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Seriously I know there are a couple of us who have come out of the buying closet and have hung our hat on the frugality peg but I honestly thought that there would be loads more who had signed up to a January of less is more. 

Apparently not.  Or if they have, then they're buying dresses as their one less thing.  As fast as I can peruse online, they sell out.  Or they're left in a size 6... I know they're a great buy and they are reduced but max 60% off - some only 30%.  However that doesn't seem to deterring anyone and clearly everyone is after a new dress. 

There are still some gorgeous dresses around - Matches definitely has the best selection in the best range of sizes although there is the temptation to creep up the £££ scale and before you know it, a £300 dress (at half price) seems like a total bargain.  *slaps self round face with wet fish*

However I'm playing chicken with the Matches website, as I did last year and a) I caved and b) the dress was hideous on me so this isn't perhaps the best idea I've ever had.  But still convinced that a dress is a great investment - a one trip wonder that means I don't have to buy a top/jeans/trousers/scarf/necklace/shoes to go with it.... There is method in my madness as you can see. 

So here are swiftly with my best of the rest.  If any are sold out, I do apologise.  It wasn't me - I'm holding strong....

Starting with a gorgeous super dress from Sportsmax.  Fits my - yawn yawn - dress up dress down addiction.  Which is beyond useful and served me ridiculously well in the summer with my well researched (aka lucky) dresses.

By Malene Birger Red Friis Silk Sleeveless Dress 60% off now £119 instead of £299.  This is an amazing reduction for a dress that, to be honest, I would be far more likely to wear in the Spring/Summer than the Winter anyway.  Last season I don't think I bought any BMB which is a rarity for me as there is always at least one piece of hers that I love.  Looking forward to seeing what's on offer this coming collection.  I will say that absolutely everything I do have from there I have worn again and again and again. 

Speaking of red, I know for me my holy grail dress is a black one, some people are all about red.  This is surely the ideal Little Red Dress from the Queen of curves Vivienne Westwood.  I think you definitely need proper curves to do this dress justice.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania red jersey Purity dress £144 from £206

This below is a sort of shade of red although they call it coral but whichever way you look at it, this MGSM dress from Flannels is a great little summer staple for under £100.

MGSM Shift Coral Dress £99 from £215  Unfortunately absolutely rubbish photo.  As much as I love Flannels as a store and was my favourite haunt when I lived in Leeds a million years ago (pre Harvey Nicks, was like nirvana when they arrived), their styling & photographs online leave a lot to be desired (pot kettle regarding quality of pics I appreciate) 

However they do have the most fantastic product range and MGSM is a gorgeous brand - this will look so so much better in the flesh. 

Now sticking with my favourite shade of blue and my ultimate shape dress, I love this from Sportmax. 

Sportmax Code Apollo quilted plaid dress was £199 now £119.  Anothor of my ultimate dress up dress down tunic frocks.  Can you ever have too many?  And it goes in the machine.  And I have a credit note at My Wardrobe.  Do I wait for new season stuff... ooohhh

Having mentioned By Malene Birger earlier and my beloved blue, it would be rude not to include this.  This I absolutely adore and no dry cleaning.  Oh yeah baby. 

Hesima Dress from By Malene Birger now £119 from £199

Also in black if you are still looking for that elusive little black number.  This would work as well with flipflops to the beach, take you to drinks afterwards as it would with killer heels for Christmas Day.  I am doing the best job of convincing myself I need this (in the blue, seeing as I have shoes that already match......) 

Hesima Dress in Black

Whilst we're talking about Summer, this Isabel Marant Etoile dress would be just so gorgeous for so many occasions.  Beautifully light and ethereal. 

Isabel Marant Etoile Silk Risha Robe Dress from Jules B - was £349.99 now £209.99

Another great dress for Summer would be this rose print one, again from Karen Millen.  Which, like I said yesterday, I wouldn't normally include on top end but found this at Harrods and if its good enough for them.... 

Karen Millen Rose Print Dress £110 from £160 

Back to black with this drape dress from Helmut Lang £125 from £210

Again on the drape theme and we haven't had too much navy is this dressy but fabulous DVF number. 

