The gods of shopping are against me.

GAH.  So we're approaching the end of January and I have bought nada.  If we don't count the £80 I spend on the 9year old's hockey kit today (SOB - clearly she's never ever giving up and if I can, I might make her wear it to parties....She usually goes for a Helena Bonham Carter vibe, slightly eclectic to put to mildly, so I'm she she could somehow shoehorn a purple skort into an outfit.)

I have tried to shop very carefully. I have really really tried (ok so admittedly not as hard as I usually do) but I've been brutal in my selection of items.  I have thought long and hard - given much more dedication to it than I do usually (and that's saying something) and it's been a disaster. 

The impulse, spray and pray shopping option may randomly have more success.

So to share my tales of woe, firstly I ordered this dress from Matches in one size and from Bernard Boutique (a lovely little shop I discovered after a quick - ie hours - google) in another.

The Acne Paint Dress 

In my head this was going to work perfectly with my blue and black strappy Brompton sandals from Reiss.  In reality - it didn't.  The sizing was all off on me.  Acne comes up really big and, I've come to the conclusion is cut for those more endowed of bust than my pancake self.  There was just too much fabric for me on top, when it fitted on the bottom (and I am the least pear shaped person out there) 

Dress search abandoned.  Moving onto my new black top idea.  The perfect top that would work for during the day but also work at night.  I have worn my cream Whistles sculptured top so much (and have great plans for the yellow one when it gets ever so slightly warmer) and for the past 4 years I have completely lived in my black pussy bow silk shirt from Zara, so I thought another one in a similar vein could really add a hugely functional aspect to my wardrobe. 

So I was giddy when I found this black top for all seasons in Zara.

Top with faux leather cuffs £29.99

Should have known better, shouldn't I?  As much as I love Zara and I really do (as you may have noticed), I honestly think Zara has become a tale of two shops.  I think it is now very much, you get what you pay for.  And whilst £30 isn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination, again, I think the prices have crept up and up and in the scheme now of Zara prices, unfortunately £30 is on their cheaper side. 

Therefore I wasn't remotely surprised, truth be told, when the tiny loop on the back button at the neck broke after one wear.  If you are a regular Zara shopper, particularly in the sales, this is the one thing you have to watch like a hawk on so many of their back button up tops as about 80% of them will be knackered.

I am off out tomorrow for a long lunch with the girls.  An annual occurrence for either mine or or one of my closest friends whose birthday is in Feb - we trawl up to London for shopping and lunch. (last year mine was snowed off so we managed to sit in the same local restaurant from 9am to 7pm.  As you do)  And it's lovely to have something new and fab to wear.  A top would be the ideal wardrobe purchase - perfect for lunch but something I can then wear again and again in the coming months.  The ideal foil to dress up and dress down (my favourite saying I know - yawn yawn) 

Big fat mission fail.  It's too late now and I shall be wearing something else but I do still think that these tops that I have come back to again and again are clearly a winner for me.  

So here's what I have been perusing - a top is DEFINITELY still number one on my purchase list (or maybe a dress...) 

Starting with a similar version to my silk Zara one (which was, actually very expensive for Zara - I remember being appalled four years ago at paying £69.99 for it - but hey ho, it's paid for itself 10 times over and hasn't been struck down by the Zara curse.  It clearly does pay to pay in there)

Black long sleeve pussy bow top £25  Dorothy Perkins

Limited Edition M&S Dippy Hem Shape blouse £29.50  Now, this was what I was initially looking to buy when I came home with the Zara one.  This is perfect.  Better quality fabric than the Whistles one by a country mile and less than half the price AND in stock.  But on me - alas, it was too high cut at the side.  So that lovely flattering slit that works on nearly everyone else?  Yup - flash of muffin on me.  Barf.  

If you are not as tall as 5ft10 though, please buy it.  You will live in it. 

Another version which I've found online is this one - who on earth knows what it will be like in the flesh.  On the upside, it can't be any worse than it looks here.  And it actually doesn't look *that* bad.  I have high hopes...

