How did it take me so long?

To fall back in love with my denim jacket. 

So there I am packing to come away for the week.  And I needed a jacket.  I had my faithful black blazer but I needed something casual.  But not as heavy as a leather jacket as... wait for it... the weather looked good.   A lighter summer jacket.  Now I have a khaki cargo one from hush which I love and is perfect for throwing on over harems and jeans but to wear over dresses?  Meh.  It's too long in the body. 

I need something shape wise that is similar to the biker, as that's perfect cropped length for over frocks. 

Scanning the jackets in my wardrobe and what do I spy?  A denim jacket.  Replete with virtual cobwebs - it's that long since I've worn one.  Definitely not this year - not sure if I can recall giving it any airtime last year either.  Why?  Why oh why not?

There is a reason.  It's 80s related.  Blame Bananarama and Tiffany for ruining denim jackets for me forever. I can't put it on without feeling a tad like an extra from an 80s RomCom.

But it was the only option so in the bag it went.  I figured over the Summer dresses I bought it would work fine.  And hell, at the very least, I was on holiday and if anything goes and mistakes can be made, it's when you're away with one suitcase to choose from.  At the very least, there is a rather fabulous boutique here where I might be forced to go and buy something from if it doesn't work out (yes you can imagine, this would be my Very Last Option.  Not).

Imagine therefore my joy when on the beach yesterday, what do I read in my latest copy of Elle?  An article by Jess Cartner-Morley that says the Denim Jacket features in her top 5 Easy Pieces - the top "classic wearable pieces of clothing". 

"Channel the Balenciaga woman and wear it with tailoring now, or wait until the weather really cold and layer it under your puffa coat later".

Well go on then.  Ok so there's not a lot of tailoring going on this weekend and I'm not sure I shall be buying into the puffa coat for anything other than the touchlines at rugby on a Sunday (the 8yr old has decided he'll give it another go this season *weeps*), but for layering under other coats?  I am LOVING this idea.  Speaking of tailoring, I'm thinking of wearing with cashmere joggers, super fine polo neck, denim jacket and long tailored coat.  And lots of other possibilities as well. 

And for the hols now - yes, in old school format of just as a regular coat.  Over my dresses.  The weather here is great but as it's on the coast it can get windy so a little jacket is pretty much always required.  And dear faithful denim jacket, you're up.

A little bit more about my favourite at the end but first up and I've found what I consider to be my perfect jacket . This is the most similar to mine and is what I would go so far as to say is a classic jacket.  It's not cutting edge when it comes to new style denim jackets but for me, it's what works and will have most longevity.

ASOS Denim Shrunken Jacket in mid blue wash £32 and they also do it in a Tall Version:  ASOS Tall Denim Shrunken Jacket in mid blue wash £32

Another obvious option is good old Gap.  Where else would you go for a classic denim jacket?  

1969 Denim Jacket from Gap £54.95

There is the argument of course that if it's something you'll have in your wardrobe forever, it may well be worth investing in a slightly more expensive version.  Of course the only reason I think you'd do this if it is THAT much more perfect than the more reasonably priced ones. 

I will say, the fit of this is perfect. 

Hilfiger Denim Jacket £125

The other obvious (if slightly more expensive option is Levis).

Authentic Trucker Jacket from Levis £85

Darker at Banana Republic and an extra Bank Holiday treat - 30% off today only at BR.  

Denim Jacket at Banana Republic £85 pre discount online - no code needed, discount taken off at checkout.

And slightly more off piste now.  Whilst some people love a more oversized boyfriend style denim jacket, I've always preferred the more fitted style - and sometimes, the smaller the better.  This would look amazing over a maxi dress.

Only Cropped Raw Edge Denim Jacket £40

Now I know I possibly shouldn't be but I am randomly drawn to the badged ones.  My 11yr old looks like she dies a little inside every time I mention this.  Oops.  And I won't go there as it's a tad too far outside my comfort zone. 

New Look Raw Edge Badge Denim Jacket £26.99

And mine?  Designer number that I've had for years that has been the best investment ever?  Or.... £18 from Sainsburys about four years ago (I believe it was more but I nabbed it on a 25% off discount day).  I kid you not.  Best fit I've ever found.  And even better, I shoehorned myself into the size 8 for a super snug shape.

Black scoop back jersey midi dress - hush
Black Flame slip ons - Seven Boot Lane (don't forget 15% off using the code FLAME)
Denim Jacket - Sainsburys 
Silk scarf bracelet - Silk Philosophy 
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

So am I ridiculously late to the denim party?  Not entirely sure I will be going down the double denim route - I fear I may look Rita, Sue and Bob too as opposed to Kate, Cara and David G.  But I am definitely going to give it more really is the perfect alternative to a biker for the next couple of months.  Just kicking myself I didn't bring a breton with me (she says eyeing up copious striped sweaters in Collen & Clare....)

