The Spring Wishlist.

Rolls up sleeves.  Spring, you're mine.  Bring it on......

Ok so as I say every year, I make bold statements.  I will buy quality not quantity.  I'm going to stick to classic styles.  I'm not going to wear x, y or z.  I'm going to stick to one colour palette.  And then it all goes to pot when I buy ripped shorts in neon yellow, neon pink and a bright floral from Primark.  So that may be a slight stretch of a scenario but I would never discount it from happening. 

Therefore this year, I am trying not to be so bold in my ridiculous statements which, to be fair, do make sense at the time but as I'm as fickle as a fickle thing, last about three weeks. 

This time, along with my, I think, achievable goal of buying max three things a month, I am looking at adding things to my wardrobe that I will a) wear a lot and b) will mean that I get more use out of pieces I already have.  Hopefully this is a more realistic way of skinning the cat.  

I have glittering expectations of me being able to keep to my rules and guidelines this year.  And therefore being able to reward myself with yet another gorgeous bag come next Christmas (that isn't really part of the original plan, is it...) 

But without further ado and allowing me to wander off piste, let's crack on with the first items on my new Wish List. 


Wearing more Dresses.  This was my success story from last year and I'm quite pleased with my little winter haul, although I will admit wearing them on a regular basis during the day hasn't quite materialised.  Somehow I find this easier to achieve in the summer..... maybe it's because summer dresses are cheaper?  They look more casual?  You're less likely to wear trousers because of the heat?  Who knows but I am even - get me - even thinking of perhaps dragging out the tan tights during the day in the spring to wear dresses with little ankle boots.  You may only ever hear me say that once - I fear it could be a very bad idea in the cold light of day but I'm just throwing it out there into the outer reaches of my comfort zone. 

This dress I think would be just perfect with the above.  Ankle boots and a biker jacket would look gorgeous.  I'm thinking my tan Cypress Acne boots and the camel knitted Whistles blazer from oodles ago (that I may have uncovered in a wardrobe the other day)  Or even with black ballet pumps and a little blazer.  I don't know why I am so drawn to it but I really am.  I don't do red, I don't do paisley, I don't do shirt dresses. I absolutely adore this. 

Boutique by Jaeger Vine Print Shirt Dress £85 from £140


I love jeans.  Can't get enough of them.  For those who don't have to have a smart wardrobe, these are your best friend.  I even have been known to test the boundaries of smart casual by wearing them with a blouse and blazer, teamed with pumps be them flat or heeled. 

As well as my beloved skinnies I have for ages been a fan of straight legs rolled up (my Earl ones that I drag out every year are 10 years old!) and now a slightly looser boyfriend style. 

Jeans for me this year are all about the turn up.  This works for me and doesn't work for me.  Small turn up is perfect as generally jeans are too short, so a 7/8ths looking (ie when they're too short) turn up works.  But when you have a hankering for a full on Huckleberry Finn version like the MiH Phoebes below, it all goes a bit Pete Tong.  

These I did order from My Wardrobe (they're now on sale for £154 at 30% off) but they were so short.  Think pedal pusher.   The denim of these is simply gorgeous, the fit is perfect - exactly the right rise and I would have paid full price for these had they been the perfect length.  To wear during the day with any sort of flats, winter or summer, and in the evening with killer pointy courts or strappy sandals.  But alas, it's not meant to be (I even contemplated calling MiH and asking if they had an offcut of fabric that I could somehow sew into the bit you don't see to lengthen the turn up - that sort of ludicrousy is what you call desperate. 

However I definitely am in the market for more skinnies (more?!)  Yes, more.  I love the idea of a denim pair but ones that have a bit of interest in them.  The idea of the patchwork ones has been around for a while so as per usual I'm slightly late to the party but seeing as I have pretty much every other shade of denim skinny jean already, this is perfect for adding that bit of interest to a much more basic set of jeans. 

