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So I am not well known for my love of a trainer.  Ok so that's slightly unfair, as I've worn Cons for as long as I can remember, even had a pair of Stan Smiths back in the day (these have been rereleased for 2014 but are like proverbial rocking horse poo - good luck finding a pair of you fancy them... however there are other options..), ditto some Pumas and have loved my Ash sneakers both flat and wedge for years now. 

However a pair of trainers that actually look like you could do sport in them?  Nah.  Dear god no.  Wrong on every level. 

Until.... I saw a pic of the goddess Phoebe Philo in Vogue last year.  In a pair of... cough... Nike Air Max (I'm pretty sure that's what they were - I was more interested in the colour to be fair and was blown away by the fact I actually really liked the look.) 

Well clearly it was a funny time of the month and this wasn't going to fly so I tried to ignore it. 

But then reading this in The Guardian last year when the world was going Jenna Lyons from JCrew mad (me included - proper hero worship here), I knew that it was a slippery slope. 

1. Don't divide your wardrobe into smart and casual, but mix them up

"For example, if you have one of our flip-hem wool skirts, you can wear it smart and flirty with a blazer and shirt and jewels and a heel. But you can also wear it dressed down, with an oversized sweatshirt and New Balance trainers."
But I haven't caved.  It does seem that the rest of the fashion world (not that I would include myself in that sphere but do still take inspiration from it) have already succumbed to the lure of comfy footwear aka the proper looking trainer (not sure that's remotely what they're called actually, but that'll do for me)

And to be fair, that has to be a big part of the draw no?  Fabulously comfortable shoes that you can walk for miles in (can you see where I'm going with this - tis a classic journey of justification for me as per usual - you wouldn't expect anything less, would you?).  But still being as on trend as you can be.

Now I'm not sure I can go Nike Air Max - I think that might be a step too far but i'm putting my toe in the water and seriously contemplating the New Balance below.

Firstly however, I have a confession to make.  I could be making the biggest faux pas in the world with these.  It appears, unsurprisingly, that all trainers have names.  Most have names and numbers.  Which mean absolutely diddly squat to me.  I could be showing you the most untrendy trainers on earth as I have gone straight for looks and colour as opposed to make and model.  Yes this is the footwear equivalent of me buying a new car.   Feel free to correct me if I'm making a massive error.

So starting with what is to me Way Out of my comfort zone.  So far away from what I'd usually buy (bar the colour of course - clinging to the edge of my comfort zone by my fingernails, that'll be navy) that I'm consoling myself with the fact that if it doesn't work out, I could actually wear these to the gym.

Truth be told I am (unfortunately) in the market for a new pair of "proper" trainers.  This is up there with underwear shopping for me.  Dull as dishwater.  The last time I bought a pair was two years ago and for the first time ever I knew what The Husband feels like when I ask him which pair of shoes out of a selection he likes best.  "They all look the same" is the general response.  And that was what I said to the gentleman in the running shop.  "They all look the same, can I just have the cheapest?".  I honestly thought he was going to pass out with disgust.  The thought of having to repeat this hideously traumatic experience is another big plus in purchasing a pair of these practical looking monkeys as they may well end up accompanying me to the gym (usually for coffee, I'll fess up).

Here is what is top of my list of potentials.  
New Balance 410 navy/burgundy trainers £55  They're navy.  I could live without the burgundy edge, I'll be honest.  But I can't find any plain navy that don't look like they should only be worn with gymwear.

New Balance 420 Vintage grey trainers  £60  These are a gorgeous shade but seeing as I am actually planning on doing some walking in them (kids, we're going to be walking home from school soon), the colour perhaps isn't the most practical for me (who am I and what has someone done with me?  Practical?  Since when did I care?)

Nike Air Pegasus 83 Trainers £67  Ok so I did "say" I wasn't going to do the Nike Air thingy but oh the colours of these are so so so pretty. 

Nike Blaze low red trainers £65  Moving onto slightly more familiar ground.  Less running track.

Love them in this colour.  

Nike Blazer low trainer in stone now £49.99 from £65

However I do think my absolute favourites are the navy leather Nike Blazer mid trainers.  I have hankered after these all season and to be honest would have got oodles of wear out of them - seeing as they're not what I was originally discussing at all and are much more in keeping with a trad pair of hitops which one shouldn't work up any sort of sweat in.  They are now in the sale - are they in my size?  Well obviously not. 

Nike Blazer Mid Trainers now £49 from £79.99 

Now moving back to the total classics.  Comfort zone restored.  These are a great common ground for those who would like comfort but don't feel the need for the full on trainer look. 

Superga classic flat plimsolls £45 in navy 

or white 

Jigsaw have some classic sneakers as well in navy.

Jigsaw RIta Trainer in navy £69 

Women Converse All Star Oxford White Trainer £45  Couldn't do a trainer post without a pair of Cons, could I?

Puma Suede Blue Classic Trainers £55  Yet another blast from the past.  I had a pair of these early 2000s.  

 And of course finishing off with my absolute favourite - the Ash Virgins and Virgos.

I don't have a pair of the Virgos and nearly bought  a pair last year but I didn't as I managed to snaffle the grey and gold leather pairs for £12.99 each from Gap.  And guess what, I SO wish I'd listened to my instincts and bought the Virgos.   Yes we have now swayed hilariously off topic - ok so we're vaguely discussing sneakers... does that work?

