Inspiration time

One weekend, one festival, one massive dose of inspiration. 

Well, clearly if you are fortunate enough to sit 10 feet from Clare Waight Keller who is Creative Director of Chloe and Sarah Mower who is fashion royalty at US Vogue, you are going to come away wanting to ditch everything you own and buy everything Chloe.  

Just after you've won the lottery.  Or robbed a bank.  Neither of which are likely scenarios, so let's mull over other options. 

Firstly, it might not be necessary to ditch "everything".  So think long, think floaty, think floral, think chiffon, think stripes, think colour.  

And the best news of all is that in my experience, what's super strong on the catwalk often takes a year to filter down properly to the high street.  So whilst there have been snippets of midi maxi floaty frock love this season (all of which I've bought), ditto sport luxe (have gone light on this...which is code for, have avoided pretty much totally.  Darn.), next year these are going to be big news, which we can all wear now.  Result. 

Only teensy weensy slight issue is that I am having to chomp down on that humble pie again.  Going back to my having gone light on the sporty aspect, having said I wouldn't be doing the bomber jacket, am contemplating something which by any other name, could also be called a bomber jacket (and double darn).

Now I have realised over the last day of extensive research (this is for myself and my lovely friend T who I was with at the weekend and is also obsessed with finding a Chloe style jacket for 5p.  As you do...) that the description "bomber" jacket coves a plethora of very similar styles. 

There are what I would consider your more typical bomber jackets which have been around for a couple of seasons now.  These are, so I have found, slightly more oversized, which I've never found to be particularly flattering unless you're teensy tiny.  The very nature of them can easily add bulk which is one of the reasons I've always avoided them.  They seem to cut off below the waist which personally is a shape I find difficult to wear proportion wise. 

They often seem to be both embroidered - which I have absolutely nothing against at all - I am having a complete love in with in embroidery at the moment, but not necessarily on a satin fabric.  Which is what they all seem to be.  

Or the other sporty edge they seems to be growing in popularity is varsity style.  Which, in the 80s was my Go To jacket.  I had an electric blue felt one with white pleather sleeves and an embroidered mountain scene with Montana, plastered all over the back.  I could not have been more in love with that jacket if I had tried.  I appreciate it sounds ming but believe me when I say, I was da bomb in it (in my head looking back that is...).

Then we come to track jacket style.  Which, I am loathe to admit, is simply a bomber style jacket on the shrunken side in nylon.  Less varsity, more 70s style accessory.  Except made by Chloe.  All the similar I'm sure... 

We're going to complete ignore the fact it's a top and not a track jacket as I spent the best part of an hour at 1am looking for these and couldn't find them so gave up.  Besides - a jacket is way more functional.  

I'm going to start with my favourites.  Which also happen to be the cheapest.  This is one trend I am not going to spend money on as I fear it may be a total one trip pony.  Which therefore means I'll wear it till it falls apart with every outfit and will end up trying to hunt the Chloe one down for Christmas.  This always happens, no?  (faux leather culottes from River Island for £10 - I'm looking at you...)

SoulCal Track Sweat Top from USC was £40 now £28  This could go one of two ways.  Always a risk when you can't see it on the model.  But it looks fabulously close fitting.  And I am beyond in love with the colour....

So this one also seems to be on the longer side, but I reckon if you size down, this would be a much neater fit. 

Missguided Stripe Detail Bomber Jacket £15

Plainer now - I feel the need for a nod to the 70s with a stripe but maybe that's just my nostalgia. 

Sports Rib Bomber by Nobody's Child at Topshop £28

We've definitely slid into more blouson bomber territory here but I reckon if again you size down... I'm thinking of shoehorning myself into a titchy size.  In my head that will work... (this never usually pans out well, I will just point out).
Contrast bomber jacket from Mango was £89.99 now £44.99

So this one does look shorter and ££ wise, we're on the money.  Although I'm still sizing down.  And for once am grateful that I'm a giant and everything is diddier proportion wise on me.

Blush Panel Bomber Jacket from Dorothy Perkins was £35 now £28

Pinker blush now at H&M although we're back to oversized... for the purposes of my blatant Chloe copying that is - I fear this will be jacket like and not track top-esque enough.  

