Every. Single. Time...

...I say that I am going to avoid the end of the sales.  And every single time I get sucked in.  Basically I am akin to a rabid dog with a bone.  You can literally see me frothing at the mouth as the prices get lower and lower.  And don't get me started on getting to the tills and finding out it's even cheaper.  You would be forgiven for thinking I'd had a big lottery win as opposed to saving a fiver.  Oh and I know I'm not the only one who does this... 

It's that funny time of the season when the shops are essentially full of Autumn clothes but it's too warm to crack out the woolies and the leathers.  Ok.  So I say it's too warm.  I'm working on English weather.  And not Irish weather.  I would happily today swaddle myself in knitwear as, I'm not going to lie.  It's freezing here.  It's not just vaguely chilly, it's properly cold.  

However I am undeterred.  And the shopping gods have rewarded my optimism.  I have eschewed all offers of warmer clothes and am still in the market for good old Summer bargains. 

And as I mentioned the other day - my flavour of the month (well for today that is) is a hint of Boho.  We're not doing a full on wardrobe but just one or two pieces.  And the best thing about these is that they last forever.  Boho never goes away.  They're the perfect tops for wearing when you're just bored of the rest of your Summer wardrobe.  They make the perfect change.  

I've definitely gone down the more pared back look for this Summer - well I say that - on the five really warm days we've had this year. 

But a little embroidered, flippy number that can transform an old pair of jeans into a new outfit is not to be sniffed at.  And is the perfect pick me up to a wardrobe that needs a speedy injection of something new before we pack away all the summer favourites for another year.  

However before I start wishing the seasons away, Summer looks like it might put in an appearance (for us over here in Ireland...) next week and a Boho treat is an excellent idea.

I have already scored large today on my trip to Penneys.  9Euro.  I am onto a complete winner.  

Now I apologise in advance as I haven't found anything as near as good a bargain as this.  But I have got some gems that will bring some excitement to the end of your Summer and I can guarantee you'll have in your wardrobe for years.

Embroidered Peplum Smock Top from Topshop £38

But it needn't be in the sale for it be a bargain.  ASOS stock some amazing brands that are very budget friendly. 

Pimkie Printed Blouse £24.99

And a navy, easy to wear number.  

Only Embroidered Boho Top £28

And then one from M&S which in fact would work as well with shorts now as it would into September with culottes or black skinnies and ankle boots.  Fling on a biker jacket and Autumnal boho hello. 

Loose Fit Long Sleeve Lurex Bella Top £29.50

And I have struck gold in the sales at Monsoon. 

Phoebe Print Top from Monsoon was £49 now £14.70

In the sale again, slightly more but then it is Marant... Adore the colours of this and would happily wear this over leather leggings with a big chunky knit (I feel the need for a huge wine coloured one).

Isabel Marant Etoile Tucson Paisley Print Blouse was £224 now £112

And then of course there is the option of pared back Boho.  A bit of dobby, a bit of pintuck, a fit and flare tunic and you've nailed the look with only one colour.  Genius.  Go M&S.  All the look of Marant for a tenth of the price.  Another look that would so well into the Autumn with a pair of beaten up jeans and suede ankle boots. 

Tailored Fit Pintuck Dobby Blouse £29.50 from M&S

And also in a pale pink (and a burnt orange online).

Or you can stretch that little further and go for the Marant.  A gorgeous gorgeous top although as a tallie, I will say this does work better if you're not a giant. 

Isabel Marant Etoile Nathan lace insert cotton top was £224 now £112

And of course I can't not include any dresses and of course my current obsession - yes that will be the maxi. 

Glamourous Festival Maxi Dress £48

Longsleeved again at Glamorous (this is the blue version of the red one the Duchess of Cambridge wore when she was in India).

Indigo Paisley Border Print Lace Up Maxi Dress £50

And here is the red version now only available in the Petite but in the sale for £20 - petite maxi... just going to throw that out there again! 

And at ASOS in limited sizes, regular length again in the sale was £50 now £30. 

Sleeveless for the scorchio weather you're having and one for the holiday suitcase. 

Erin Embroidered Yoke Maxi Dress was £69 now £20.70

One you could definitely wear with a leather jacket over.

Zelda Maxi Dress from Monsoon was £199 now £59

Or dresses that you'll have forever from Marant in the sale. 

Isabel Marant Etoile Tilda Paisley Print Midi Dress was £362 now £217

Or in the blue colourway, again now £217

And here in a not really boho but definitely more boho than I usually wear dress.  My maxi bargain from Zara which I got the other day for the flight on Wednesday.

Black animal embellished maxi dress - Zara
Onyx biker jacket - hush
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Grab bag - Gucci

And on Thursday for a big family get together.  Too many cousins to count, BBQ (which yes, took place in the garage as yes, it's Ireland so it was raining) and happy happy adults.

Logo tee - Zoe Karssen
Black blazer - hush
Black boyfriend jeans - hush
Copeland glitter trainers - Air & Grace
Grab bag - Gucci

So we've had a really busy couple of days catching up with family.  Have a lovely relaxed weekend ahead before the weather warms up here on Monday. (Dear weather men.  You have promised me it will improve here next week.  Remember that....). 

I will be back tomorrow and as a warning - get your sunnies on as I have become slightly consumed with print....

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8 comentarios:

  1. The sales are killing me! After deciding that maxis just aren't for me, I came across the most gorgeous silk crepe, floor-length wrap-around dress (black of course) at almost 70% off! Never mind that I have no occasion whatsoever to wear it. Sigh, all my closet rules out the window but such a bargain and the last one in my size too...what can a girl do?!

    1. You MUST just wear it with sneakers or sandals for during the day!

  2. Not about the Sales but have you seen the pink Toga Pullas? I'm having amoment. And should know better.

    1. I have. They are LUSH. But I already have TPs... in black.... I would highly recommend them though!

  3. Must admit I'm over the sales, probably because I don't feel as though I've any unfinished business (no 'one that got away' clothing items). I'm looking ahead to next season, which at the moment is transitional items, I'm obsessing about airforce blue trousers, hopefully dressy with an edge - not found anything remotely resembling my imaginary trousers yet! Also can't make up my mind about a shirt from Boden, which is similar (but importantly not the same) as one of my favorites which probably has another couple of years wear left in it!
    Danish Pastry

    1. I LOVE transitional dressing. Best of the new season coming up in the next couple of weeks for sure xx

  4. I too love my bargains, to such an extent that I'm resisting buying anything full price. I always promise myself that I"m done with the sales and then find another little gem, I'm becoming addicted! Love your embroidered jacket, gorgeous bargain.