Let's pretend it's not going to probably snow this week..

... and start thinking about Spring jackets.  I am obsessed with a jacket as I *may* have pointed out.  Yes, this Winter was the year of the coat for me but I can already feel my jacket itch needing a good scratch.  And I've been thinking about a major part of my Spring look is going to be dedicated to the blouse, jeans and a jacket. 

I've had some ideas for blouses, I've got lots of jeans (but one can never ever have too many so watch this space....) and clearly I've got jackets (she admits through gritted teeth...) BUT they are just so useful.  So many of them can cover a myriad of bases - they're fab to dress up or dress down.  As easy to wear with sneakers (and yes I DO have a trainer - cough - thread on the way.  With difficulty) as they are for a night out with killer heels.

Now I appreciate that it's apparently going to snow on Thursday.  Harrumph.  Well, I'm going to do you all a favour.  I'm going to order the 9 year old a new snow suit and some new sledges so it will not snow.  You are all incredibly welcome and it does mean that we can have a proper gaze at some lovely jackets for the Spring. 

Firstly - CALL OFF THE DOGS.  There is a pic on M&S that isn't that bad.  TIs a miracle, tis truly a miracle but I love the way they've styled this jacket.  I have a jacket this shape that I got from Wallis nearly 10 years ago and it comes out every year.  I love it for over a dress for a smarter look but it's equally as fab over skinny jeans turned up and little sandals in the summer.  Is the perfect shape to balance out a pair of fitted jeans on the bottoms.  For me, the proportions work perfectly.  This has a very vintage vibe to me - the colour, the shape and the texture all screams Dior from the 60s.

Plus there is 20% off all clothing and homewares at M&S today.  Go forth and shop (I fear I may have to buy those pointed toe shoes with a block heel.  ooh white or leopard, white or leopard....?) 

Staying with a vintage vibe, this from Florence & Fred is an amazing bargain.  Totally Miu Miu inspired from this season - I don't think anyone would ever guess it was from Tesco.

But enter FFSHOP14 at the checkout for £10 off a £50 spend which makes this coat £40.  Absurdly tempted even though I neither want nor need (like that's ever had anything to do with it..) a pink coat....

Staying with a longer style jacket, I absolutely LOVE this blue one from Warehouse. 

Warehouse Tweed Zip off Biker Jacket £95.  This is ideal as it's actually two coats in one - you can zip the bottom section off to make a shorter style jacket.  How completely perfect is that?  Love the cornflour shade blue.  If I had a choice, it would definitely be blue over pink for me (although the Miu Miu F&F one is growing on me by the minute..)

A Marant inspired quilted number from M&S again (so with 20% off).  These are very marmite for sure, but I am a huge fan and can't wait to wear my two I have from last year.  Pretty sure you wouldn't think this was from M&S.

The following black and white ones from M&S are stunning.  The perfect Spring cover ups, that you could just as easily wear to a wedding or Christening.  But fling on over jeans, a linen tee and cons and hey presto.  Instant chic.  I actually want them all.  20% off today.  DARN you M&S with your temptation.....

M&S Geometric Print Jacket now £47.20  Ditto to everything I said above.

And a longline version of the jacket.  M&S Collection though?  Absolutely no idea where this collection is supposed to sit, as opposed to Autograph or Limited Edition (which did used to be called Limited Collection - as if shopping in M&S wasn't confusing enough... does anyone think they're actually getting it right?  They have some truly truly amazing products but I think it's just too difficult for the majority of people to navigate and they miss so much.)

Finishing with my last M&S gem and whilst this doesn't really fit into this category, it's such a bargain and it "is" a jacket.  Great for those casual days - really love the simplicity of this.

M&S Collection Textured Biker Jacket now £23.60 I'd wear this over the outfit I have on today (see below)  Perfect for off duty days, drawstring baggies, wedge trainers or hi tips, longsleeved top and big scarf.

On a similar textured theme, this is a great reduction from Jigsaw.

If money were no object though (and to be honest, the jackets I have that I've had for years and years have been worn to death and if we're doing the old money per wear argument, these really are a great investment) this would be mine in an instant.  I totally and utterly adore it.  I love absolutely everything about it - the colour, the texture, the shape, the embellishment.  I also love with the checked shirt underneath (hmm food for thought......)

Another tweed blazer in gorgeously Summer colours from John Lewis. 

And finishing with a classic black blazer in a similar Chanel style from Fenn Wright Manson. 

This is an absolute bargain - FWM Elaine Jacket now £60 was £200

So there we have a round up of some jackets at the beginning of the season.  As with all the things I've covered, I think they definitely are worth exploring in more detail (whether or not this happens with the trainers - guffaw - we'll have to wait and see) 

Me today - I learnt to make pasta.  Yup, from scratch, little tortellini - was absolutely fantastic.  Can't wait to try it out this weekend with the family.  Such fun and think it will be an amazing thing to do together.  Not entirely sure whether we'll have any success with gluten free pasta for my poor coeliac 9 yr old but we can give it a go (anyone who has any suggestions for recipes on this front - I'd be ridiculously grateful for pointers!)


Olive ribbed vest - Joseph
Off white knitted jumper - Zara
Black Lola joggers - Whistles
Bea suede wedge trainers - Ash
Brown Daria leather jacket - All Saints
Mustard and fuchsia stag scarf - M&S
Fuchsia Mulberry Tote bag 
Tan rivet leather cuff - Mulberry

And then this is the photo from last night - Burns Night which was fantastic.  Obviously we stayed way too late and drunk way too much, but it was my birthday and it would have been rude not to. 

Dress was suitably Scottish looking I feel.  Complete coincidence but a happy one.  The 9 year old did ask me why I was wearing an umbrella.  Which was great. 


Black shawl collar VW style dress - All Saints
Black glitter shoes - Lucy Choi (lent to me by one of my bessies and I LOVE them)
Silver and pearl multi chain charm necklace - Jaeger
Silver battered bangle - Banana Republic 

Back tomorrow.  I have only a handful of days left for my January purchases and so far I have only bought my black Zara top.  What will it be???

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6 comentarios:

  1. Holy moly - you look wow in that All Saints dress - stunning - belated Happy Birthday wishes. That is the kind of dress that I also love but that my DH would not be able to make head nor tail out of. I used to have a similar shaped one (not as nice as yours) that I got years ago in Hong Kong and DH called it my "silly origami dress"! More fool me for taking heed of him and getting rid of it - spitting feathers now as you look so lovely in yours.
    Think you should get the Anthropologie jacket - think of the money you saved borrowing the shoes - you could have bought the gold hologram Jimmy's. Now you've got your readers doing your fashion maths justifications for you!

  2. You look fantastic in your dress Kat - I can't stop laughing at the umbrella comment though - kids eh? :)

  3. Hi Kat, Did you see the Balmain jacket Alex Gerrard was seen in at the weekend? It was rather gorgeous but £2300! Any ideas where there may be any cheaper look alikes?

  4. Gluten free pasta recipe from a friend who has coeliacs: www.glutenfreegirl.com/2011/07/gluten-free-fresh-pasta/ Have no idea if it works but she says its the best she has found....

  5. You look fabulous in your umbrella dress! I love the bag & scarf in the first pic too! They were made for each other! Ax

  6. Love this fabulous style it's so awesome ......
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