous Burberry numbers that I caned back to Bicester twice in 48 hours for - you were so so worth it) and my feet?  Think Pigs in Space.  Trotters a go go.  To say they need some work doing to them before they're fit to be aired in public is a slight understatement. 

But it is the perfect outfit for a great party I have to go to just before Christmas.  The ideal outfit where it's going to be dressy but as it's a house party it will end up getting warm and there's nothing worse than looking a sweaty mess in your lovely but suddenly slightly stifling Christmas dress. 

They're also a great all year round staple - I did wear mine in June last year and will pretty much be recreating the outfit with dressier sandals and a huge necklace (gorra have some bling) for Christmas this year. 

And clearly I'm not the only one who thinks this as I have been asked if knew of any out there that would be good and yes, there are lots.   Plus, loads that I came across are sold out, so clearly they have been in high demand. 

Some are more casual and could be dressed up - some are unashamedly dressy and need very little extra adornment. 

Starting with two from Atterley Road.  Remember to use the code FRIENDS25 for 25% off.   Works till midnight on Dec 1st.

This is a Danish make (how come they do make the most beautiful clothes?) and I just adore it.  Simple to wear for a lunch or even the school run with cons or wedge trainers, will work perfectly as the transitional piece into Spring with flipflops or flat sandals but the easiest item to dress up for the evening.  Heels, big jewellery and you're off.

Mads Norgaard Cavi jumpsuit in navy  £130

Soaked in Luxury Tardy Jumpsuit £65  Ditto to all the above.  

Moving on to slightly more dressy.  It is up to you of course, but probably wouldn't do the school run in this myself.  Horses for course and all that mind.  

Mango Crepe Wrap Jumpsuit £69.99

And available for £48.99 from House of Fraser in certain sizes.

I don't mind it with the ankle boots but in this instance, I actually think it would look slightly less bottom heavy with a heeled sandal or a fabulous pointed stiletto.  I don't think a leopard print one would go amiss here....

Tuxedo Style Jumpsuit from Mango £69.99

Available in a couple of sizes on John Lewis for £48.99   The styling on this for me is perfect.  Love a billion percent.  Fab coverage up top, bit of fake tan on your arms and you're off. 

Metal Applique Palazzo Jumpsuit £69.99  This is diving now into full on dressy dressy territory.  We've moving into the wide legged arena here - of which I do have a good selection.  Personally I've alway shied away as I'm rather long of leg and these cannot, simply cannot be half mast.  The right length though, there is very little that is more sophisticated. 

Thanks to everyone seemingly reducing things before Christmas - the world has gone mad but hey, as a consumer, who cares?  And so there seems to be yet another round of reductions and special offers (clearly not on everything I want though, oh no, that would be way too helpful.)  Apparently tomorrow is Black Friday.  Which sounds jolly.

Another with palazzo pants is the Fergie embellished jumpsuit from Phase Eight £130 now £104.  Beautiful detailing around the neck and lovely pleating around the middle - oh so flattering.  Phase Eight are always very clever with their midriff minimising tricks. 

Phase Eight Amanda Jumpsuit £120 This one isn't in stock at John Lewis or HofF unfortunately but it's so so stunning it's definitely worth the full price.  Grace Kelly personified.  (still available on the link from Phase Eight though)

Phase Eight Dionne Jumpsuit £130 (but now £104)  Much more business like but I like the structured look to it and actually it's quite refreshing seeing something with a lack of sparkle. (which, coming from a complete magpie is something indeed) 

The other stunning combination jumpsuit that is sold out at both again is the Lace Bodice Jumpsuit at £110. (but still available at Phase Eight)  Like I said, I do think this and probably the others are best for those who aren't on the very tall side, seeing as the model here seems to be wearing flipflops.  Which is an interesting choice of footwear for a party at this time of year.  In my humble opinion of course... I think this would look a lot better with a heel.  Not necessarily one of the vertiginous variety but not a flipflop.  Ok so maybe it's a diamante sandal.  I'm still sticking with probably not.