1969 patch always skinny jeans from Gap £49.95


So two episodes of Silent Witness in (well 4 episodes but two weeks in) and thank you Dr Nicky Alexander (Emilia Foxx), I'm hooked on blouses.  Loose, silky fabric blouses to wear over skinnies, teamed with a blazer - check check check.  I think these are going to be my sweatshirt replacement of the Spring.  Not that I plan on wearing a shirt under it but something to throw on that doesn't cling and is the perfect "top" to wear with jeans, be them skinny or slightly looser.   And, dare I say, shorts.......

Gerard Darel Blouse in Navy now £87.50  This one is still quite an investment but it's absolutely beautiful.  Gorgeous enough to wear to a smart occasion but just as lovely and floaty to wear during the day over faded skinnies and ankle boots with a loose coat for now and a loose or fitted blazer come the cooler months.

The Elephant in the Room 

The trainer.  Now I'm no stranger to a comfy shoe but mine have been very much non utilitarian - Ash, Converse or Supergas - that's swimming safely within my comfort zone.  

But, and it's only an idea, I feel I *may* be about to embark into new territory and (we can blame this entirely at the feet of Ms Jenna Lyons from J Crew.  Or Phoebe Philo from Celine.... actually let's blame her) explore the depths of proper trainer land. 

This topic of hilarity deserves an entire blog on its own (where I shall no doubt conclude that they're not for me and retreat back to the comfort zone of a new pair of Ash Virgos) but in the meantime, this is the sort of thing I am vaguely contemplating. 

I fear that it should be something like a Nike Air max blah blah blah but I think old school is far more preferable (and Queen Jenna's sneaker of choice)

New Balance 410  £55

So that's enough food for thought at the moment.  I shall also, like I did last season, go through my Must Have list which doesn't need replacing (yeah right) - things that will be a staple part of my Spring wardrobe - let's face it, it really is only Spring and low Summer.  High Summer is a whole new ball game. (and usually only lasts about 3 weeks throughout the whole year)

Anything that's on your wishlist?  I have to say I'm most excited about festooning my wardrobe with dresses and shall be seeing if I can sweep any up from the dregs of the sale.  Watch this space.

So finishing with my outfits from the last couple of days. 

This is from Friday for meetings with the builders and electricians, coffee with girlfriends, a lovely lunch and then dinner at one of my bessie's house with all the kids.  Great evening - my hair on the other hand - total disaster.  Didn't have time to blow dry it, thought it would be ok - not so much.  Won't be making that mistake in a hurry.


Navy knitted dress - Whistles
Navy jeggings - Zara
Check coat - Zara
Camel Cypress Boots - Acne
Monogram scarf in Dune - Louis Vuitton

And today for coffee with friends, kids party and a trip to Sports Direct.  I managed not to buy anything for myself, you will all be gobsmacked to hear. 


Denim shirt - Zara
Horsing around sweatshirt - J Crew
Saxby boyfriend jeans - ASOS
Camel coat - Zara
Leopard print boots - M&S
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

So I'm off on a dress hunt.  So far, still zero for 3 on the purchase front.  I do feel a Boden splurge coming on.  Those navy bits from Thursday are totally haunting me. 

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9 comentarios:

  1. please dont do the trainer thing :(

  2. Ooh, I love Emilia Fox and her blouses too. Unsure about her hair this season...
    Lol about Sports Direct. It's my 10 year old's shop of choice. Gah.
    Liz xxx

  3. Hey, speaking of navy bits, I saw a coat in m and s the other day, and it stopped me in my tracks- it was much nicer in real life (as you may also have noticed!) than the website. Also it seemed to be less fitted IRL. Anyway google 'autograph textured duster coat'

  4. I am most definitely ready for spring! Love your Zara check coat:)

  5. I'm definitely with you on the blouses and loving that Gerard Darel one. Perfect for work and I like the idea that it can 'double job' by being paired with jeans for a more casual look. I'm also with the first commenter by the way .... don't do trainers! Your collection of Ash are just perfect!

  6. hi kat, i love your choices for spring darling!

  7. I quite like the trainerr thing, j crew website had some nice looks.

  8. I am turning 40 this year *silent scream* I love reading your blog and you look gorgeous!

  9. Love the bag Kat! Its such a gorgeous colour! Outfit one is fab too....the checked coat is amazing on you! Ax