And back in my comfort zone.

Proudly presenting item number two of my January purchases.  I'm not going to lie to you - I may have been ordering like a maniac (aka woman possessed with needing a new top/dress) from Matches, Whistles and Net a Porter.  Me and Mr DHL are on first name terms.   Seeing as he's had to come and pick up every single package as well as delivering them.  But if you kiss enough sales frogs, one will turn out to be a Prince. (that's purchases by the way - NOT the DHL man) 

And here is my Knight in shining armour.  I don't have a link as it's now sold out everywhere but this is the best pic I could get.  Yes it's safe, no I'm not reinventing the fashion wheel here but it's so so me.  I'm out for a very special lunch next week and this is perfect for that outfit - coated skinnies, navy swing coat - the opportunities are endless.  

Plus it goes in the washing machine.  OH YES.  Nothing else i ordered did and whilst I have ended up paying a lot of money (although it was half price) for a polyester top (ouch), it does feel like lovely heavy silk and I'll wear it so much more on a casual basis as I know I can wash it and it's going to come out the same shape as when it went in. 

Dare I say, this is also a camping top.  Just great with a pair of cut off shorts.  Who'd have thought I'd be able to find something so versatile.  (to be fair, the amount I did try, I sort of did deserve to) 

And so here it is.  

Kenzo Flower Print Blouse 

Now throwing this in there as it is also new but this doesn't count as a purchase.... as it was a birthday present although admittedly I did choose it.  It happens to go rather well with the top and also matches the Brompton shoes which I bought in the sale and can't wait to get loads of use out of.  Would have been rude not to.  The sandals will also go perfectly with that top for the summer but I'm hardly getting loads of wear out of them when we're knee deep in rain at the moment. 

Larissa Cobalt Pleat Clutch from Reiss now £35 was £95

That then got me to thinking that there was a pair of shoes in Zara in the sale that I didn't bother buying as clearly they weren't one of my chosen three things but DARN it they would have been fabulous with the bag and my top.....and they were - wait for it..... £12.99.  I feel sick typing that.  Balls to my being abstemious set of pigging rules - I have missed out on some fabulous shoes.  I do now have a total obsession with a pair of blue suede stilettos.  You have been warned....

But moving onwards with some other amazing print shell tops that I would get oodles of use out of.  Some say if they have a bigger bust they don't suit them - I think it depends on the cut and the darting at the sides.  Definitely need trying on.  Certainly anything with a very much higher neck is probably going to be a no.  Clearly not a problem I am lucky enough to have hence these are probably my favourite shaped top.

This isn't necessarily the bargain of the century but for me, these are such versatile tops, it's worth considering. 

Reiss Eleanor Snake Print top in Indigo was £110 now £79

Alternatively they do have a new season one which isn't silk and so possibly isn't slightly as dressy but it does go into the washing machine so personally I'd get loads more wear out of (alternatively I would put it on a handwash but don't tell anyone I said that) 

Ellie Print Black/White Snakeprint £89

Whistles come up trumps as per usual and whilst this is  3/4 length sleeves and a slightly higher neckline than I would normally consider for a shell top, I love the green of this which would work easily as well with black and/or navy.  Ditto camel.  Absolutely adore this print, shape and colourway. 

Whistles Mystic Mountain top in green £115 

Whilst i'm slightly off piste I may as well go knee deep into the powder and shove this in as I love it.  This definitely comes under the heading "blouse" (seeing as it has buttons) but when I do my "Would Dr Nikki Alexander wear it?" test, this comes out with an A*.

Whistles Mystic Floral Blouse  £125

Thinking about the pastel themes which are everywhere this Spring, this from Ted Baker is gorgeous and still in the sale. 

Ted Baker Rubea Tea Party Print shirt now £50 was £99  This is an absolutely ideal purchase for the new season.  It's like a fabulous version of the one I bought from Forever 21 last year. 

Great Plains have just released their Spring collections and there are some gorgeous numbers there to explore.  Staying on the pastel theme:-

Chevron Candy top £40.00 in two colourways.

