A breather

So whilst I was going to finish off the festival talk today, I thought it would be a much better idea to have a breather.  Of the minimalist kind.

And so I'm going to focus on a brand which offers perfection when it comes to less being more.  Not for any other reason than I just thought it would be an idea to start showcasing some of my picks of the less well know high street brands.  Shops that I personally shop in and love.

Today we're all about those days when the eclectic doesn't quite cut it and the need to be pared back and simple is all consuming. 

Of course the beauty of these items is that because they are so neutral, you can easily team them with something more detailed for an alternative look.  

And there in lies the magic of fashion.  My goal is to have a wardrobe of basics that can make outfits in their own right but with just a tweak and the addition of something slightly more off piste, you can change the look completely. 

Classic building blocks that are essential for next season. 

And my secret gem on the high street?  I mention them a lot but their new season pieces that they have coming through are definitely worth a special mention.  I'm talking Uniqlo.  The press usually rave about their collabs (as I have in the past) but for me - it's their main lines which are the hidden jewels. 

Like I said, I do feature them a fair bit in the various round ups that I do of whatever my current obsession is, but it struck me the other day, that you could do a lot worse than buy most of your basics from here. 

You can easily recreate a Margaret Howell/Eileen Fisher/every Scandi minimalist shop look on a Uniqlo budget. 


Starting with bottoms.  So I was almost totally sold on the wide leg trousers they had this Summer, that a lovely reader pointed me in the direction of, but the heavy cotton wasn't quite the fabric I had in mind. 

However their new season versions?  These look amazing.  Ever day throw on perfection.

Don't think Uniqlo, think Raey.  For a 10th of the price,  And it's not just the trousers, you could recreate the whole Raey look here (but I didn't say that of course...).

Wide Pants £19.90  This pic could so easily be a still from an Eileen Fisher ad. 

In black... and also available in the navy.

A slightly more tailored version, but still with the drape of the jersey ones above.

Drape Wide Leg Ankle Length Trousers £24.90

Classic black trousers?  Ankle length?  Look no further. 

Smart Ankle Length Trousers £24.90 in camel, black, navy and dark grey.  Let your sneakers do the talking with a plain tee and loose boyfriend blazer.

If they are ever so slightly too long for you - look no further than the midi pleated skirt.  With sneakers and a plain jumper.  Or add a print jumper and suede heeled boots for your "personality" days (aka your Gucci look...not what the husband calls it but I won't repeat what he says here... suffice to say, not a fan). 

Women Merino Blend Pleated Skirts from Uniqlo in dark green £29.90  Also available in a pale grey, navy or black.

And just add a top. 

If jumpers aren't your thing - think T by Alexander Wang style and go for a plain sweat.  For significantly less money.  Like a bottle of wine money (that my husband would spend... I'm still below a tenner if I can.  Always thinking of the "shoe fund").

Sweat Crew Neck Sweater £14.90 

And also in the grey.

And the perfect tops for both layering and wearing on their own.... the wonderful silk touch blouses.  Look like silk, but wash like a dream.  In a whole host of colours. 

Silk Touch Long Sleeve Blouse £24.90

And whilst we're talking silk feel - is a tee, is it a blouse?  Who cares - it's super wearable with everything. 

Silk Touch Boat Neck T Blouse £24.90

In the black

And, following on from my blog the other day on pink - this looks like a winner.

Knitwear is my favourite purchase from Uniqlo though (apart from the boys puffa jackets.  I buy them each two a year and they last all year round, whatever the weather.  Your children will honestly need no other jacket).

Milano Ribbed High Neck Sweater in navy £19.90

Obviously I'm all over it in the black... 

But I have to say - quite taken with the burgundy as well. 

Crew neck cashmere jumpers for women £69.90 - 9 different colours.  Top of my list would be pink. 

However, I am going to resort to what I know best and that is the Men's Extra Fine Merino Wool Crew Neck in a Small.  THE most perfect crew neck jumper there is. 

And for this season - the dark green is so ridiculously on trend and will slot seamlessly into my wardrobe, it would be rude no to.  I've tried this against khaki and it is simply divine. 

Extra Fine Merino Crew Neck Jumper £24.90  Try and imagine not a gentleman in it.   I appreciate this is easier said than done, so just trust me!

And today - here I am - gearing up for all that is minimal.  This is before hard core eclectic and festival tomorrow.  You can though get a sneak peak of what I wore on The Telegraph fashion pages today.

Black fitted tee with coated sleeves - Cos
Black wide leg cropped trousers - Me+Em
Copeland glitter sneakers - Air & Grace
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci

Can't believe it's Thursday already.  WHERE has the week gone?  I need to start thinking about what I'm going to pack for Ireland next week.  Suffice to say, I'm going light on the swimwear....

Have you decided what look you're going for this Autumn?  Seduced by the colour, texture and print that is around or are you more of a Scandi style cool laid back individual?

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13 comentarios:

  1. Hi Kat, you have honestly opened up my eyes to the brand Uniqlo and I am devastated Glasgow has no store. I am about to order my skinny four and a half year old the puffy jacket but sizing is weird 3-4/ 5-6. Have you sized up for your kids or do their stuff like Boden run quite big? Thanks again x

    1. Their jackets are honestly amazing - do see if they have any left in the sale. RIght - I think they're pretty true to size but if in doubt, size up xxx

  2. The smart crops are lovely in the flesh but I wish they were slightly longer on me. Tried them on last week and could have done with an inch or two extra. Loved so much in Uniqlo but slightly worried about getting it back to the UK in my case. Ended up with one just per and a very long list to order. Simple lines and really well made x

    1. Oh gosh they'd be ridiculously short on me. BOO. Although it's the top grey one that I really love which are of course out of stock in my size. GAH!

  3. OOh on the way back from Suffolk hols on Monday have agreed a lunch stop at Bluewater and they have a Uniqlo so will have a good look, very interested in pale pink and also the mens jumpers!!

    1. Men's jumpers are upstairs! Best to get them now where they have a good selection in stock. They do sell out!

  4. I am a huge uniqlo fan. So cheap but great quality.

  5. Love your outfir today, the red lippy and bag just add that little extra!
    I'm another person you've introduced to Uniqlo, I was lucky enough to spot a store on a recent trip to Berlin, and bagged one of their merino sweaters, it wont be the last!
    Danish Pastry

    1. should have read "outfit" - duh!!!
      Danish Pastry

    2. Thank you love - that's my new lippie which I'll report back on shortly but was a fiver!

  6. Great pics in the Telegraph!! I love Uniqlo and my husband wears it pretty much top to toe!