Is navy the new black?

I know that I'm supposed to be all about the black with my new found Parisian love but seeing as fickle is my middle name, I may, just may be also embracing all things navy.  

To be fair and in my defence, this isn't a new thing. I have been hankering after a navy bag and navy bits for eons but somehow I always end up bolting back to black. (and I'm over the navy bag thing now that I have navy boots - that is one navy step too far)

But actually I do think that coming into the Spring, navy is probably an easier colour to wear than black.  Less harsh in bright sunlight against skin that is yet to tan (ie yet to be subjected to lashings of the fake stuff if you're me....) and a softer colour to team with summery brights and pastels.  

Plus I now love wearing it with black so it's all win win in the long run.  A fabulously useful neutral colour all round to be fair, I adore with yellow, tan, white, grey, cobalt - in fact you name it, I'll team it with navy. 

And from my brief hoof around the new season stock yesterday, I can safely say that the High Street is also having a navy fling.  As if I didn't have enough on my wish list, I made the mistake of sitting down for ten minutes last night with the new Boden catalogue.  FOOL. 

However, I haven't yet made any inroads into my three magic items this Jan (at this rate I'm not going to get anything.  Yeah right) but I am confident that something will be navy. 

So whilst I have the whole of the new season at my feet to start wittering on about, instead of focusing on any specific item, I'm devoting this blog to a love of all things navy. 

Let the navy fest begin. 

Now whilst so much of M&S is just confusing - as a shopper I struggle to navigate it so how your normal person is supposed to make head or tail of the variety that there is, hell only knows.  Having said that, the best collection by far (even though everything seems to be called Collection or Edit now.....) is Limited Edition. 

This coat is a thing of actual beauty.  If I didn't have navy coat overload or if it was an actual mac rather than a decorative one, I would have bought this in a heartbeat.  

I am boring myself by pre-empting every M&S link I do by saying that it's a rubbish pic, better in real life, blah blah but guess what......IT IS. Hence I've included a small pap from my phone which is pants but I still think gives you a better idea of what the coat actually looks like. 

Limited Edition Double Breasted Mac £79


This is just too gorgeous from Massimo Dutti. 

Short Jacquard Cardigan £99

Moving onto shoes and these Chelsea Boots, I've had my eye on for a while now and thought they might go into the sale but no.  To be honest I'm not surprised as they're much more Spring than Winter really.  

And here we have a total case of soddus lawus - tributes to the Isabel Marant Jennys that I couldn't find for love nor money ages ago, now of course, they're everywhere.  

Here in Indigo (very dark navy I think) at M&S Indigo Collection Suede Ankle high boots £59

Moving onto my brief foray into the Boden catalogue, which has resulted in the longest wish list I've ever had from them.  Their transformation from errrm, what they were (my mum always told me if I can't say anything nice don't say anything at all and it was always purely my opinion anyway - we can't all like the same thing) to the Go To place for little gems that will take you from late Winter right into high Summer is extraordinary.  Yes, you still have to flick through, what are to me, some interesting print dresses but they're just not my thing, but there are some absolute gold bits in there.

I was lamenting to one of my bessie's the other day at not having bought the navy with white check trousers from Gap or the navy with navy with red check ones from Zara.  But hold the front page, there was a reason I didn't, as these have my name All Over Them. 

With a side zip too - dream trousers. 

Statement Ankle Skimmer Trousers £79 (ok so these are called Raven floral but in the catalogue they really do look navy.... *feels whole navy blog & plan for world domination in "navy trews" going down the pan.....*)

In the interests of me not looking like a total cheese, here is another pic of the print which lead me to believe it was navy. 

Yes I'm back with a matching jumper.  Love this.  Absolutely love it so much I want to cry.  I am absolutely determined to wear them together (she says - I love the concept of this and have done for years.  Every time I attempt to do it - fail.)

I promise I will draw the line at the coat as well (that may be because I can't find it online but only *maybe*..... )  Scrap that, I've found it.... It's so navy isn't it?

Finishing clothes with a fabulous 60's inspired jumper called Audrey.  Oh what's not to love.  With ankle skimmer trousers and ballet pumps, could you look more French? (Ignore the shorts.  Please ignore the shorts. I love shorts but I fear these may be jersey and identical to pairs that my 7 and 5 year old boys have.  This would be a V Bad thing on pretty much every single level.)  (Ok so I've just looked and they're not the same fabric.  They're a structured cotton.  PHEW.  Don't think I'll take the risk though...there are some other pretty lovely prints mind you...)

Shoes - these are navy and china blue and already low stock in some sizes. YIKES.   I have my navy loafers which I am completely in love with but these would have been a serious contender for my Spring wardrobe otherwise.  Eyeing up the black ones mind....

Talking of Chelsea boots - these are Boden's version.  I personally prefer with a slightly more masculine heel but I can see how many would prefer the shaped heel. 

It doesn't all have to be new season - believe it or not there are still a few - very few - bargains out there.  This is now an absolute steal at Whistles. I sent it back at double the price but for £40, it is far more tempting.  