M&S Collection Crepe Shell Blouse £29.50  

Black Crepe curve hem top from Dorothy Perkins £25  There are loads out there for me to try, though can't vouch for the quality of the next two.  Clearly the craze has caught on.....

And one from New Look for £17.99

Limited Edition Quilted top £29.50 Now this is slightly off piste with regards to the initial brief but actually - on looking for a black top that I could wear on a daily basis that wasn't a sweatshirt or a jumper, this would work.  If you zoom in on the pic through the link at M&S, it really is the most stunning textured fabric. 

Now for me the orange is maybe a bit out there but I love the look of this top from Dorothy Perkins and and and it goes beautifully with leopard print shoes. 

Orange Ponte step hem top £15

And here's the same top in navy for only £7.50

I know I've had this one before, actually can't remember whether I showed the black or the cream but speaking of cream shell tops and leopard print... this one from River Island would be just perfect for both day and night. 

River Island top with contrast colour £30

Moving onto print I absolutely love this print for the summer.  Ideal for my coated petrol skinnies and all jeans of pretty much every shade.  I'd love this actually with distressed jeans and either a navy shrunken blazer or a navy or grey cocoon style coat.  Navy ballet pumps or.....dare I mention it...... trainers..... (I am going to cover this when I work up the courage, I promise.  Still jury is out) 

Esprit Geo print woven tee £39.00

And I could go on forever but I've decided to wear my cream Whistles top tomorrow for my day out with the girls.  The first of my birthday outings (41 is so much better than 40!), blowdry in the morning, followed by shopping and a late lunch in London.  I am ridiculously excited about it and am off to get an early night. 

So quickly finishing with my outfit from today. 


Black zip back jumper - Zara
Black & metallic skinny jeans - 2nd Day
Grey coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Grey wrist warmers - Toast
Black textured scarf - Mint Velvet
Grey Cherelle bag - Whistles 

How is everyone else doing with their January purchases?  I have just been sent an 20% off voucher from ASOS for my birthday so it would be utterly rude not to see if there's anything I fancy from there.  Still - may blow the 3 item budget tomorrow on the Kings Road.  Watch this space..... Top of the list is still the top and a dress.  Maybe the gold shoes (can't believe I didn't order the River Island ones, went to do it this morning and they're OOS in my size.  I am a tool.  First rule of blogging - buy before you blog.  Eejit.)

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11 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat, had the m & s dippy hem top for my bday and have lived in it, washes like a dream! Enjoy you bday lunch with the girls, tjay.

  2. I would view it as exciting that you have not made January purchases - either money saved OR more for next month!!

    Sometimes the harder you look for something the more elusive it becomes....

  3. I urge you to work up the courage for a trainers post ('down with the kids' style or otherwise). I broke my foot a while back and have been told I have to wear trainers for months - so desperate for some inspiration. Ash ones not supportive enough - i.e. not 'real' trainers. And what the Hell do you wear them with? Fine for 20-something gazelles in the Alexa mode to pair them with tea dresses, but - really??? Help!

  4. Hope you have a successful shopping day (otherwise you may have to rethink your "no-rollover" rule?)

    I didn't plan to do your three-a-month thing, but it seems to have happened. Jigsaw sale black Linton tweed top for New Year's eve also works for day time with the Gap Chambray shirt:
    (more forgiving on the flat of front than denim) and that also works under this Breton-ish jumper from the Gap sale: (only £9.99 in-store) which fits me perfectly.
    There was also a black/grey/neon South American looking scarf ... but it was only £5 in Primark and there is no picture on-line so it doesn't count, does it?

    You are right about the black pussy bow shirt - that's why I love your blog, I agree with you - had one for ages and it is extremely useful.

  5. I think you're right with 'spray and pay' (love the phrase!) Too much thought can spell disaster, I think shopping is best done with the heart and not the head. What a shame about the Acne dress - it looks lovely.

  6. Have a fab day tomorrow Kat, Love Liz xxx

  7. Have been thinking about buying the Whistles shell top for a while but as I am officially short I think I will order the M&S one it sounds fab and at £30 a great buy! Shame about the Acne dress it really is stunning x

  8. Go you... I did not fair so well- Anya Hindmarch got me!!

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