Dress obsessed.

So a hugely unsuccessful trying on session of Over the Knee boots yesterday.  As an aside, if you're 5ft 10, OTK boots aren't so much that - they're more a rather average Up to the Knee boot.  Except that the top part is wider as it's clearly supposed to go over your knee and so the effect is that of Wader.  I look like a normal person wearing dwarf waders.  Faintly/exceptionally foolish looking.

I also wore straight leg jeans which was ridiculous - think trying to tuck a chunky knit jumper into skinny jeans.  Wrong and then some.  The whole thing was a disaster but I did spot some rather nice thigh high (dear god, yes I am one step away from brothel) boots called Vanessa in Kurt Geiger.   These are, on me, I promise, over the knee (don't laugh).  I couldn't get a good pic at all (small 9 yr old not loving the shopping as much as I was despite me having taken her ice skating for an hour and spent a lot longer than an adult ever should in Claire's Accessories) 

I did however swap the Reiss off white Brompton sandals that I bought (and moved heaven and earth to find - thank god The Husband didn't end up picking them up, I'd never live it down....) for the cobalt blue ones which are slightly more expensive but actually, I think will be a lot more useful in the Spring than the off white ones.  I am becoming addicted to this colour - alongside black and navy, it is fast becoming my all time favourite colour palette.  These will be completely perfect with the leopard print dress that I bought from Whistles in the summer last year, leaving my black Burberry ones to go with the Boden Dalmation print one.  Job.  Done.  They also match perfectly my silk Zara scarf blazer that I will also wear loads and just lift a plain pair of jeans and a black or navy top for a swift night out with the girls.  Already have a black bag so no need to find a new one - justification over.  (the fact that they go perfectly with a dress I have my eye on but haven't yet bought is neither here nor there of course.  Normal I never claimed to be) 

And as I actually purchased these in Dec, they don't count towards my Jan tally. 

Brompton Cobalt Two tone bib front sandals now £129 down from £210 from Reiss.

It also gives me a great starter for ten in a dress hunt. (see above...)  Dresses are definitely something to take advantage of in the sales.  I'm not talking normal dresses that you like and could buy but those ones that are usually out of budget.  And just sneak into your budget now that they are reduced.  I am fast becoming hooked on wearing a dress on a night out - you could call it an obsession, I prefer to term it a mild addiction (I'm not entirely sure that's any better but I'm all out of justifications at the moment) 

So without further ado, let's peruse the higher end of the market and see if there are any bargains to be had.  We nearly all have a special occasion to go that is at that absolutely pants time of the year for dressing - Spring.  It's normally not warm enough for anything that's in the shops so be a clever dresser this year and get something now that you could wear (or just buy something for the hell of it and because you love the dress but you didn't hear that from me) 

Starting with another fabulous French brand Iro.  These are a great shape - easy to team with tights in the Winter but perfect with bare legs for warmer Summer nights out. 

Iro Shift dress with drape skirt - was £240 now £128 in Anthracite 

And in blue - also £128 (and how fabulous would this look with my new shoes? Ho diddly hum) 

Boutique by Jaeger Shift Dress in Floral Jacquard £129 from £199. This is one of those perfect dresses that covers all occasions.  Wear with strappy sandals for a night out, a pair of pointed courts for a wedding or smart occasion.  With lower courts and a blazer for work or with a pair of flat ballet pumps or flat sandals in the summer for just bombing around during the day as.... oh yes my fave.... it goes in the washing machine.  Hurrah!  I know Jaeger isn't exactly what I had in mind with my higher end brands but it's not something that I would spend £200 odd on for a dress to wear every day.

This is the slightly metallic version of the Sandro one I loved now reduced even further at Selfridges. 

Roc Peplum-hem Dress was £260 now £130.  Absolutely adore this dress. 

Now I know that Karen Millen isn't exactly top end but it's certainly the more expensive end of the high street and definitely not somewhere that is normally on my list of must visit shops.  But perhaps I should venture in more often as this dress is absolutely exquisite. 

Karen Millen Metallic Lace Dress was £190 now £130

This dress actually isn't expensive at all but now it's a positive bargain. I think this is easily pretty enough to dress up for a night out - absolutely perfect for holiday as it's jersey so will roll up into the tiniest ball in your suitcase and come out gleaming.  Great for jetting around during the day with a pair of flipflops.  I would even take this camping. 