Block-coloured jacket from H&M £29.99

However the two that I've ordered (and I will definitely be ordering the comedic one from USC above which I believe is also the same company as Sports Direct.  I almost want it to be epic so I can walk around in a Sports Direct jacket...) are from, always on the ball, Topshop.  You know you can rely on them.  Even though these again (yawn) look big.  I've ordered 10s as often Topshop tops come up teeny tiny (clearly these will be mammoth.  It's the law of sod of course.  Sports Direct - please don't let me down...). 

Just in case anyone was worried - I am not planning on buying the matching bottoms for these.   And that's the last we'll hear said of the matter (until next season I see someone doing them and am back to chowing down on pie with a side of humble).

Stripe Detail Track Top from Topshop £65

Stripe Detail track top from Topshop was £45 now £15.  Yes FIFTEEN POUNDS.  Rude not to.  The bottoms are only £10 but I managed to resist.

Now, back to basics and plain. 

Black Contrast Trim Bomber Jacket from Dorothy Perkins was £28 now £22.40

Variations on the theme now with a hint of sporty but less 70s trackie.  This is more reminiscent of the wallpaper my brother had in the 80s.  Although I think there may have been a red zig zag somewhere on it too.  I'm not sure we're missing it on the jacket though.  Like this one.

Wool zip up bomber jacket from Christine Phung for La Redoute was £199 now £59.70

Off piste now but this could so easily work with plain dresses - or I like the combo with a floral perhaps?  The tones would look amazing with a leopard print dress.  If you're going out there, you may as well go way out there...

Only Stripe Bomber Jacket £28

And then back in the room with some plainer versions.  Moving away from the sporty element but I have come round to thinking that the bomber shape may work.  Over the full skirt, it looked amazing.  I don't think it has to be a maxi skirt (seriously as gorgeous as that one is above - on a practical day to day level I would a) lose the dog in it and b) fall A over T, twenty seconds after having got dressed) - a midi dress or skirt would work just as well. 

My one proviso is that that they have to be nipped in at the waist - so you're not going to want to be wearing these over skinny jeans.  To be honest - for me - they solve that eternal dilemma of which jacket or coat to wear with a skirt or wide leg trousers.  This would make perfect proportional sense.  But it finish practically at the waist and not blouson down much below it.  The bigger the bomber, the bigger the bulk.  This isn't going to be for layering over a chunky knit jumper.  But for Summer and Autumn - this has legs for me.

On most of these pics, they do have it sitting below the waist, I would just pull it up a bit.

Loose Fit Quilted Texture Bomber Jacket £29.50

And in the grey again £29.50

Light Before Dark Knitted Jacket from Urban Outfitters £42  In a size down.... and again, with the hem positioned higher on the waist and not pulled down.

BDG Cosy Teddy Bomber Jacket in ivory £76

Or in the grey... again £76

However, I fear this has my name all over it.   I love it slightly too much.  My inner Huggy Bear can't stop thinking about it.  Maybe it's the 70s vibe it has that just reminds me of the vintage look of the original jacket above.  It's all about the inspiration.

Faux leather and faux fur bomber jacket in chocolate from La Redoute was £125 now £50

Or the rust... which I have to say has a slight whiff of King Louis from Jungle Book for me, so personally I'd go for the chocolate version was £125 now £62.50.   Although I say that.. as I'm proof reading it, this one is actually winning me over... Maybe I am the King of the Swingers (in purely Jungle Book mode can I please point out).

Moving on to faux leather.

Side pocket bomber jacket from Mango £35.99

Leather of the faux variety again at La Redoute.  New season now but a bargain price.  I'm loving the fact that these seem super shrunken which is what I'm looking for. 

Bomber Jacket R Edition £49 in the brown.

But I have to say, my choice would most definitely be the green.  To go with the plethora of black I seem to collectm, this would be simply gorgeous.  Or with navy.  With khaki as well.  It will either work or I'll look like an extra from A Midsummer Night's Dream in too many shades of green.  Close call.

Bomber Jacket R Edition from La Redoute in the dark green £49

70s vibe again in suede.
Urban Outfitters Zip Front Khaki Suede Jacket was £110 now £65

But as usual, I've saved the best for last.  Sequins. Oh yes, you heard me correctly.  Sequins, of the gold variety... 