This is slightly more ditsy but I think would look great with a navy blazer, distressed boyfriend jeans and a pair of sneakers..

Daisy Maisy top £70

Waterfall Garden Print £45

So there we have a selection of a few that you could easily wear now on a night out but would be just as useful come the Spring for wearing during the day (I'm not saying you couldn't wear them during the day now but it's ever so slightly chilly perhaps.....)

Here is my outfit from today.  To say I am over the rain is an understatement.  There is no surprise in this, I lose my rag with the weather a lot, particularly at this time of year.  If it snows, I make no apology for having a complete sense of humour failure.  Just putting it out there now. 

Untitled Untitled

White shirt - M&S Autograph mens
Leopard print sweatshirt - Zara
Indigo jeans - Boden
Black peacoat - Zara
Madonna studded wedge trainers - Ash
Faridah black hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

So I did cave yesterday and ordered my third and final purchase of January - the New Balance Trainers from ASOS.  I have since discovered they come up small so as I'm usually a 6.5 and ordered a 7, they probably aren't going to fit.  GAH!  On the upside I think there is definitely a trainer shaped hole in my wardrobe so watch this space....

I am now obsessed with needing a new pair of blue shoes though.... and something else from the other day.  I am busy creating my wish list for February.  As you do. 

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16 comentarios:

  1. I always order a half size up in trainers in New Balance. Fingers crossed that they'll fit. Happy belated birthday! I am just a smidge ahead of you in years and I think the 40s ain't so bad.

    Just bought an amazing blue leather jacket from Banana Republic today. You should check it out. They have amazing deals every Wednesday here in the US. It's worth a peek.

    1. Fingers crossed, they should be arriving today. aw we don't have that here I think with Banana Republic - such a shame. I Love a blue leather jacket x

  2. Unless you have a life not revolving round endless shopping.........

    1. If a little shallow ..........

    2. Why are you reading her blog if your just looking to make snarky comments - don't feed the troll Kat- I love your blog! V. In San Francisco

    3. This blog is about clothes it doesn't get any deeper that that and that's why we love it. Keep up the good work Kat! I love escaping from the serious business of everyday lifeXxx

  3. Love your Kenzo top, so easy to wear, exactly what I like and will be taking a closer look at that Clutch, that might go perfectly with a little dress I showed you on FB yesterday x

    1. It so would, wouldn't it? I'm hoping it's how I remember it in store - feels like a leathery weave. Great price for £35 and perfect for picking up other colours in a dress. Great reduction too

  4. Love the Kenzo blouse. That is going to look so gorgeous with so many different coloured jeans...dark denim, light denim, white, yellow... Well done you! I feel your pain on missing out on the Zara shoe bargain. How many times have we done that!!
    I actually have a request. You mention here that these blouses will look great with a jacket in the spring. And I have a gaping hole in my wardrobe for a navy jacket. But every time I try one on I look like I'm missing the bottom half of my office wardrobe. I need one that's more casual looking for jeans and blouse/Breton top. Can you help??

    1. Well funny you should mention that, I'm in the process of looking at navy jackets as yes, that is going to be a hugely crucial part of my spring wardrobe. Watch this space!

    2. Excellent! I shall look forward that post. Thanks a million!

  5. I think your new top is fab. You did make me smile. I think I am definitely on first name terms with the man from DHL especially now my wardrobe has awarded me free premium shipping status !
    Going slightly off piste here. I am thinking about a boiler suit for spring. Check out mih jeans. Definitely wore it the first time circa 1990!! And definitely out of my comfort zone

  6. Love that Kenzo top, I can picture the outfits will look gorgeous with so many! You HAve to buy that bag, it would look so fab together..and I think I saw a photo of some lovely (super cheapy) heels in Primarks collection, cobalt blue, pointed heels which would be great for a couple of wears...not sure what they look like in the flesh though! Lovely selection of clothes as always x

  7. Love your blog. I'm only 5'2" so I fear lots if the clothes don't work on my short frame.... But your choices are fab and you write wonderfully. Happy birthday! L x