If you can't find the shoe you're fixated on...

....then my advice would be to think outside the box.  Or, just have a mooch around M&S (there are other excellent shoes shops available) and stumble across a shoe that will pretty much do exactly the same job. 

As I have bellyached about on here numerous times, I would love a pointed flat shoe.  I was fortunate enough to be sent some stunning ballet flats last year from The British Flat Shoe Company which, if you're looking for great quality proper ballet flats that you can actually wear outdoors (not naming names but there is a certain very very well known ballet flat company that, albeit years ago, I bought a pair of shoes from which were trashed within an offensively short period of time - returned them, only to be told "they're not made to be worn excessively outside".  Obviously not.  Them being SHOES and all that)

There definitely is room for a classic ballet flat - I love teaming them with a more quirky outfit to keep it on the elegant side (this is in my head of course but I sort of think it works) but I still have this obsession (and yes in case anyone hasn't noticed, I get genuinely obsessed with things fashion wise. Occasionally.  Sometimes more than occasionally)  with the pointed flat. 

I have tried everywhere.  And they are never comfy.  They are too pinchy and pointy and crease hideously over the toes after wearing them for 20 mins.  I would like to point out, at this juncture, that I haven't explored anything costing £200 plus.  I am talking a more reasonable price and whilst the Whistles ones came close last year, I couldn't guarantee, after staggering around the shop for 5 mins, that they weren't going to cripple me within half an hour of the first wear.  And at approaching £100, I needed guarantees.  I needed them to make me dinner and hang the washing out for that price but I'd have settled for not killing my feet.

Now as much I take the proverbial p out of their online pics, shoe wise, M&S manage to do a pretty darn good job.  Online and in the flesh.  That's probably because they photo the garment and not some poor 70's stylee model who would rather poke forks in her eyes than stand in the woeful stance she's been directed in.  Actually, on inspection, I have come to the conclusion that the majority of the pics are photoshopped which is no excuse but does happen to be a reason for them being so diabolical. 

But call off the dogs.  I may be blinded by all things pointy and be clutching at pointy straws here, but.....I. Love. These. Shoes. 

I predict them being ridiculously marmite.  And I'm not "entirely" sure I can rock them as well as in my head I think I'll be able to. (Ok I'll fess up - when something like this usually happens - as in I go off piste with an item when the original quest cannot be fulfilled - it doesn't end well.  It usually ends in a whole lot of new clothes being bought to go with aforementioned off piste item as it ultimately isn't what I a) needed or b) wanted.  And I end up looking like a dick full stop.  With a whole load of random clothes that aren't me and never see the light of day.  Bar to the charity shop.  You have been warned)

However I am hoping that these may not be as radically off piste as a small voice in my head is telling me.  They are Audrey Hepburn meets Marni (yes I may have had a glass of wine). 

They are slightly bonkers but I think with capri pants, shirt, crew neck jumper or sweatshirt, oversized coat of some description (and when it gets colder, either ditch the shirt or the jumper and just have one layer), these could work.  Alternatively, how about a pair of turned up faded straight leg jeans, linen tee or loose print blouse and blazer?   Are they not very Alexa does Miss Marple?

Has my obsession with a point, finally got the better of me....?

So here they are with a pair of skinny 7/8ths jeans.  This is the black leather (which was the only one that I could see instore but as I look at the second pic, it does look like they have the cobalt pair on a shelf.  However I am sure that this was in fact a kitten heel.  Which I can't do.  Tall bird in a small kitten heel has the unfortunate look of large lady who has worn her stiletto down to the ground.  Tis nay a good look) 


And straight on.  For the record, Zara bag is something I'm returning from before Christmas....


And here they online which, relative to the majority of M&S pics, has a positively Vogue quality about it. 

Autograph Leather Wide Fit Pointed Toe Block Heel Shoe in black £49.50

What I definitely didn't see and what I think is all sorts of cool (and definitely gave me the Marni vibe) is in white with a black heel.  I bet absolutely no-one would think this was from M&S.  In fact this is top of my list in front of the plain black at the moment.  Awesome.  Totally awesome. 

Autograph Leather Pointed Toe Shoes £49.50

It's a fab shaped heel. 

Now I don't do red really, but if I did, these would have my name all over them. 

Autograph Suede Wide fit Pointed Toe Block Heel Shoes with Insolia £49.50

Autograph Suede Pointed Toe Block Heel Shoes with Insolia £49.50  Blue too!  I need to stop with the blue - I'm doing navy for the day and cobalt for the night.  Sorted. 

And I know I shouldn't as I think I'd get more wear out of the white ones with the black heel, but how absolutely gorgeous are these?  Say what you like about M&S (I usually do) but they really know how to deliver the most fabulously expensive looking leopard print footwear. 

Autograph Ponyskin Pointed Toe Leopard Print shoes with Insolia £55

And there we have my new shoe. (which I haven't bought yet as I clearly need to carefully plan it as one of my three purchases....)  Go on - break it to me gently....... 

There are actually still some other pointy ones that I've found out there that it will be worth having a look at which I'll be bring to you tomorrow.  As I'm pretty sure these above are going to go down like a lead balloon! 

