The elephant in the room.

Well, it's the elephant chez moi anyway.  I am obsessed and have spent every waking minute (teensy exaggeration) trying to hunt down leopard print ankle boots. 

Now I pretty much know I'm not the only person this happens to.  The seed of an idea is planted and rather than having it germinate at an orderly pace, it takes on triffid tendencies and develops a life of its own. 

Which involves staying up until the wee small hours of the morning, on a mission to find the item that you were searching for.  Come hell or high water.  Or severe lack of sleep.... 3am the other night I stayed up till, googling the life out of my laptop looking for these (with the Olympics to keep me company so it wasn't that bad...) and came up with squat.  Actually that's not true.  I did find a pair in Canada which were possibly a size too small (a 39... I'm usually a 39.5 or a 40) and postage was a non refundable $120 plus taxes.  Ouch.  No way. 

This is what I was looking for that they did have on The Outnet but have since all sold out (not that they ever had my size anyway) by the looks of things.  I had them on the leopard print blog the other day.

I then put a plea on Instagram and JOY.  Result.  Hopefully, I will be able to get a pair from the lovely website The Cult & The Classic, which I had never come across before but is definitely worth a look.  Waiting for an email from them with the details of how to order as they've not gone up on to the website yet.... Fingers crossed.

However I did come across some other gems during my (long and late) search, which I thought I may as well share, in case anyone else is now on the hunt for a pair of leopard print ankle boots.

These are all lovely but I had become fixated with the buckles.  There had to be buckles....

Alberto Guardiani were £282 now £169

Similar again but not quite what I was looking for... 

Office Idyllic Cone Heel Boot was £78 now £45

Spirit by KG Kurt Geiger was £140 now £69

More block heels at Next. 

Animal Print Leather Boots £70

The return of the chelsea boot is back in force this season.  You can keep your Acne Jensens when there are so many others out there much cheaper.

Belmont Chelsea boot from Whistles £225

However I'd probably try these Next ones before the Whistles ones.  Leather at a fraction of the cost. 

Leopard Print Pony Look Leather Ankle boots from Next £60

More lower mid heel at Office in a slightly different sort of leopard print.  Great price in the sale. 

Instinct Ankle Boots from Office was £78 now £46

LK Bennett Simi Block Heel Boots was £350 now £175

Now higher heel boots are always useful for nights out.

Higher heels at Sam Edelman were £155 now £77.50

Similar at Essential. 

Ankle boot £163

Again at Bruno Magli which are simply gorgeous.  But vertiginous...

Bruno Magli Boots were £379 now £212

The other option which I have to say I am definitely buying into is completely flat. 

Giamba Ankle boot £571 (SWOOOOOOOON although not at that price).

Now they are pricey.  They are really really pricey.  But fear not, I have found some much cheaper, thanks to a whacking great Directory being waiting for me on the doorstep when we got back from Ireland... definitely should probably do my edit of it for a blog.

Suede Pixie Ankle Boots £60 from Next  These are AMAZING.  Love love love.  

Now I really really want the higher buckle pair but if I can't get them, the above ones have my name on them.  Although... I do have my stud tan suede pair from Quattro RIsh which I got at the beginning of the Summer which I have worn loads and will definitely continue to do so into the Autumn. 

Black linen and sating top - Sandro
Faux leather culottes - River Island
Stud tan suede ankle boots - Quattro Rish
Leopard print bag - Tory Burch

A rather Autumnal outfit today but tomorrow, it's set to be wall to wall sunshine for a couple of days so I shall be cracking out something less heavy.  Along with the fake tan....

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17 comentarios:

  1. Following you on Instagram and thought it was so cool you found it there! Agree that buckles make leopard boots more special and looks more upscale.

    Me, I'm still a newbie in leopard... finding myself increasingly attracted to the look on others but not quite ready to work it on myself. I did score a fab pair of leopard Golden Goose last year (Outnet price, last one and in my size, how could I resist!) and am seriously thinking of getting the Hush leopard scarf (but at that price, want to be sure I'll wear it before committing). Looking forward to seeing your boots when they arrive!!

    1. I ordered them super late last night. Can't wait! I LOVE my Golden goose although I don't think I'm brave enough for a leopard pair - although am happy to wear full on leeopard boots... go figure... I promise you, you will wonder how you ever lived without a leopard scarf though!

  2. I can definately obsess about an item, my obsessions usually have a bit of a skinflint theme though. I'll see something I like, but am not prepared to pay the price, either because they are way beyond my budget, or because I won't wear the item enough to justify the price (statement jackets at 50% off, I'm looking at you). So it's usually an idea rather than a specific item.
    My latest was a pair of strappy mary Jane's in navy (this one I'm laying at your door, Kat, due to your black patent ones!☺). I've finally found and ordered a pair with 15% off, they are flat though, which is possibly more wearable for me, and with four straps and a pointy patent toe, while the rest is suede.
    Danish Pastry

    1. Oh those shoes sound AMAZING!!! Can't wait to wear mine again. Just needs to be a tad more Autumnal....

  3. Another one who's obsessions can have a skinflint theme, I am definitely a bargain chaser! Some lovely boots and I think I might need to pop into office at some point... gorgeous, flat leopard boots.

    1. oh I LOVE a bargain! My entire outfit that I had on yesterday (still to post), excluding bag but including hat cost £40!! (pic on Instagram). Dress, shoes and hat.

  4. I love a bargain, these days I rarely buy anything at full price. Denmark is fairly expensive, but if you're patient then there are definitely bargains to be had. And the exchange rate to the UK is good for me at the moment, so anything I order online is already cheaper than it would be here, even after taking p&p into account.
    Danish Pastry

    1. Oh get buying everything over here!!! I've already noticed this season I think Ganni is more expensive than normal.

  5. OMG - you have so made me want a pair of leopard boots now!! However I'm still on the hunt for the perfect ones to replace my faithful leopard ballet flats which have a hole in & let in the rain when it's wet! (& I might have ordered 2 pairs of boots from the Moda in Pelle sale yesterday) oops!

    Loving all of the above though. Just catching up with all your postings as I've been on holiday - you've got me in full autumn mode now - just as the sun has reappeared!

    1. Funny you should say that about ballet flats - I was looking at boots in Selfridges today and get swept away in Chanel looking at their ballet flats. I did not buy any, can I just point out...!!!!!

    2. Hahaha!! Chanel ones would be amazing, but sadly my budget won't stretch that far! Will keep on looking!

  6. Was just inspired to take my vintage (30 years ago) leopard coat to the tailors to get it recut and styled so I can wear it more than once a year - love recycling clothes and although it won't be cheap it's better quality than a cheap coat

  7. Try Pretty Ballerinas. I have the leopard print ballet pumps in 'Shirley'. Now have 3 pairs of Shirleys in different designs and they are honestly the comfiest ballet pumps ever.

  8. I picked up last year's Boden"Joni" boots in leopard for a song at the end of the season but didn't get round to wearing them as it was already too warm here, so they are patiently waiting to come into their own. They are quite similar to the Next ones above, and lovely quality and fit, still worth tracking down.

    1. ooh interesting. They actually have some new ones arriving later in the season it will definitely be worth looking out for!