Would love to know if you've reinvented the wheel wearing yours.  Is it a trusted, fave jacket?  Or are you going to drag it out of storage or treat yourself to a new one?  Or has that ship passed.....?!

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24 comentarios:

  1. I've got a dark denim, cropped, snug-fit one that I nabbed in a sale at AllSaints in Leeds years ago - wore it loads when I first got it, but it's been languishing in the back of the wardrobe for a little while. I'll get it out again and have another look, but fear I may prefer something in a lighter wash now. My only concern is that I wear jeans a lot because I work from home, and it may all be a bit "Texan tuxedo"!!

    1. Nooo it will be fab for the Autumn. Darker = fabulous for Autumn. Go on go on go on. And yes, I have to say I still eek at double denim but only actually if it's a proper denim jacket and jeans (if that makes sense?!)

  2. I wore mine last week for the first time in a good couple of years. I think I hid it away as I wear a lot of jeans and I'm not doing double denim ever (or til next week probably!). x

  3. Agree that the tux look is not what I'm aiming for, which is why I got rid of my denim jacket last year (I do wear a lot of jeans), it hadn't been aired for ages! Maybe I should have hung on to it for a bit longer though.
    Yours does look great with your dress though.
    We've got around to that time of year when I need a jacket on the way into work, but it's too warm for one on the way home. My blazer has definately been doing double duty!
    One question, if a denim jacket was on the list in Elle, what else should we be looking To?
    Danish Pastry

  4. Started wearing mine again last year, when in a similar situation to yours abs it looked great over my dress.
    Husband HATES it with a passion but that's never stopped me before!
    I think it was from warehouse but as I've since started Crossfut and lifting many weights my shoulders have grown and I now have to almost dislocate my arm from the shoulder socket to get it on....looks great once I though....definitely snug 😬😂

    1. But snug is good... not sure what the husband thinks about it. He still maintains that I was wearing double denim on the day he met he 15 yrs ago. I still think he's WRONG!

  5. I confess I bought the new look badged one the other week in the sale for £12...j also have a daughter who rolled her eyes!! But hey...I'm loving it!!! X

    1. And I would have bought us both one for that price. One of us would have worn it. The other would be eye rolling the bag to the charity shop...!

    2. Haha yes said daughter rolled eyes but was then eyeing it up to grab!! Bluewater bargain!!
      Enjoy your hols xx

  6. I found and wore mine last week after a last second frantic rummage through the wardrobe for a jacket to wear over my dress. I haven't worn it since I moved here in 2007! Turns out it's at least a size too small but assuming I never want to button it up :D Might buy another... Love that Levi's badged one but probably best left to the young uns.

    1. I think it's probably best to buy a classic as, from all the comments I've read on here and loads on Insta - you'll be wearing it for years

  7. I wear mine every year. It is from Gap but I'm not sure how old it is. I have a photo of myself holding my niece when she was born and I am wearing it, and she is 15 now!

  8. Funnily enough I was missing mine the other day - it got some kind of strange mould over it that I couldn't get off - will check out a replacement from your list - thanks. I have a denim waistcoat from Toppers that I wear all the time, especially over 'pretty' dresses as it edges them up a bit. I'm realising that this is veering into Status Quo and would not double denim

  9. I've got out a sisley one I bought aged 20 in 1996, second year at uni, it's languished in our boot room for years, and now I love it again! Sisley is not exactly an amazing brand but the fit is perfect. I'm in Suffolk too at the mo at my dads, off to Dunwich etc tomorrow to walk dogs, and ok I was born here and I'm biased it I still think it is THE most beautiful county. Went out to Lavenham etc today and can never get bored of the beauty of that part of Suffolk driving home to dads.

    1. Oh no Sisley is a lovely lovely brand. Really good quality so I'm not surprised it's lasted. And we LOVE Dunwich. In fact, we stayed there last year for a week! Amazing place. And The Ship is one of our favourite pubs. Interestingly we've never been to Lavenham . We never go too far afield.....! The kids are just super happy chilling out on the beach, on the Meare. But we definitely always need to fit in crabbing!

  10. I love my very old gap denim jacket which I wear all the time. It's perfect for uk holidays or weekends away and for me dresses down lots of clothes I otherwise wouldn't wear in the day.

  11. I've had a topshop moto one for years which is still all kinds of perfect. Fit, wash, length - all bang on. But alas I couldn't find it anywhere for bunging over said dress. Then I was visiting my 20 yo daughter at Uni and, low and behold, one of her mates walked in wearing the very same jacket.I shrilled "I've got that very same jacket" at which they all rolled around in fits of laughter. I suppose I should feel chuffed that daughter and friends wanna "borrow" my stuff!!!

  12. I bought a denim jacket from Hush about 2 months ago and have barely had it off my back since! Perfect fit and really lightweight. Just love it.