Feeling the need for print.

So my dress hunt has not been hugely successful.  I need to give this more thought though - research shall recommence this week.  In the meantime, however, on trying to find an outfit to have lunch in on Friday, it occurred to me that whilst I've talked often about blouses, though I do well on the plain top/blouse front, I really don't have that many print ones.

I therefore feel the need for print.  This is a massive knee jerk reaction to err nothing, but justification in my ongoing love of Dr Nikki Alexander from Silent Witness means that I think this may well be another of my purchases this month.  

They're fabulous as I mentioned the other day, for giving new life to old jeans, wonderful for a smart lunch out, dinner party with capri pants and heels, or with sneakers for every day dress down casual.

I think I have included some of these previously but now some of them are super bargainous and it would be rude not to take a second look. 

Starting with this from FCUK which I would personally wear a vest under as it's rather on the sheer side for me.  But I love the navy with the citrus shades.  I'll mention it here and make no apology for mentioning it a million times more but this would be amazing with a ubiquitous navy blazer. (throw on some distressed skinnies and I'm my own walking cliche - this is going to definitely be one of my summer looks)

FCUK Feline Wonder Yellow Blouse now £24 from £49

Levi's Bandana collarless shirt £60  There is something about this I just love.  Completely and utterly adore.  Love the shape of it as well as the shades, the print and the pattern.  I have the perfect cream jackets to go with it too.

Velvet Nyleen India Challis Shirt £129.95  Velvet is a lovely brand and this would last for years and years.  Easy to dress up and down.  Could be smarter or would suit that perfect boho vibe.

MSGM Floral & Leopard Print top was £278 now £139  Absolutely love this.  It's completely marmite and I fear The Husband may bust a lung laughing at it but I LOVE it.  Would go with pretty much any pair of trousers you put with it, ditto any blazer or leather jacket.  Just gorgeous. Again, love the shape. 

DVF Jezebel Blouse now £126 was £252  This has me written all over it.  Gorgeous colour palette and I love a pussy bow blouse.  This for me is the ultimate all occasion blouse.  I'm ignoring the fact it's silk and apparently dry clean only... (I'm sure I handwash silk blouses, no?)

DVF Jezebel Blouse was £252 now £126  I have one already similar to this print although mine is short sleeved but still a great buy.

A similar version is the Sundra Blouse from Anthropologie £98

Limite Edition from M&S No Peep Animal Print Blouse £35.00  Whilst we're on the subject of animal print blouses, this is a stunning shade and yawn yawn yawn, obviously looks a gazillion times better in the flesh.

Limited Edition Peter Pan Collar ditsy floral blouse £29.50  A very different look to this but I'm really coming round to a Peter Pan collar.  The perfect addition to a wardrobe as a nod to the pastel theme which is very strong this season.

Mint Velvet Selena Print Beaded Blouse £69  Now we're talking much more summery here but perfect right now for a night out with pleather leggings. 

Warehouse Floral Elbow Sleeve top £40  Warehouse really do have some absolutely gorgeous things at the moment - I definitely feel the need to explore in more detail but this looks infinitely more expensive than it's price tag would say. 

Phase Eight Emmie Bird blouse in dusty jade £59  This for me is definitely on the way to Spring.  A beautifully classic print - would look great with faded denims and white skinny jeans as well as with a smarter cut capri print trousers, blazer and stilettos. 

We can clearly predict that my obsession will be with a little blazer and either faded skinnies or boyfriend jeans as this would make the ideal top to go with them. 

Gerard Darel Flowered Blouse in Blue now £60 from £150 - excellent bargain

Ignore the massively bad jeans...

Pyrus (a gorgeous brand of blouses) at Atterley Road - Batik Print Jester Blouse now £39 was £109 

And I must leave it there for the minute but I'm definitely not finished with this topic.  For me, I feel that the blouse this season shall be last year's dress for me.  I have a whole host of skinnies that are crying out for excuses to be dragged out this season.  The ideal upcycling of old clothes with just the addition of one or two new tops. 

So this pic below is near as I can get to an outfit post from my fabulous day out on Friday.  If you can believe it though, NO SHOPPING!  Ok so I may have a titchy wish list created but decided not to buy anything and to think about it - I have less than a week left till the end of Jan and so far I have one top. 