These however are perfect perfect shoes to go with it. 

Now you may have noticed that there are some black ones, some other black one and some more black ones (or a navy or dark grey one)  There aren't that many in a print.  That is for a reason.  They look better in a dark neutral colour.  There is ever so slightly a whiff of babygro about most of the print ones I've seen.  Better not to go there, I'd say. 

This is the exception to the rule.  This would look fab with a fitted black blazer. I also do think actually that because of the print, a delicate pair of ankle boots might work. Phase Eight Lulu Geo Jumpsuit £110  now £98

And saving the best till last.   This doesn't clearly come under my "excellent to wear to a party that will get warm" as the chance of you boiling alive in this would be on the high side.   And it is a print.  But it's so so gorgeous - and even more so in real life.  Just divine.  I love the subtlety of the check - marking it out from a sea of black  The most beautiful black and navy houndstooth check.  Of course this isn't for sale at John Lewis on a money off Price Match.  Obviously.  Santa better have some other ruddy great gifts up his sleeve, that's all I'm going to say. 

Lennon Jumpsuit £245 from Reiss 

So there we go - not the hugest selection but if you are dithering over a dress this Christmas but want something different from trousers and a b word, or skinnies and a shell top, then a jumpsuit can be a really great option.  

Now of course, I only have to worry about what to wear tomorrow night.........

Finishing as per usual with my outfits from yesterday and today. 

Fab day yesterday taking my two eldest up to London for the the afternoon and evening to Covent Garden, for dinner and then the theatre.  They absolutely adored it and I can highly recommend Charlie.  Absolutely great. 


White shirt - M&S 
Leopard print sweatshirt - Zara
Double zip jeans - Mint Velvet
Camel coat - Zara
Diego bag - Alexander Wang

And today for a lovely Thanksgiving lunch with a group of gorgeous friends, one of whom is going back to the US to live mid Dec.  Sob. 


Black Sixties Jumper - Boden
Leopard print coated jeans - Great Plains
Black Wild Kat ballet flats - The British Flat Shoe Company 
Crystal and leather cuff - Victoria Emerson
Diego bag - Alexander Wang. 

Tomorrow, off to have my hair done, some tile shopping followed by coffee and lunch with the girls.  Annual switching on of our Christmas lights with the Panto Stars.  The local celeb event of the year and then big party night.  Saturday is already looking shabby.....

Dare I ask what your Christmas outfits are?  Are you all sorted shoe wise, bling wise, bag wise?  Would love to hear of any gems you've sourced! 

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9 comentarios:

  1. Love those Phase Eight jumpsuits, wish I could wear one. I have bought a Topshop one for my eldest. Me however have a lovely black lace dress to review and last night bought the Pied A Terre Cocoon dress in the HOF brand event £47 result!

    1. oh bloodyhell, well done you! I ummed and ahhed for absolutely ages but couldn't justify it when they are so similar to the two I have from Whistles. Completely love them though - so so perfect. Well done you!

  2. I love jumpsuits but they make my arse look HUGE (mind you, it is huge so it's not like it's doing anything but tell the truth).

    1. Oops. Yes, there really isn't anywhere to hide in them....... !

  3. Gorgeous selection of jumpsuits Kat. Something I hadn't considered but now you've got me thinking. Enjoy all your parties. You will look fab whatever you wear. Marie S

    1. Oh thank you so much and happy shopping. Such a lovely comment to read, thank you so much xxx

  4. Love a jumpsuit, for my bodyshape (read man) they are more forgiving than dresses, if you get chance read my post, you have the kind of followers that could make a difference in spreading the word!

    1. I'm the same as you - up and down and very unfemale! I will go and check out your blog xxx

  5. The Reiss one is stunning! I love jumpsuits too but at only 5ft 2" I can never find one to fit & its not the kind of thing you can alter without ruining unless of course its wide legged & being vertically challenged wide leg doesn't work on me! Waaahhh!! Not fair! ;) Ax