Sequinned bomber jacket from Mango £69.99

So what will it be.  I've been inspired by 70s style nylon and moved onto faux leather, faux fur, suede and sequins.  I'm completely sold and looking forward to a trying on session. 

I think one of these is definitely a must have for Ireland next week.... What on earth will they make of me in Cappagh White?

Well, I was going to do my outfits from the festival but it's ridiculously late now and I have to finish this and hit the sack.  Three hours today at the hospital for our annual session of check ups for the 11yr old with her Gastro Consultant, Dietician and Blood ladies (they happened to be ladies today).  Boys were amazing and so I then thought I'd push my luck and take them all school shoe shopping (seriously, why would I do that?).  Only one pair of school shoes (two of them hated them all and I couldn't be bothered to argue) and a complete fleecing for new Nike trainers and a random Barcelona football kit later - not to mention a smash and grab in Abercrombie for the 11yr old - we got home at 9pm.  And I didn't even have a glass of wine. I am polishing my halo as we speak and mentally stacking them up for tomorrow.

Outfit today for dog walk first thing and then my overly ambitious afternoon. 

White jersey smock top - Me+Em
Dre jeans - Rag & Bone from Cocaranti
Gladiator sandals - Aldo Shoes
Straw hat - Zara Mens
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

Tomorrow morning, off to take the dog to the groomers (so she can see again) and then off to the best friend's in the afternoon.  And a girl's night out tomorrow.... no I can't wait.  I do promise I'll be back though with my festival run down.

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22 comentarios:

  1. Exactly my sentiments on bombers! Love the style, love them on others but never looks right on me! I think it's the broad shoulders that kill the look for me. But I did manage to find one that works - close-fitting in unlined crepe (so no extra bulk) in khaki from Zara. (They also have it in pink!) Actually Zara has some great bomber styles this season, definitely worth checking out!

    1. That's gorgeous but it's very "bomber jacket" if you see what I mean!! I am totally with you that it would be a gazillion times more flattering than the bulkier ones - or the full on satin ones. Looks almost elegant this one!

  2. I find bombers tricky too. If I find a style I like, I always think it would be nicer in a blazer style. The grey one above above and the sequins are nice. I reserve the right to change my mind.

    1. Oh we ALL reserve the rights to change our minds...!! Isn't the sequin one simply too gorgeous?

  3. i love the sequin one, i will have to go take a look.

  4. I find these tricky too. Love the sequin one but found a wool Fred Perry one in my wardrobe that I was going to throw but might just wear if I can pluck up the courage or work out what to wear with it!

  5. I find these tricky too. Love the sequin one but found a wool Fred Perry one in my wardrobe that I was going to throw but might just wear if I can pluck up the courage or work out what to wear with it!

    1. I would absolutely try over a dress.. go on... think Chloe.!!

  6. i got the red top shop one and DID splash out on the trousers. It looks faintly ridiculous as a suit but I think I might just brave it sometime. The jacket is very big size. I sized down one size but could possibly have gone 2 sizes down.

    1. Oh GO YOU! And bugger. They only had a 10 left. Looks like I'm going to be relying on the Sports Direct khaki number!!

  7. Yes, King Louie or not, I love the rust version best too...and it is a very Autumnal colour, and soooo 70s

  8. I have been thinking of getting a bomber jacket but I'm not sure yet what kind I want. I LOVE the sequin jacket but would rarely wear it. The chunky knitted one looks very cosy but is also the sort of thing my dad used to wear all the time so I will give that a miss! Trying on session needed I think, to see what looks best.

    1. I think the sequin one you just have to wear all the time! At any opportunity. And ha ah ha at the knitted one - yes that could go one of two ways couldn't it!?

  9. These aren't for me but I fear I'm stuck in a rut. Am admiring your ability to embrace new trends and not run away from them (virtually) screaming like I do! Jo

    1. Well I haven't bought one yet... but am still searching! Sometimes it pays to take a risk, other times it's a decision best worn only once!

  10. In the 70s I had a navy blue velour jumper with stripes down the sleeve - this would be perfect now !

    1. Oh my lord that would have been amazing!

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