It's my number one item for January

Truth be told I have become dress obsessed.  The Queen of skinnies and a little top for a night out has left the building.  The fat lady has sung.  Those days are O.V.E.R.  It's a dress or nothing for me now on a night out.  I have truly caught the bug - maybe it's my age, (nearly 41 - eek), who knows?

I am not going to make too many apologies though as I have about 20 years of not buying dresses to catch up on.  I have waxed non too lyrical about what I search for in a dress and it's working. 

Well sort of... the problem is at the moment I don't have enough of them.  Now I can hear The Husband right now "this is the sort of logic I have to deal with.." rolls eyes, rolls eyes. 

It doesn't sound rather barmy but honest guv, it's not just a random justification (although would it matter if it were?), it's true. 

I have a couple that I have bought that I adore (namely the Me+Em one and the Sandro one).  But that's pretty much my winter dress arsenal sewn up.  Not going to win any wars with that pathetic offering, am I?

With only two, you simply can't wear them too often (actually now that I'm typing, I have recalled the Isabel Marant two piece that theoretically could double as a dress... ok totally doubles as a dress. Darn it)  But still, with only three, we're hardly the United Nations sat here. 

I need an army of dresses.  A plethora in my wardrobe of little Go To numbers. 

And what better time to go shopping for them that in the almost dregs of the sales.  (this is where you see loads of dresses you suddenly love and would have paid slightly more for but of course now they've sold out in your size.  The Sod's Law of Fashion) 

Without further ado let's whizz on with the start of the short list. 

Hilary Dress from Baum und Pferdgarten on Atterley Road £98 from £229  How did I not see this before? (probably because I wouldn't have considered it for £200+ truth be told)  Now as much as I love my wedge trainers, I probably wouldn't wear them with this - that's as step too far for a dress virgin such as me.  But with opaques tights, ballet flats and a coat.  Or ankle boots.  Or with bare legs and a pair of sandals (yes of course I have my Reiss Bromptons to mind), this would be perfect for a Spring night out.  (you can also keep the gold bag. Just saying)

So M&S have got it half right.  Saw this dress on their opening page and thought - that is perfect.  Totally perfect. 

And to be honest, they should have a link straight from there, as no-one needs to see it in on the page where you have to order it.  Because I'd be wearing it with sheer tights.... (really??) Ok so it's not quite as bad as some of M&S online is but I just want to cry for them when you how easy it is for other people to get it right. 

Having said that, it's a gorgeous looking dress that will take you from now into Spring/Summer. 

Limited Edition Origami Print Shift Dress £59

I then got all carried away with thinking summer and bare legs after the horrific view of those sheer tights (I do appreciate that there are circumstances when sheer tights are appropriate - personally for me not the above dress for a casual dress down look).

And came across this Spring perfect number which would look just fantastic with ankle boots for the day time (or flat sandals when the sun comes out properly) or with a heeled wedged sandal or chunkier boho sandal for the evening. 

Elizabeth & James Elastic Waist tunic dress was £270 now £135

With waisted sheering in mind - and this does of course remind me of my Isabel Marant number which I love.... can I justify something else so similar?

Ruffled Tapestry Print Dress from Mango £29.99 from £59.99 

Ruffled Skirt Leopard Print Dress £19.99 down from £39.99   This is my absolute favourite and the only thing putting me off is the fact I already have two leopard print dresses (oh heck, as I type, I've remembered I've got my Boden Dalmation print dress which is sort of leopard print..... ok it's not, it's animal print but I'm being male about it and the splodgy dot print is very similar.  This means I have four dresses and not the original two.  Hmmmm let's just forget I mentioned that bit, ok?)

However that does mean that I really am not sure I can justify this dress.  Despite the fact it's navy.... I don't have a navy dress... but I do have dark blue new shoes.....

So moving on to the one below.  Were this in navy I would buy it in a heartbeat and probably two of them as I would wear it so much I would wear it out.  Saying that, I actually had one like this a few years (make that 15 - yikes) years ago in black and I would swear that it was also from Warehouse.  I wore it To Death.  I wore it out at night with heels, I wore it to work with ballet flats and a blazer, I specifically remember wearing it to in New York for both flying Business Class (my first time ever) and for sightseeing when out there.  I loved that dress and often lament its passing. 

Well if there isn't another option that can cover all those bases..... My obsession with a fit and flare dress may be about to end. 