Ash Virgo Nappa in Taupe £118.99

Not sure if I could justify another pair seeing as I do have a pair of Thelmas in this colour and a pair of Virgins in gunmetal which have paid for themselves 20 times over - me having managed to bag them for about £40 in a sale years ago when they were the epitome of uncool.

Ash Virgin Nappa in Clay £129.99

So........ Are you going in any sneaker direction this year?  I fear I may cave.  I can honestly feel myself pressing BUY.  But will it be the blazers or the new balance.  One thing I do know I am definitely definitely starting off with navy.  Know thy trainer limits would be my motto.  (although the Nike Air thingymajigs are such a gorgeous shade.... that goes with nothing I own.......) 

Here I am today - rain dodging (I did have an umbrella stapled to my arm when I went out).

Untitled Untitled

Black longsleeved longline top - Baukjen
Black square oversized jumper - Reiss
Black textured scarf - Mint Velvet
Black coated jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Charcoal wrist warmers - Toast
Leopard print wedge boots - M&S 
Whisky Marcie Medium Satchel - Chloe

Tomorrow I will be back as I have made another purchase.  SQUEAL.  Beyond excited.  Will report all tomorrow.

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17 comentarios:

  1. Yeay!! Do it - get the New Balance 420s! I have some teal 420s which I love. Just wish it would stop raining long enough to wear anything but wellies!

  2. I am so not a trainer person but I have succumbed and got the New Balance 420 in vintage grey and I love them!! X

  3. I had a pair of Supergras the worst trainers ever so uncomfortable, love the pumas and also converse (own several pairs) I think the NB look great if styled right. I see so many of the latest Nike in my neck of the woods teamed with sweaty betty gear, standard. Personally I'm with you spend as least as possible on fitness gear. Love the outfit the bag and shoes work really well together.

  4. But wouldn't the Nike air Pegasus look good with your check coat and new Chloe? Plus great for for the pastel trend for spring.

  5. I have taken he plunge and purchased some black and cream New Balance. Go for it! I love mine now :)

  6. I have bought some New Balance this week and I have in my possession Navy and Burgundy 410 ( 410 being my favourite as they look a bit more retro) Erring towards the burgundy as they don't have a white tongue.Also I think they'll look great with black or grey skinnies. Maybe even the new pinstripe Stella McCartney Skinnies I am seriously contemplating that are in the sale with an extra 20% off today.

    I don't know if I can pull this off but I am going to give it a go.
    Don't go for the Nike Blazers pleeeeeeeeeeeeese. My teenager and all her friends have them in one hue or another.
    I love those wrist warmers you are wearing today.

  7. I'm about to get New Balance and have been really dithery. My favourites are the ones exclusive to Office - grey but the N etc on them is in a metallicy gold. They feel a teeny bit more fashiony. Going to try on and hopefully buy on Thursday! Am worried about the colour though so was also looking at the navy/pink too! Will report back..
    Abbi x

  8. I actually caved in and have gone down the trainer route, never thought I would as the only trainers I owned were for the gym only and have some how worked their way to the back of the cloakroom cupboard.
    I very nearly went for the new balance 410's in navy and burgundy but was put off with the burgundy strip, I've opted for the new balance 373 as I loved the deep blue colour and must admit wasn't disappointed when they arrived. the colour is lovely and the fit is perfect.

  9. Another vote for the Nike Air here, think the colours will be brilliant going into the Spring. I've got the Puma classics in a khaki and whilst I really do like them I wish I'd gone for something more trainer shaped. Can't wait to get back into my Supergas in the summer though - love them. Fiona xx

  10. Don't know what happened there, it seems to have linked to some hideously black Nike ones - sorry, not those, the ones above ;-) F xx

  11. Yeah!! I love trainers.... The NBs are just ridiculously comfortable and I am just sooo tempted by the Nike air you featured (my little sis just bought them and they look amazing on, genuinely!) Looking forward to seeing if you take the plunge x

  12. I have just bought the burgundy NBs and they are great. Another school run mum asked me where I got them yesterday so they must look ok. Size up as they come up small, I am 5.5 but bought size 6 and they are snug but still very comfortable.

  13. I think the picture at the type are Nike Air Vortex (and not Nike Air Max). I have a pair of the Nike Vortex - after much deliberation between those and the New Balance 410.

  14. Fear I may cave also. OH said he would buy me a pair of NB's on Saturday but nowhere has my size grrrr

  15. I'm not a trainer fan at all but I see others looking so cool in them. I've just bought the white Superga after having had a green pair since last summer which I love. Looking forward to wearing them when it finally warms and dries up a little! Lynne x

  16. Superga are also very comfortable and forgiving to a wide or bunionous foot (although I prefer the plain navy with matching navy sole). Not only forgiving, but they conceal the little blighters beautifully.

    I have just ordered a pair of Gap khakis with today's 20% off "hurry-up" and am intrigued to learn that they "may arrive in more than one package". Reminds me of the old Levi logo with the horses ...

  17. I love trainers, one of my goals in life is to have a pair in every colour! Those navy Nike ones are amazing, and seeing as my navy converse have seen better days I may just have to investigate further!!