A major item in my ideal Spring Outfit.

And I am over the moon to say that it's not one I actually need.  Yes, I have shopped well over the last couple of years (and some of mine are at least as old as that if not older) and have a handy little stash of my beloved navy blazers. 

For me, this is a classic bar none.  The ideal Spring/Summer and Autumn outfit finisher.  This year, I'm planning for one of my staple outfits - print blouse or print shell top, either skinny faded or boyfriend jeans (depending on shape of top) and trainers (oh I shall report back on them tomorrow!) or ballet flats/loafers.  The best thing is, they also work for the evening - just fling on a pair of strappy heeled sandals or a pair of heeled courts and you're away. 

My favourites are single breasted - I think this honestly works best for everyone whether you're blessed with norks or not.   I also like a military style but if you were only going for one, then a classic single or double button fitted version would be my call. 

I actually don't mind one in a suity fabric but think they do perhaps work better for casual wear if there is texture to the material.  

I was surprised to find that there aren't that many out there at the moment.   But this is the best of what I could find and some are even in the sale still. 

Starting with Reiss.  This is a perfect casual addition to your wardrobe - I love a knitted jacket, in fact I wore my old camel Whistles one today. 

Reiss Ted Knitted Jacket now £69 from £149

Now this is an amazing bargain - Summer fitted jacket from Reiss at £69 down from £225  A more suity fabric but still with a bit of texture. 

Collection by John Lewis Kate jacket in navy £89  Again a great texture on this jacket and the contrasting button makes it look less worky and more casual. 

Navy Textured Jersey Blazer £22 from New Look   I believe this is a ponte fabric which has a great texture to it and goes in the washing machine.   A perfect starter if you're not quite sure a navy blazer is for you. 

Ponte Jacket £71.20 (currently has 20% off) from Boden  I love the boxy shape of this. It's not for everyone but it's perfect for shell tops and over boyfriend jeans - the dimensions and proportions work really well.   Interestingly (or not) I've just realised that the print of the skirt in the below pic is exactly the same as the tiles I'm looking at for my bathroom floor. 

Gold Button detail at River Island.  This is a more relaxed boyfriend style fit which I quite like the look of with skinny jeans and tee or blouse.  I love the idea of putting sneakers with this - it would also look great with a plain loose linen tee.

Navy Relaxed fit Blazer £55

Whistles Lena Jersey Blazer £95   A lovely fit to this and again perfect for a more casual look. 

Frayed Detail Boucle jacket from Mango - in the sale with 50% off now at £39.99  Slightly more detail than a plain navy one but I like the idea of putting a print under this.  Alternatively keep it simple with a plain blouse or tee. 

I can't believe that there are so few out there to be honest - I did a good reccy today, out shopping and indeed, there aren't that many around.  I am positive (she says, fingers crossed) that there will be more coming in, in the next month or so. 

However I did spy some proper gems that I will be bringing to you in the next couple of days.   I have a shop of two halves to report on..... Can you guess which one?  Half of it is fantastic, the other half?  Well, Primark quality for infinitely inflated prices...

Finishing with my outfits from yesterday and today.  Dodging the rain.  I did have an umbrella - the joys of not having to push a buggy or hold a child's hand (the latter I do miss more than the former it does have to be said) 


Chambray shirt - Primark
Navy sweatshirt - Zara
Navy peacoat - Zara
Navy tie dye jeans - H&M
Gunmetal Virgins - Ash
Whisky Marcie Medium satchel - Chloe 


Indigo fitted denim shirt - Zara
Indigo turned up straight leg jeans - Jigsaw
Camel knitted blazer - Whistles
Leopard and patent loafers - Zara
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Whisky Medium Marcie satchel - Chloe

So the New Balance sneakers arrive and I *think* I love.  Of course I'm too scared to wear them outside as it's soaking wet everywhere.  Don't know what I was thinking today with my popsocks on (clearly I wasn't thinking and hadn't bothered to watch the weather forecast - it was quite sunny when I left the house this morning - obviously I looked like an utter tool come 3pm when it was biblical rain and I hadn't had time all day to go home and get changed.  Ho hum.) 

Off out tonight for drinks with the girls and a Pampered Chef party.  Seeing as we about to lose our kitchen in the next couple of weeks, I shan't be going utensils mad.  I can't rave highly enough about their stoneware though.   Fear not - tomorrow I shall be back with my shop of two halves......Which is.......?!

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  1. Replies
    1. hmm didn't look there. I do have some great things from there over the years, really really great but I've never had a navy blazer from there! Not sure I've even looked to be honest. Will check it out xx

  2. Oh the joy of searching for a navy blazer. I've been hunting a pinstripe one without success. Poor parcel man must be fed up of all the deliveries (and returns).

    Love your shoes btw x

    1. ooh I saw a few of those on my internet travels. I'm assuming you've tried Mango? I think that was where they had quite a few actually. And thank you about the shoes - I absolutely LOVE them. They're not leather so I hawked them in the sale but they have served me very well x

    2. Ooh am intrigued by shop of 2 halves!
      JCrew has a gorgeous shrunken boyfriend blazer in navy blue but it's not cheap.

  3. Oops sorry I commented in the reply box. Derrr!

  4. I think we're living in different countries fat too early to think about jackets - today I'm wearing 4 layers one of which is a blazer but then with my snuggly Laundry down fur coat on top. I don't have a navy blazer - have a tan, 2 black, cobalt and 2 grey - but interested in a jersey style one.like the Reiss ted one and the boden one. Hilarious comment about the bathroom tiles - me and dh currently fighting over bathroom tiles - I do think men should leave such decisions to the ladies of the house! Going to guess Warehouse?

  5. Have recently treated myself to 4 new jackets, 2 are the Chanel style bouclé jackets and 1 navy blazer and a navy with black pattern blazer (sounds awful but looks lovely) Now just waiting for spring to arrive so they can be seen out and about.
    Really like your Zara loafers.

  6. Love your blog. It really helps me to keep looking ok. (I'm a super-boring lawyer / charity worker / 40 something mother of young children, who has little time to shop, so this is no mean feat!!). And looking ok helps me to stay happy and sane. Please keep up the good work - it's an important public service! Xx

  7. Thanks so much for blazer blog. Definitely have some inspiration now!!

  8. I was gifted a beautiful ZARA blazer which I always wear when I want to look 'pulled together'. But how do I avoid looking too 'Lady Di' c.1986? What will you wear yours with?

  9. Just found your blog and absolutely love it. I am fast approaching 40 and I feel like I am stuck in a rut and need some inspiration. Ive spent a good part of today reading through your older posts. I am looking for some black skinny jeans would you have any recommendations? It was in my search for these jeans which brought me to one of your older posts back in 2012. :)

  10. Same here Nadine I think I was checking posts for wedge trainers at the time.

    Love my Joseph Emanuelle blazer in navy

  11. You are totally to blame for my navy blazer purchase as you know & now I have it I don't know how I coped so long without one! Roll on Spring when it can come out of hiding! I'd love a jersey one too! Ax