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...print. It's everywhere.  As someone who normally shies away from anything remotely non neutral, this is a biggie for me that I am embracing with aplomb. 

New season = texture and print.  As the only texture we seem to be allowed to wear next season is velvet and as I am hanging out for warmer weather, I refuse to jinx it by mentioning the lovely Winter fabric beginning with V just yet... 

So print - you're up.  You may or may not have noticed that one thing I mention constantly on the blog is the need for things that you can add into you wardrobe. 

My mission is to have a fabulous wardrobe of basics - of classic building blocks that you can tweak each season with the addition of new gems to make a whole host of interesting and new outfits. 

And that's means a slew of fabulous neutral items (and don't forget, that includes leopard print...) with a couple of new season items thrown in to make everything up to date and interesting.

Starting with my (YAWN) favourite purchase of the season and that is the (YAWN) maxi dress. 

And again, as yesterday, first up is the new season at Somerset by Alice Temperley at John Lewis. 

Vintage Floral Print Maxi Dress £160  This looks no different to any of the host of dresses that you'll find online at Matches or Net A Porter.  For a fraction of the cost and it goes in the machine (which is make or break to me...).

Now from a massively selfish point of view and thinking about my new burgundy jacket... oh hello this dress. 

ASOS Occasion Tea Dress in soft wallpaper print £65

Now I can't work out whether I love this or err... whether I don't.  I fear it may be a print too far for usually print-phobic little ol' me but I am curiously drawn to it and I think it would be the most amazing fit.  It's sort of a bit Roksanda crossed with a bit of Peter Pilotto (in my head.  Which means it's 50/50...). 

Liquorish Maxi Dress was £70 now £35 Not with the shoes.  Dear lord, definitely not with the shoes.  Why not?  Hmmm I can't put my finger on it, but to my mind, they just don't work.  Black boots I think would work.  I think the shoe is too delicate for what is in fact a very heavy looking dress.  In both print, colours and fabric.

Or an alternative print, again from Liquorish was £70 now £35 (ditto shoe issue).

However this from Zara looks absolutely amazing although irritatingly out of stock... I shall be hunting down.  Who knows what the sizing is like - Zara sizing seems to get (again irritatingly) more unpredictable with every season.  This is another risk.  It could look Preen, it could look Demi Roussos.

Long Printed Dress from Zara £79.99

Warehouse new season and they are on fire with their prints.  They had a fantastic S/S (I bought two tops from them after not having purchased anything for years, albeit them both cream and not print.  Oh no, I also bought an embroidered black dress which I LOVE) and so far, A/W is looking even better. 

Painted Floral Bardot top from Warehouse £32

Now I have to say, I'm not normally a fan of just a printed top.  As weird as it sounds, I find it easier and prefer to wear a full outfit.  So whilst the above print top would look great with jeans or neutral trousers, for me, I adore the idea of teaming it with their matching culottes.  They also seem to do a shirt as well which doesn't appear to be in stock yet.

Painted Floral Culottes from Warehouse £29

Speaking of print tops - love this one from Finery.  Which would be perfect with all sorts of skirts and again would be ideal for your work or play wardrobe. 

Allington Scribble Collage Top from Finery £39

Now for some dresses.  Not of the maxi or midi variety - yes, you can all breath a sigh of relief.  We're going short.  We are heading towards Autumn at a rate of knots and until then, I'll be getting liberal with the fake tan but before we know it, it's going to be a case of, tights - you're up.

And there are still some sales bargains to be had.  The discounts at Mango seem to be going on forever... 

This is definitely an Autumnal kind of a frock to me.  Would be simply amazing with opaques and boots.  Or simply boots.  Or sneakers for now.  For a song.

Flowy print dress was £29.99 now £12.99

Ditto this one - again only £12.99.  DARN being Daddy bleeding Long Legs.

Back to the Warehouse prints I was extolling the virtues of earlier and another of their new ones - the Daisy print.

Daisy Flippy Dress from Warehouse £49

Or they have a more subtle print... 

Dotty Floral Pleated Hem Dress from Warehouse £55

Shirt dress now and I would have expected there to be more shirt dresses around... maybe they're coming in shortly. 

Floral Print Shirt Dress from Dorothy Perkins was £35 now £28

Another at hush.  Part shirt dress, part smock dress - either way, a gorgeous print that I promise you actually looks better up close.  Perfect with shades of burgundy.

Evangeline Dress £65 (don't forget 10% off with the code KAT10)

But my find of the day has to be this little dress from Dorothy Perkins.  Probably only for those who are petite of stature, that I'm going to confess up front.  Ergo not for me which I'm gutted about as I think it has all the hallmarks of a little Temperley number. 

Floral frill fit and flare dress from Dorothy Perkins £35

Look how gorgeous?!

So print yay or nay?  I'm a fully paid up member with my slew of maxi and midi dresses I've been collecting but I'm going to be honest and say apart from a dress, my choice of print is definitely that of the leopard variety. 