Yes, the Zara top that I was going to take back, I clearly had a wardrobe crisis and was sewing the button loop back on after going to the hairdressers on Friday morning so I could wear it.  Actually it's a really useful top.  A ridiculously useful top to wear as a foil for wonderful statement necklaces.   I ended up wearing my petrol blue coated skinnies, black Margo boots, gold Pegasus necklace, black Diego bag and check Zara coat (to go with my red nails)

I am rather worse for wear in this photo.  As you can see, we've cleared the restaurant - thank you so much to the marvellous Botanist on Sloane Square for letting us sit at the table from 2pm till 7pm....... Absolutely fab day.  Birthday Celebration number 1.  Huge success, thank you girls xx


The day after the night before.  Up and out at 8.30am to take the boys to football, followed by Rugrat 1 to drama, out for lunch with the family and then en famille to our niece's 4th birthday party.  Home for movie and a curry listening to the howling wind and rain.  Wearing one of the blouses I own and proving that it's very very useful and I could totally do with more. 

Untitled Untitled

Coated skinnies - Cos
Silk blouse - Isabel Marant
Grey Military coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Black Margo boots - Sam Edelman
Dune coloured monogram scarf - Louis Vuitton
Diamante cuff - Forever 21
Whisky Marcie Medium Satchel - Chloe

Round two of the birthday celebrations tonight.  My birthday is actually today and we're off to a Burns night out at my favourite local restaurant The Vine with some of our closest friends, so ridiculously excited.  It's dressy as well, so I am unearthing a rather old (I think it's three years, maybe four years old?) All Saints dress.  One of my bessies has lent me a fabulous pair of Lucy Choi's which I am giddy about wearing. 

As an early birthday present, I *may* have had a little splurge last night when collapsing on the sofa as I definitely feel another blouse would be a really good addition to my wardrobe.  Care to guess which ones?

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20 comentarios:

  1. Hi, Kat!
    I've found your blog about 3 months ago and I love it.
    Happy birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Love the Anthropologie blouse but the Warehouse one is stunning and very you!

  3. Am all for the floral / leopard print blouse.

  4. Happy Birthday Kat, I love you in that IM blouse great outfit. I love the DVF print bow blouse, I can really see you in that one with your coated skinnies. Xx

  5. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy yourself tonight. Thanks for all the lovely blouse suggestions. The velvet one us delish :-)

  6. Happy birthday. Been really enjoying your blog. I can't do print blouses just make me look ancient. But now I've seen your suggestions I'm going to rethink that one.

  7. You share your Birthday with my daughter who turns 10 today. Love your blog!

  8. Happy Birthday! I love your Isabel Marant blouse, looks really lovely on you
    Abbi x

  9. Happy Birthday Kat! You also share your birthday with my hubbie. Have a lovely evening x

  10. Happy Birthday Kat. Warehouse have some brill stuff in at the moment don't they. I bought that top but took it back as it was too strong a print for me, it's gorgeous though. They've got an amazing blue coat in their sports luxe section which I've had open on my Ipad all day. Think that means I need to order it x

  11. Happy Birthday ! Love your print choices and really like the msgm floral/leopard top - that is really unusual in a very nice way !

  12. Happy birthday! Love the IM blouse on you. Am also obsessed with Dr Nikki and her casual style - unearthed an old zara navy and white patterned blouse today to wear with jeans and IM esque huge cardi I got in zara sale. Like the velvet blouse best of your list above. Hx

  13. Happy Birthday Kat! Love your blog. Following your post on 23rd where you mentioned a silk black pussy bow blouse from Zara - well, it was my birthday yesterday, 41, and I had a shopping morning to myself (bliss, I've 2 small girls) and guess what I found in Zara, your blouse! Reduced from 69.99 to 16.99 (honestly, not telling you this to annoy you). Of course I thought of you and would have left it hanging on the rail had it not been for your post. Blouse is beautiful on - great for nights out and funerals - not joking

  14. Happy Birthday. You are looking wonderful, as always, keep up the good blog. xx :)

  15. Love this post! Btw any idea where the blue leather biker jacket Nikki Alexander wears this series is from?? I heart it so!!

  16. Happy Belated Birthday Darl! <3 Ax