Bentley Dress £150 from £255

More navy and this one has my name all over it.  Love the neckline, love the colour, love the fabric, love the length.  Personally though it's ever too slightly similar to my new black ones that I have and so I'm probably after something with a bit more colour or shape to it.  But if this fell into my lap I could more than do it justice. 

Stile Dress from Maxmara's Max was £355 now £248 

Speaking of different colour and print, this one from DVF could fit the bill..... 

Ruri Dress from DVF was £220 now £315

This Joseph dress is sold out in most places but they still have it in stock at Flannels 

Joseph Dora Wool Skater Dress  £175 from £295

Another simply timeless and elegant Joseph dress.

Joseph Wool Interlock Leather Dress now £210 from £340 

Phew and I'm done.  Fed up of finding things sold out so I may - I just *may* be about to branch out into all things new season.  

Tis the start of a new term, I have a ridiculous amount of tidying up and cleaning to do this week, work is carrying on on the house in earnest and I may be tempted to sneak a quick peak at what is out there for the Spring.  Without a shadow of a doubt there will be offer codes a plenty in the next month or so and it's best to prepared...

Anyone else finding less availability in the sale than previous years?  Perhaps it is because there were so many offers on pre Christmas - especially at the likes of My Wardrobe and Harrods, although there weren't really any bar free postage at Matches so maybe that's why they have more stock left.  Who knows? 

And on that note of pondering, here is my outfit from yesterday.  Barbers with the smallest one, little shopping trip with the biggest one, coffee with a friend and two hours in the bathroom shop.  Wine, dinner and a film with The Husband in the evening.  Life could be a lot worse. 
Untitled Untitled

Grey zip back polo neck - Zara
Grey tie dye jeans - Sandro
Grey Military coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Black textured scarf - Mint Velvet
Black suede & patent boots - LK Bennett
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Tomorrow the kids are back at school - mixed emotions to be honest.  Has been actually great having them off but that may well be because they've been glued to their Kindle Fires for the majority of the two weeks.  Cold turkey for them tomorrow which will be interesting.  And how we are ever going to get to school on time, I have absolutely no idea.  It seems like they've been off forever and the thought of a 7am rise is truly scary.  

However come 9am it will all be worth it........ WIll report back tomorrow. x

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12 comentarios:

  1. Re a Matches pre-sale code, they did a 30% code which lasted for two weeks and could be used multiple times and on anything on the whole site, not just stuff which subsequently went in the sale. It ended the day before the real sale started. Everything I bought is still at 30% or sold out immediately when the sale started. So, although this sounds like a massive gloat (sorry!) I'm actually giving you reason to start buying more from them so you get yourself on the same list for the next pre-sale period...get shopping!!

  2. OMFG I didn't get that. That may be because everything I order from there, I fear I may have sent back..... Darn it. Having said that, I am hawking a dress with 50% off but am being super greedy and waiting for less. Or at the very least a free P&P! I don't remotely think you're gloating - goodness me, I am just loving your advice! Yes, I shall be making a wish list for the next round of discount codes! Thank you xxxxx (ooh and what did you get??)

  3. The Isabel Marant is divine! You're right about sales stock shifting this year Kat, I've had a couple of things 'stolen' out of my on-line shopping basket. Spitting feathers I was x

    1. Sob worthy, isn't it. But think of all that other money that you'll have for Spring stock...

  4. You write such well-researched posts! Love the choice of dresses, and will be sending my sis the pic of you to show her I'm not the only one who likes to wear grey-on-grey. Enjoy the calm after the storm tomorrow at 9.01am!

    1. oh thank you! And yes, I love colour on colour, regardless of what it is. Not sure it's right but I like it!

  5. Love the way you wear your scarf. - a blog on different ways to tie them would be good. Waiting for the black Acme dress from your last post to arrive, really hoping it suits me! Xx

    1. Hope it works! And I have been meaning to do one of those scarf blogs forever. Coming up to proper scarf season for me so I'll have a good think about it xx

  6. Love the monochrome grey in this outfit. And those huge gold buttons are just the perfect accent needed for this look! Hot!

  7. I love the Marant and the DVF Ruri. Toooo many nice dresses...