And whilst we're talking of dresses... this was an outfit from last week in Ireland that I forgot to post.  I simply cannot get enough of these dresses.  

Floral Maxi Dress - Zara
Onyx black jacket - hush
Copeland glitter sneakers - Air & Grace
Black grab bag - Gucci

But like I say - leopard is my true love.  Today for lunch out with the family.  Off to Dame Kelly Holmes' restaurant which is in the next village to us.  And yes, she serves you herself (challenge for today was getting her to find out whether FroYo is gluten free).  This is the nearest I come to anything vaguely sporty during the Olympics - lunching in the company of an Olympian herself.  If you're ever in the West Kent area, I highly recommend Cafe 1809.

You also spy a new jumper which I will come to shortly.  It's a complete beaut.  This is a teaser... Teamed with a skirt that I have had for seven years now.  I never knew what shoes to wear with it so haven't worn it.   Trainers continue to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Je Ne Regrette Rien oatmeal jumper - Orwell Austin Cashmere
Leopard print maxi skirt - Zara 
Onyx leather jacket - hush
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose 
Red Soho Disco Bag - Gucci

It is now lashing with rain and a howling gale so we are having a movie night in with the salad I made from last night when the husband's "one drink" may have turned into "one plus ten"..... yes there was much eye rolling when he rocked in much later than anticipated.  Currently fast asleep on the sofa.  Not complaining as it gives me an opportunity to have a good online peruse with another cracking discount code I've found.  I will bring you details tomorrow...

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  1. Oh, that Dotty P dress is gorgeous! Love the black and yellow Mango dress too, I can't tell you how many times I've almost bought that. I did buy the burgundy Mango jacket you featured the other day and it's perfect.

    1. It's a complete bargain now! So pleased you love the jacket. I cannot get enough burgundy...

  2. Loved the print of the warehouse top, but boobs and bras are an issue, so I loving the trousers in the same print, and of course the shirt when it comes in stock!
    Danish Pastry

    1. To be honest with you, off the shoulders are hard work for everyone! Isn't that print gorgeous? I LOVE the Daisy one as well but I think it's probably a tad summery coming into our (british) Autumn...

  3. Zara dress is a bit oversized with too many frills...would like to know how to wear it.

    1. I managed to snag one last night in M/L but I fear it may look like I've had a fight with fabric factory... I would wear with a trench or biker and either sneakers (yawnarama but so easy!) or ankle boots. I have high hopes but I fear it will be tragic!! Totally sold out now. Maybe it's been in a big blog somewhere I've missed...

  4. I find florals a bit tricky, but those with a darker background or oriental style are easier to wear. I think super pretty clothes just don't suit me. Love that leopard print maxi with the leather jacket. And yes, trainers are just fab!

    1. I know exactly what you mean. This is one of the reason I Struggled with the Rixo dress but they've proven to be perfect when it's super gorgeous weather. But going into Autumn, darker prints are definitely easier to wear - I find that for sure. I am SO pleased to be able to resurrect something from years ago!

  5. Ohhhhh those ASOS dresses!!!! The geometric one has just sneaked into my basket - along with some crazy sale bargains. Will be perfect for winter with boots and a biker.

  6. The last DP dress is fab and I may have to purchase for the 3-day wedding I'm attending in France early Oct (although I seem to have acquired quite a few pieces for this short trip - culling may be required). For the ceremony itself I (upon your recommendation) bought the Top Shop Unique Livonia dress which has a decent amount of print about it. Fortunately we're flying BA, which means I get to check in an ACTUAL SUITCASE! All those short hops with Ryanair and cramming everything into a cabin bag leave me ridiculously excited about this prospect.

    1. OMG an actual suitcase. ALL THE JEALOUS. I've realised it's not the suitcase for a weekend that's the issue so much as the sodding toiletries bag. 100 sodding ml. SOD THE SOD OFF. Not to mention that sodding plastic sodding bag which you have to put everything in as opposed to the rather lovely Anya Hindmarch bag you were specially given as a travel bag. Yes I"ve had wine.

    2. Oh yes. The horror that is the toiletry bag. 1 fricken litre in which to fit everything AND still be able to zip closed. At East Midlands airport once I was told my ziploc bag was too big and was given an envelope-sized replacement which was like a Krypton Factor exercise to arrange the contents in a way that enabled me to be able to close it. Bastards.

    3. What's that about anyway? And why are you only allowed ONE bag per person. Ridiculous. Since when has it become normal practise to start policing how many toiletries I'm allowed to take with me - so long as they're all under 100ml and in see through bags. Absolutely ludicrous. I honestly thought you could take as many of the ziplock bags as you wanted so long as they were all that (ridiculously smaller than any toiletry bag you can actually buy....) small. But this time (in Shannon, not in Gatwick where they were lovely), some jobsworth took a look at my (three as I'd bought perfume duty free....) bags and asked how many people I was travellign with as I was only allowed one. WHAT?? Luckily I said five. So apparently I was allowed to keep them otherwise she was going to throw them away. She would have had to throw me away first, I would have gone bananas!!

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