Moving therefore swiftly onto outfit of the day.  These jeans are as old as my 9year old daughter.  A testament to the fact that it does pay to spend good money on jeans you love.   Actually scrap that.  I'd say it pays to spend time finding good jeans you love.  Most denim is exceptionally hard wearing and in my experience, the fit is more important than the price.  Cheap jeans can be amazing, they can be pants.  And ditto the ones that cost 20 times the price.  

Horsing around navy sweatshirt - JCrew
Dark Indigo straight legs turned up - Earl Jeans 
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Camel coat - Zara
Cashmere beanie - Hush Homeware
Crocheted wrist warmers - Dorothy Perkins
Navy Carter Loafers - Russell & Bromley
Whisky medium Marcie satchel - Chloe

Let the shoe bashing begin.......

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25 comentarios:

  1. I love them all but at the moment will stand back and watch others (you) style them first before I jump in with 'pointy shoe' x

  2. Hmmm like them on others - but not really me - I do like the white ones - they'd be lovely with a shift dress in the Spring.

  3. I just saw schoolrunstyle Frances in a Limited patterned version - I'm a convert now - get them in every color! It still counts as one purchase as it is only one shoe:)

  4. I think the heel makes them look old fashioned, but it seems to be on trend! As As an aside, how do the British ballet shoes fit? I'm a 40, with slightly wider feet, not too wide, and ballets also cut me across near the big toe, but I need some I my life that are comfortable and not frumpy!

  5. The leopard print is my favourite. The heel is a little librarian-ish. Not sure in the black. Looking at them front on I don't like that there isn't enough black edge/side of shoe rising up to cover top of foot. That's it. You've got pointy toe but not enough shoe for me. Louise :)

  6. Today's post made me laugh out loud. What a tonic with my morning coffee! I have also been after a pointy flat for a while. Agree with what you say about most of them being agony. Actually really want a proper flat one, but am quite getting into your Audrey/Marni vibe choice. Think white/black combo the best by far. Only criticism would be lack of toe cleavage (which I always think makes a shoe more attractive - especially for the larger hoofed among us).

  7. Absolutely adore them all. And I have the floral ones on order too. But the black ones are classic and you should totally get them. You will get loads of wear out of them ... providing they are comfortable.

  8. just found your blog. Its excellent! I have those Earl jeans in the skirt version, bought when my 12 yr old was wriggling in his buggy. (I should have got the jeans, and had he slept as planned, I would have!) I'm on the fence with those shoes - great post though!

  9. I actually LOVE them! No question...no doubts. If they fit my wide foot (which to date has hated every pointy shoe I've ever tried or bought), they're in the bag for me. The patterned ones (that Alex also has over at The Frugality - as well as Frances) are great too but for me the black or leopard are much more wearable. Great find - off to try them on! Ax

  10. Great minds eh?!....you have chosen some beautiful shoes, I have so far bought the floral cube heel ones (similar to the style of your ones above) a pair of silver court shoes for sisters bday present and a pair of super gorgeous shaped black heels! The leopard print ones you have featured are gorge..need.them.too! M&S now need to bring that level of inspiration to their clothes and hey presto they may see their sales rocket! x

  11. Hi Kat, I love your blog but you are so responsible for me buying so much that I would have never seen! Anyway, boden have some pointy flats in patent colours that look similar to what you are after. A few years ago I got some gorgeous mustard soft ballet flats with a ribbon bow on the front from a market in France! very Audrey, I wore them until they fell to bits so on your hunt if you find any mustard pumps, preferably with bow please blog them!!

  12. Your blog is Fab...have to get my fix everyday. Love the print & the white, not too sure about the heel, think I prefer the D'Orsay pumps you blogged last year.But today's blog revealed something else...I always wondered why kitten heels looked so odd on me (tall, long arms)..now I know!! Honestly...a light has gone on..

  13. Love those pony skin ones, and I have an M&S gift card burning as hole in my pocket.....On the subject of not being able to wear shoes outside, I recently bought a pair of Ash Virgins that lasted 7 weeks before splitting right across the sole of both shoes. With the help of excellent customer service from Baukjen (can't fault them, they were terrific given that they aren't the manufacturer) I sent them back to Ash who glued them back together and sent them back. 3 weeks later I was back to square one and can't wear them in the rain (and therefore not at all!). Is this common or have I been terrifically unlucky?!

  14. M & S also have some sling back pointy shoes which will be great when weather improves - not sure about the heel on the ones above.

  15. what happened to your style? used to love it but bare ankles, sunnies and a hat??

  16. You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

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  17. I saw those M&S shoes in store the other day and was tempted, but actually succumbed to some heels with an ankle strap in a lovely very dark blue (Ink, I believe they call it). They're the Goldilocks of heels - Just High Enough for my 5'8 frame.

  18. They'd all be lovely...without that heel. Ugh!

  19. Thx God I discovered ur blog! You have such a good taste, thx a lot for sharing with us!
    I would like to know which booties (grey?) you worn in the picture with the mirror?
    Thank you soo much in advanc, Pat

  20. You know, I first read this and didn't think I liked them but I think they're a grower! Have just ordered the floral ones as like the idea of wearing them with boyfriend jeans and a sweatshirt.

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