Etre Cecile Printed cotton dress was £75 now £52 from Matches

One of my bessies has this dress and honestly it is the best "go to" dress ever.  Goes in the washing machine like a dream - looks fab with a biker jacket over it or dressed up with a huge statement necklace.  This is the perfect dress for those with a bigger bust - the cut of the fabric on top is unbelievably flattering, I promise.  Just gorgeous and I would buy in a heartbeat if a) she didn't have it and b) I simply can't justify another black dress. GAH.

Acne Pinch Crepe Dress was £240 now £120 

This is another perfect dress for all year round.  As easy to wear with tights as it would be with bare legs.  Perfect to stick with the monochrome theme or add another colour for a completely different look.  Half price bargain at Matches. 

Varenna Dress from Maxmara's Max £124 from £248 

Another MaxMara dress but this time MaxMara Studio, again half price and again perfect for so many occasions.  Absolutely love the styling of this from Matches. 

Galea Dress £124 was £248

Need I say more about this Acne dress other than I Must. Not. Buy... but anyone else, pretty please?  Gosh I love this.   With black opaque, bare legs, nude sandals.... I'm moving on quickly.

Acne Palm Lynx-print dress again half price £145 from £290

And yes another perfect black dress, again half price and yes, this one is handwash too.  At an absolutely ideal price. 

Maxmara Studio Annica Dress  £145 from £290.  The styling of this with the red - just too fabulous.  Imagine if the stylists from Matches moonlighted at M&S.  Oh just imagine. I honestly don't think any of us would shop anywhere else. 

Leopard print, the most fantastic neutral colourway that would take you seamlessly into the Summer, half price and one of my fave songs.  I am giving this one serious consideration. 

DVF Jolene Dress £152 from £304. I machine wash my jersey silk from DVF but don't tell anyone...

This is the same colour as my old DVF dress that I've had for 5 years and wear every year.  This is pink and navy - stunning colours. 

Ruri Dress from DVF now £160 was £320

You know my new shoes....... 

Sportsmax Comune Dress £165 from £330 

At which point I am going to take a break but shall be back tomorrow.  Too much loveliness for just one day, I have loads more up my sleeve but, just in case, shall spend the rest of the evening doing research.  

As I hope you can see, if you do have a special occasion coming up, it really can be worthwhile having a look at those designers/sites at which you might not normally look. Most of the above dresses are pretty much the price of a Reiss or Whistles dress but I'd bet my bottom dollar a) you won't see anyone else in them and b) you'll keep them in your wardrobe a lot longer.  Only thing you have to promise is that once you've worn them for the special occasion, you must keep on wearing them and not just save them for best! 

More tomorrow. 

Finishing with outfit from yesterday.  Date with the 9 yr old, ice skating, shopping and Pizza Express.  Over the moon doesn't describe it and that was just me.  Yes seriously she is the best, most amusing company and I adore every minute I spend with her.  Even if she did tell me that with my hair straight I look younger until you get really close up and then you can see my wrinkles more.  One to think about.....

It's the coat again.  Oh and new (at last!) navy and black loafers that I got in the sale at Russell & Bromley before Christmas.  They were due to be from The Husband but he trumped me with the Chloe bag so I ended up paying for them myself.  You can't return sale items to R&B.  What. A. Shame.  (well you can but only for a credit note - chocolate teapot?)


Navy zip back jumper - Zara
Straight leg jeans turned up - Jigsaw
Navy/black loafers - R&B
Check coat - Zara
Cuff - Hultquist
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe 

Have a great night everyone and happy dress shopping!

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  1. LOVE this coat - but I DO NOT NEED one - though 5 degrees F in Atlanta may justify it….no, no, no - especially as I got the camel Zara coat in the sale! Damn you Kat, damn you.xx

  2. Oooh, well done your husband. The Chloe is fab. Love your Reiss shoes and like you I love cobalt too. Some stunning dresses here Kat just when I was about to have a month of no spending...xxx

  3. Loving this blog Kat. I've my little guys First Holy Communion!!!! this summer. May can be a particularly difficult month to dress for so I'm gonna take a look at your dresses.

  4. fabulous post and you've just sorted out my dress for my hen do ( not that I need another dress) but have bought the acne one to go with an amazing new statement necklace i've just bought... keep up the good work xx