Warehouse Ponte Flippy dress £65 - new season

Flippy skirts are clearly my dress style of choice as I am still hankering after these two from Reiss which I have featured at the back end of last year but now they're further reduced.  These are perfect Spring/Summer dresses - a really canny buy to snag now. 

Estelle Black Kaleidoscope Dress now £65 from £179

And this one which I just love but am slightly concerned at it being too *pretty* for someone as tall as me.... I should probably try it on...

Reiss Estelle Sleeve Print Dress now £79 from £169

Speaking of summer dresses (and my other obsession of blue), this would be a fabbo buy - now only £59.

Reiss Dragon Stitch Embellished Tunic Dress was £129 now £59

And on my final note for today - another blue tone (I'm sorry if blue isn't your thing.....!), this is a super bargain - perfect for all year round.  Love this for a night out teamed with black or in the Spring with a contrast sandal.  Even for during the day with a pair of flat sandals. 

allegra by Allegra Hicks Aaliyah dress in bright blue was £120 now £36

So lots to think about, a dress is definitely going to be one of my 3 purchases this month, of that I'm sure.  More coming instore every day plus more mark downs and more sales stock to explore so another dress blog will be on the cards shortly. 

Next time, I feel the need to think Spring and think about blouses.....

Finally my outfit from yesterday - super casual but I love these trousers.  In fact this whole outfit is one of my favourites - lots of oldies but goodies put together.  I went to see a Speed Stacking Competition last night after school which my two eldest were competing in.  All of the glamour right there.


Olive vest - H&M
Oatmeal fine knit jumper - H&M
Khaki linen cargo pants - Topshop
Leather jacket - All Saints
Clay Thelma wedge trainers - Ash
Blush & fuchsia Camel scarf - Virginia Johnson
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch 

So I'm off on a blouse hunt.  The chances of me, however, of getting waylaid, are probably quite high.  Expect the unexpected. 

I am off to deliver one to Brownies and two to football, then I have a date with the sofa, a plethora of sites to trawl through with new stock on, a pile of mags and online shopping to peruse.  A glass of wine *may* be accompanying me.  I did so well last week not having any during the week, I'm rewarding myself.  (again - check out the poor poor husband.

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12 comentarios:

  1. I have the navy Mango one - it is gorgeous. I wore a lot of dresses last year in the heat - it's the only way forward!

  2. Oh Fiona beat me to it - I was going to say she has that Mango one and it look amazing on her. I'm not a dress person for daytime but I'm v tempted after seeing this post of her wearing it here - you guys could be dress twins :).
    Another fab post Kat - v tempted by those Reiss bargains! x
    School Gate Style
    Scarf & Jewellery Shop

  3. Ooh, so many nice options. I'm literally sitting on my hands, because if the psoriasis meds work, I'd happily buy the lot ... but just in case they don't I'd better hang on for another while! Love your photo ... nice to see you in the 'oldies but goodies' x

  4. I really want to buy the Navy mango dress, but it's sold out everywhere! Can't stop thinking about it now - off to find alternative! Xx

  5. Hi Kat,
    Gorgeous selection of dresses. I have been admiring your anya hindmarch bag for a v long time now and have a birthday coming up v soon and it is top of my wish list. However I can't find one anywhere, and am looking for the same colour as yours. Have you seen any on your travels, or is there any chance you might be able to recommend something similar? It is the colour in particular that I am looking for and I really want a cross the body bag. Please help!
    I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing it.

    Cath x

  6. I'm on a dress hunt, can't find a thing for my daughters wedding. I want bright, preferably with pink, huge fuchsia flowers would be good, that's what I've had my heart set on since she got engaged, is it out there? Is it feck....

  7. Loving the way you're tallying up actual dress count vs "what you think you have in order to justify new dress purchase" dress count as you actually typed this - hilarious! Love the mango animal print but just checked and sold out in all sizes!! Just as well. So where are you up to on your 3 buys for this month? I am trying to do it with you and so far have bought some black suede cowboy style ankle boots from zalando, a fab zara fitted white shirt (good tip from you!) and some burgundy/pinkish zara skinnies. The problem is it's only the 15th so have to wait two whole weeks before can get anything else! Thank god this only includes clothes (as I go off to peruse beauty sites!!!).

  8. Love the M & S black and white dress. Not so sure about the frills for me though.

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