Straight in at number two.

....b b b b b b Blouse.  Yup, you can tell I'm hitting 41 next weekend as the word doesn't even sound that frumpy or offensive to me any more.  Tis a slippery slippery slope - next step tartan slippers with a pom pom on (surely it's only a matter of time before someone revives them?  Henry Holland, my money's on you..) 

In all seriousness though (not with regards to the slippers I hasten to point out), if I look through my wardrobe, it's blouses that are up there with the items that have been around the longest.  With regards to longevity and therefore value for money, I've come to realise that a blouse is definitely one of the best items to invest in.  Cost per wear they are amazing - can be worn during the day, at night, all year round and are perfect for any lifestyle. 

As an example my two favourites are 7 and 5 years old respectively, one, an Anitk Batik purple & yellow silk embellished blouse and the other, a silk Monsoon vintage tunic. 

The one thing they do both have in common is that they are a strong print.  And I fell in love with each of them the moment I saw them.  Pure adoration at first sight.  To me, this is the key to finding things that you love - especially a print.  Trust your instincts - every single print that has immediately taken my breath away, I am still totally in love with. 

Which leads me to think that, with my strict 3 items a month rule, it makes sense to take my time and find things that I really adore.  And if that means widening the net and including things that are slightly more expensive - well, I've proven the point that a blouse is a no brainer investment. 

Happily, it is the perfect time to have a look at what is left in the sales - those designer pieces that normally might be slightly above our budgets (and to be honest, are still a tad spenney at sale prices) but if you're still wearing them in 5 years time, then it makes sense.  Fashion wise, they seem to fit into every season.  Go figure.  And go purchase.

Starting with the final markdowns of the Matches sale - some beaut (yes I am watching Masterchef Australia) DVF gems.

Maiko Blouse by DVF was £229 now £114  Love, love, love.

A hugely useful navy number - again half price from DVF 

Lorelei Blouse  £107 from £215

Maxmara Studio Graz Blouse half price  £112 from £225  I probably wouldn't wear this with black trousers even though I do think it works - it's just not really my style.  But with a pair of either skinny coated jeans for night (grey would be lovely, or even off white for a Spring night out) or a pair of distressed slim boyfriend jeans and either ballet pumps, flat sandals or pair of heels for evening. 

New Season here from My Wardrobe - a gorgeous classic to start with. 

Day Birger Et Mikkelson Cream Day shirts silk Blouse £155

This back at Matches,  I love.  Or should I say the print I love.  Completely bowled over by it and when I saw it on an email I was sent, in my head it was a lovely silky flowing top and honestly, I think I would have bought it.  Perfect for during the day dressed down but what a useful top to have in your wardrobe for all year round for those dressier nights out.  Darn the linen fabric which isn't really me. 

Rowan Floral Tunic from Isabel Marant Etoile £225

However it doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful and there are still some fabulous bargains to be had.  Today I shall just fling in the bargains as they're likely to sell out and save the new bits of gorgeousness for another day.  (v soon, fear not.  I feel an unhealthy obsession with blouses - second only to dresses - coming on...).  Most of these can be unbuttoned so are perfect for all, whether or not you are blessed with cleavage or not. 

The Papaveri Button Through Floral Blouse from Great Plains is now £22.50 from £45.00 

This lipstick colour has to be the perfect all season round colourway.  Ideal with black & indigo denim but just as great with faded skinnies, boyfriends of white denim. 

The Rooibos (really?  Is that a colour at all?  I thought it was tea...) is a more cosy version. 

They also have it in a short sleeved version which they call blouse... hmmm it's clearly a case of semantics but to me this is a shell top and not a blouse.  Just saying.  Regardless, it's super cute and super useful.  One of my all time favourite shapes. 

Papaveri Floral Blouse in Lipstick Combo now £17.50 from £35

And in the Rooibos £17.50 from £35

Another blouse I have that I love is a white collarless loose blouse from H&M that was thruppence ha'penny but has really served me well the last couple of years.  I love over super skinny cropped or turned up jeans, ballet pumps or sneakers and a fitted blazer.  The dimensions to me are just perfect. 

This is a great investment version. 

Jaeger Silk Tunic Blouse half price at £80

Now I can't wear this shade of lilac, but if you can then this is a complete bargain.  Great shape and great print.  Even better price!  I think this would look absolutely fabulous with faded boyfriend jeans, white low cons (or any other sneaker of your fancy - I may or may not have my eye set on a pair of nude Virgos but we'll come back to that another day) and a navy blazer.  So whilst I'm typing this, I'm suddenly coming round to being able to wear lilac...... (oooh or a cream little boucle jacket.  Which I handily have.  Oh darn it) 

Phase Eight Elvedon Print Blouse was £59 now £22

Speaking of navy, this is a gorgeous every day classic for the Summer.  The price is unbelievable! 

East Embroidered Yolk Blouse was £69 now £17 

This is a similar shape and I absolutely adore the colours.  This definitely reminds me of my Monsoon silk tunic that I've had for 5 years now and gets worn every single year.  Ok so the shape is vaguely similar - a slight ethnic vibe to it which I love teaming with a more structured blazer and jeans to ring a real change to the look.  

Oui Contrast Trim Blouse in white and blue £111 (ok so this may be new season but it fitted rather well into this spot.  Oops) 

Absolutely love this from FCUK in the most gorgeous shade of blue.  

Feline Wonder Pussy Bow Blouse in light Maya blue  £25.50 from £49.00

I could go on and on but I need to actually go to bed - apologies folks (I will of course be surfing the net in bed which I'm currently sharing with medium child as there are now five of us in two rooms.  Eek.  It won't be forever and I *might* be lying if I said I was missing the snoring of a certain Husband....)   There will be more shirts - these to me, as I've said, are a total no brainer in adding to the wardrobe.  

Ooh and you can actually get a peak of the scaffolding in the background here. Oh the excitement. 

This is from the other day.  Tuesday, it must have been.  I'm loathe to say I can't even remember what I did - oh actually I know, went to the gym for the first time in 5 weeks.  Body Pump & Pilates. This was not the best idea I've ever had.  Only marginally better than not going for 5 weeks in the first place. I also went to Kettles yesterday.  Today I cannot walk.  The chances of me having to sleep on the sofa tomorrow night as the stairs will be unbearable, are high. (this *may* have happened before...)


Black and white cashmere jumper - Joseph
Marigold double breasted cardigan - Goat Library
Coated Skinny jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Hot air balloon scarf - Lily & Lionel
Gunmetal Virgins - Ash
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

And for yesterday.  (that is not a smile, that is a grimace of pain)


Dark denim shirt - New Look men
Breton jumper - Zara
Skinny distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Navy peacoat - Zara
Navy Chester loafers - Russell & Bromley
Whiskey Medium Marcie satchel - Chloe

So there we have my definite number two on my list of purchases for this month.  But there are still more to come.  Watch this space....

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  1. Love your blog Kat...going to try out your "3 items a month"..starting next month of course!

  2. I love the hot air balloon scarf everytime I see it...I have several blouses in my closet - and never wear them! Must cycle thru them this spring! x

  3. I love the DVF ones, one of my favourite blouses is DVF ( sale buy from Matches a few years back) her prints are so good. X

  4. Great 3 items idea:) Love Tuesday's outfit, I don't know which I want more, your cardi or your trainers??