Whistles Ovoid Silk Sweatshirt 

Plus absolutely love this Jacquard Skater Skirt, also from Whistles which is now down from £115 to £60   Ok so it's navy and black but it's just too cute. And so useful.  Absolutely love how they've styled it here with a black polo neck.  Would look gorgeous with a black or navy shell top over it, black or navy shirt tucked in.  Or how about a white shirt with a navy box cardigan over it ....

and as if by magic, here I have the perfect navy box cardigan from Me+Em.  I have become rather obsessed with jumpers and sweatshirts so a change is as good as a rest and this seems to be rather useful on every scale. 

As we can see, a pretty good wish list going.  I think the first thing I need to do though, is write a list of what I need for the new season.  What sort of look I'm going for (bonjour bonjour bonjour), what I need to add to my existing wardrobe to bring it up to date.  A Wish List.  I love doing these - it's like Christmas in Jan.  Anyone else done one?  Hopefully mine will be vaguely useful...... 

Finishing as per usual with outfits from the last couple of days. 


Excuse rather random looking bra here - it's me standing at a funny angle which I don't stand at usually but the 9 yr old was having a Diva moment about taking the photos so couldn't ask her to take any more. 

Black longline tee - Baukjen
Grey embellished sweatshsirt - Zara
Black scarf - Mint Velvet
Black JetStream wedge trainers - Russell & Bromley
Black Diego Bag - Alexander Wang


Black polo neck - Zara
Leather skirt - Zara
Black coat - Zara
Leopard print wedge boots - M&S
Black Diego Bag - Alexander Wang

Right.  I'm off to get a glass of wine.  I have done Mon to Thursday wine free.  To say I have found this on the more difficult side has been an understatement.  To say I'm looking forward to my glass of Rioja, even more so.  

And to begin my Wish List - back tomorrow.  

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13 comentarios:

  1. I can vouch for the M & S coat, it is beautiful, I may just have to go back and buy it!

  2. LOVE the M&S mac and Chelsea boots - just fab...and your new M&S wedges are fabulous - can't get enough leopard print as far as I am concerned!

  3. At Primary school we could wear anything so long as it was brown, and at Juniors; Navy.
    I swore off those two colours for life.
    I have never gone back to brown, I'm too emotionally scarred by it, primary school was the 70s, anything that colour was itchy polyester, (unfortunately my mother wasn't cool enough to buy me cords).
    After the wilderness years as a permanently in black, not-very-successful-at-it goth (I liked clean hair, had a calling for a ditsy print AND I concluded it wasn't actually pissing my parents off dressing that way), I realised that Navy just suits me, (and most people) and have worn it as my base colour ever since. I have to be careful to avoid wearing anything in that too-blue version of Navy, for fear of resembling a Bank Clerk at work, but the "new" navy, also known as Midnight or Ink, a very dark, sometimes grey-ish tone is far more flattering (and if the mood takes you can easily be worn with black. In fact most colours just look better with navy; yellow, grey, leopard print, cobalt, white... I think black cheapens them all.
    So, that M&S coat is tempting, however they have even managed to make it look shapeless and unappealing whilst it is swinging lifelessly and unflatteringly from the tiny frame of the gorgeous model, what chance me?!
    (Why don't M&S just employ you, with your iphone, to take their photos for the website?)... xx

  4. Gosh, how completely gorgeous are those Boden shoes..?! They would sooo fit into my (fictional at the moment) summer wardrobe..I am off to order them. I am a sucker for navy, I am off to Paris in a couple of weeks and will be wearing my uniform of navy sweater and jeans with pride (with a breton thrown in there..!), black makes me look 150! Love those wedge boots too, they look fab x

  5. Have to say, love the boden coat - in fact the whole outfit with the striped sweater! Need a coat or jacket - NO! But may give in cause it's so great. Cheers. Glass of wine in hand here - isn't Thursday the new Friday?

  6. Love love love navy! But I can never find the items I want in navy. Off to look at those M&S boots, may just fill my navy casual boot shaped hole! X

  7. Totally agree with you on navy. VERY French, and far more forgiving on - ahem - the more mature woman. Actually think it's a myth that black suits everyone; I think it is really hard to wear and draining on most people and navy far more flattering. And elegant. Thanks again for your blog - do so love it.

  8. I was just moaning about my winter Audrey jumper as it seems to shrink each time I wash it. Canvassing opinion it turns out I'm not the only one so beware! I'll be lucky if mine fits my two year old by next winter... I have a lot of boden knitwear but it's only happened with the Audrey. That I paid almost full price for. Grrrr!

  9. Please continue to pap your M&S finds - no wonder I never buy online from them everything looks pants! Can't wait for your new season wish list Spring is my very favourite shopping time of year - summery colours with a bit more coverage than the summer season where every shop thinks we live in the Bahamas. Ooh and loving the French themes too x

  10. Please go and photograph everything in M&S. I saw that navy coat today and it actually looked like your photo, unlike the rubbish M&S site. Navy is so flattering. Love your blog and read every post.

  11. Any Boden discount codes as anyone? Some fab items. Enjoy the weekend.x

  12. Ooh I'm so glad I just discovered you via a mutual Hush tweet! Love that Boden print and although I've never worn ankle skimmers I'm really tempted to give them a go. Thanks x

  13. Oh Kat i had spotted the boden Chelsea brogue boots but thank you for pointing me towards the M&S suede ones, gorgeous! In fact I saw a lady in Waitrose on Friday with them on, I never dreamt they would be M&S ....... I wonder could I sneak them in on the food bill?? As I've been put on a spend ban!!! Booooo x