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...Me+Em.  So the other day I did my favourite picks from the new season at Uniqlo and I thought it might be an idea to, every now and again, focus on a certain retailer and pick my favourite pieces from their New In.  Ok so essentially this is an excuse for me to legitimately virtual shop for an hour or so - which is pretty much one of my favourite past times so it's hardly what we'd called at taxing blog to write. 

If you're like me and sign up to every retailer known, your email box will be ping ping pinging with new season tempation.  And it's sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees.  It also would take way too long to trawl through all of them in detail so I have made myself the sacrificial fashion lamb and will do it for you.  I'm all heart like that... 

Especially interesting though when the email contains a discount and with 10% off at Me+Em being the first voucher of the season, that seems like an excellent place to start.  Code is SAVE10 and is live until midnight on Monday 8th August.

I also happened to have gone into their London store a couple of weeks ago and was able to try on some of their A/W collection which is now in stock.  So I even have pics to show you! 

Starting therefore with probably my favourite piece from their new season - the leather wide leg cropped trousers.  These are on pre order for delivery in a week or so but I can't see any reason (I've checked the small print) why you couldn't use the 10% off buying them now. 

Leather Wide Leg Pant £399

These are the 10.


Staying with the sporty stripe theme and a top which I LOVE.  Alas though, it didn't love me hugely back.  I was gutted.  This would work on someone shorter - I found it quite short in the body (which is unusual for Me+Em clothes) and it was also slightly too boxy for me.  But it is the most stunning top ever and would be ridiculously useful.  Plus, it goes into the machine and is the most fabulously heavy quality crepe fabric (I was convinced it would have been dry clean only).  Please can someone else buy it so I can wear it vicariously?  This will sell out in short order, of that I am sure. 

Sporty Sleeve Crepe Top £139

To be fair, I probably needed a bigger size.  This was the 10... I could easily have done with the 12.


However I did strike gold with the pleated collar layering shirts.  I have never made a secret of how much of a fan I am of the Me+Em jersey layering staples and these are a step above. 

I would definitely wear the black one as a top in its own right but it would look amazing under dungarees or shirt dresses.  Not to mention just a plain jumper. 

Pleated Collar Layering Shirt £99

This is a 10 on me.  Perfect size - wouldn't want any bigger.


They also do it in an Ivory which is lovely but I think for wearing as a top as opposed to a layer, the black gets my vote. 

If you're looking for a cream blouse, then look no further than the Lace Trim Silk Blouse £185

Super versatile and it does say dry clean only but it's 100% silk so I would happily handwash this.

And this is the 10.


And the jeans - oh how I LOVE these jeans - in fact they're the ones I tried on above.  These I've already got and already worn and will be definitely wearing into the Autumn as well.  The perfect combination of a trouser and a jean - if that makes sense... Basically culottes.  These come up large so take a size down.  I'm usually a 27 (28 in Topshop) and I took a 26.

Tailored Wide Leg Jean in Mid Blue £119

I am though, really looking forward to trying these on (and yes of course I now have a hankering yet again for white boots).  Apparently it says to size down again.

Weekend Jeans £118 in vintage blue

I also tried on the most gorgeous swing polo necks.  I am a huge polo neck fan which I appreciate don't work for everyone but with these not being so close fitting to the body, they may work better than the usual roll neck. 

Perfect Swing Polo Neck £99

Also available in a pebble (off white/beige shade) and a navy.  It's the extra long sleeves which really makes this jumper special.

This is the navy and I tried on the 12 in both this and the pebble below.  


And in the pebble.


And speaking of swing - oh the most amazing dress.  With ankle boots.  Victoriana style ankle boots. Oh hello. 

Swing Lace Bib Dress in Ponte £135


And then a couple of things I didn't see but love love love. 

This as an outfit.. 

The Milano Knit Wide Leg Pant in navy £119

Although I have to say I do prefer the pale grey... 

And the matching top... would work just as well over jeans for a casual weekend look.  Or team with other neutral trousers.  Over joggers would be a hit in my book.  I also love this shape over a pencil skirt.  Really great for layering over a shirt as well.

The Milano Crop Knit £135.

And speaking of tops that work for a multitude of purposes, this I hadn't seen but am desperate to try.  The perfect top for over skinny jeans and leather leggings.  That you could wear on the school run, to work or out for dinner.  And the best bit - well of course it goes in the machine.  Perfection in a blouse.  And did I mention the ruched cuffs?  Black or navy, black or navy... ??

Pussybow Ruched Sleeve Shirt in French Navy £119

Or the black....

So lots and lots of new season loveliness to drool over.  I'm looking forward to getting wear out of my jeans when I head to Ireland next week (maybe I ought to be ordering some of those swing jumpers too). 

But yesterday and today we have had glorious weather. 

Last night - headed out to a lovely BBQ with friends and a much later than anticipated finish. 

Tee - Zoe Karssen
Sequin jacket - Zara
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Pompom sandals - Zara
Silver bag - Anya Hindmarch 

So today it was a quiet day out for lunch and then swimming with the family (which is code for us watching the children swim....) 

Print dress - & Other Stories
Hat - Zara Men
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe
Tan gladiator sandals - Aldo

We've ordered a takeaway and are hunkering down on the sofa with the kids this evening watching the Olympics.   And I need to start thinking about what I'm going to pack for holidays... I keep checking the weather to see how many short dresses and tees I need to pack.  Suffice to say, the quota of jumpers I'm earmarking for taking, is growing by the minute.

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20 comentarios:

  1. I love it when you try things on for us to see, you make things so much more wearable!!x

  2. Love, love, love the black, pussybow, ruched sleeve shirt! Utterly fabulous!!

    1. Gorgeous isn't it? Think I'm going to go for the navy though. Will live in it!

  3. Oh, some gorgeous stuff here! I am trying not to think about autumn clothes yet after a couple of days on the beach! Can I ask about your jewellery, what necklace are you wearing with your Zoe Karsson tee and what bracelets/bangles have you got on? A jewellery blog maybe?

    1. AHA! Yes I will be doing a blog on jewellery next week I promise!

  4. Love the two blouses you tried on, you're right about the sporty one, too short and a bit boxy, I have one similar in silk with a notched neckline and curved hem. The hem stops it being too boxy.
    The silk one looks way better on you than on the model, BTW. Maybe as you haven't done the tie up at the neck, a half tuck makes it edgy rather than prissy!
    Danish Pastry

    1. Thank you.. I think the swing one will be so much better for me.

  5. Side zip, I'd say high rise and super super flattering. my ONE gripe would be that they don't have pockets... Now I'm intrigued to know what pinterest stretch backing is...?!

    And it's not a sequin bomber, it's just a gold jacket!

  6. Hi Kat, adore me and em ! Can I check the discount code as I tried SALES10 and it says it's not valid.

    1. Oh HELL I am sorry - it's SAVE10. I've just amended it. I actually checked this twice last night and STILL managed to get it wrong. Brain. Fried. Too many children and too much time with them. No break at all makes me bonkers!

  7. Love the pussybow swing top - very very tempted

    1. I can't wait till it lands! (and dare I say till it's cold enough to wear it - OMG wash my mouth out..!)

  8. Good news. It's been 20-25 degrees here all week (Dublin) and hopefully it will stay like that next week for you.
    I am mad about those denim culottes. They will be a must for my Autumn wardrobe I think! I had a pair for years and years from Levi and stupidly dumped them. Big regret.

    1. Hmmm alas the weather this week has NOT been like that in Tipperary (weeps). But I am watching the forecast like a hawk and it looks like it's definitely improving... maybe I need to rethink buying new boots!

  9. Oh my - the black pleated collar top is just fabulous. I've had a good wardrobe clear out now (post-holiday/prep for the new season) so could totally justify it, especially after ebaying the mountain of stuff I've evacuated.
    Hate to tell you, but Sis-in-law in Ireland was complaining about the 'miserable weather' when we Facetimed tonight - 17 degrees max, wet and windy. You may get to trial some new AW stuff early (every cloud and all that...)

    1. *weeps*. I'm torn between wanting amazing weather and wanting just *no rain* so I know what to pack!! Either way, we always have a lovely time although the "we'll save our big holiday till October" doesn't seem like such a great idea right now, I'm not going to lie...!

    2. Ah, but you are going to Florida - so much nicer in October than it is in Summer. You'll not regret it one bit.
      I'm doing it arseways - Florida in mid summer and Ireland in December. At least the packing is easy!

  10. Hi Kat, been on holiday and can't find the Uniqlo blog you mention from last week. Would you mind popping the link in your reply? Thanks so much.

    1. Of course! Enjoy xx