These boots are made for talking

Yes you read that correctly, talking and not walking. 

Except that I do actually want to be able to walk in them which makes the search all the more difficult. 

I also want them to do the talking.  Statement boots.   I know I should be looking at sandals and espadrilles and all things summery but from a hugely selfish perspective, I'm off to Ireland next week where sandals are about as much use as flipflops on Everest.

And I know it's ridiculous, but when I go away on holiday I do always like to have something new to take with me.  Especially as, in the scheme of holidays, to me, going to stay with family for a week in the middle of Ireland doesn't *really* come under the heading of holiday holiday  (the kids LOVE it...)  Unless you insert the word "Busman's" before it.  So I sort of feel a treat is deserved.  And dare I say, it's usually a useful purchase as it's something I can wear all year round, as the temperatures are never tropical (I stand to be corrected one year.  Still waiting).  

Seeing as it's Ireland (although I know, I know, the weather is looking up...I'm not going to point out that it looks like being significantly warmer at home...) a pair of boots therefore, is an excellent idea.

And at the moment, I can't get enough of the off piste numbers.  Maybe two weeks of 24/7 with my three children has sent me slightly batty but I am in it for the bonkers.  Yes, I want my boots to do the talking. 

Starting with ones that yesterday I LOVED (thank the Lord I do have a pause/procrastination button) as today, I think the novelty may have worn off. 

That's not to say I am not hankering after a higher and closer fitting up the leg pair.  I'm just not sure how these would fair come December... (I have visions of plucked chicken style goosebumps peaking through the laces which isn't quite the look I was going for).  Although I can only find one pic of these on a pair of legs with an outfit.  Maybe I should just order them to scratch the itch and prove to myself they are insane.

Studs.  And laces.  I do love them.  I really actually do.

Toga Lace Up Leather boots £350

Some more with a mid heel.  And we are staying with a theme of either buckles or studs.

Call off the dogs at Topshop.  Even though I'm stretching the buckle scenario with a very small buckley thing (not really a buckle at all...) over the toe.  Love the colour.  Love! (bear in mind how much I've said I love...). 

I was asking at Gucci why they didn't do a leather version of their Marmont suede fringed ankle boots.  They didn't listen but Topshop did (clearly this is a conversation I've had by osmosis...). 

Maximum Fringe Loafer Boot in burgundy from Topshop £82 I only hope they're snug on the legs as this is the problem I've had with so many.  

And in the black 

However I've made up for it with the next "buckle" boots.

You want buckle? Here's a buckle.  Of the hugest size I've ever seen.  Take that. 

Buckle Ankle Boots £89.99 from Mango

Now clearly the amount of time spent in constant contact with my children is getting to me as I am rather partial to these.  I'm going to throw it out there that they're not remotely versatile and are probably a complete one trick pony but I have to say, I do rather like them... You'd either wear them with everything or wear them once.  (I have to say I fear the latter... oh darn you sensible head you).

Jeffrey Campbell Buckle Strap Leather Heeled Boots £134

However if we're talking a slight heel and buckles, my favourites have to be the Toga Pullas. 

In black leather £326

Or for this season they have a black on black for £300 at Matches.

If you'd prefer not to pay that, you don't have to and Office have come up with some great tributes. 

Office Jagger Multi buckle boots £85

We're onto flat now.  Marant rules the return of the punk.  Viva Las 80s.

Rolling Leather and Suede Ankle Boots from Isabel Marant £520

But then I carried on looking and the boots just got better.  Oh. My. Lord.  WHY aren't these in stock now - these would so be coming to Ireland with me. 

Rowi calf hair leather ankle boots from Isabel Marant £520

Or the plainer version which are marginally less at £465

Moving onto studs... 

Givenchy Stud Embellished Ankle Boots £895 I have been eyeing these up since seeing Claudia Winkleman rocking them every week on The Great Sewing Bee.

But fear not if you can't quite stretch to a Givenchy pair.  Thank you Toppers. 

Amy Studded Ankle Boots £82

And similar again at ASOS. 

ASOS Ashleigh Leather Studded Ankle Boots £60

Similar buckle style but in a different sort of leather.  I'm going to throw it in that these are slightly out there for me (she says having said she liked the ones above which are a million times more bonkers but with hindsight, I may have had child overload at that point of research). 

Office Lock Down Buckle Boots £95

More Lock Down boots in Olive at Office again £95.  Now these I do love and I think look a lot more expensive than their price belies.

And in the black... 

More flat studs at Baleciaga.  Budget out of the window at this point.

Studded Leather Chelsea boots at Browns £595

Slightly different now and I think these definitely have a Marant feel about them but without the price tag.  It's quite nice actually to find a pair of boots which have a hint of a designer tribute about them without being a direct copy.  I have a pair of flat suede studded boots in tan which I have worn loads and will be definitely taking to Ireland with me.  

Office Jamesons Stud Chelsea boots were £75 now £44

And in the taupe (just spray with suede protector for them to last) were £75 now £41

But then I come to the jewel in the stud boot crown.  So I've already covered the buckle boots with my Toga Pullas which I'm wearing into their third year now.  Can you see where I'm going with this level of justification... yes people, the Chloe Susannas.  At the time, it was toss up between the Togas and the Chloes and I plumped for the (significantly cheaper) former pair. 

This season, they've bought them out in a dark red.  A burgundy shade.  Could these be more perfect?

Susanna leather ankle boots from Chloe £825

Alternatively there is the classic red which has been around for a while now - red again £825 (OUCH)  

The best versions on the high street are definitely from Office and I'm very taken with their white versions...

Office Lucky Charm Studded Boots in white £82

So I am well and truly confused.  The head says I should probably wait for a plainer boot, the heart (which is an eejit) says buy the dark red Chloe ones immediately and wear them to Ireland... thoughts?  I'm just thinking - take four dresses, a pair of jeans, three tees and the boots and be done with it.  It's an expensive packing short cut mind you!  But boy would it make my trip so much more enjoyable..

So outfit from today - who knew what the weather was doing.  It was cool earlier and very windy.  Went for a walk with just the 9yr old (yes obviously there was Pokemon involved - I have given up even trying to persuade the other two lazy bums to join us) and by the time we got back it was 23 degrees.  Warm to say the least.  But I couldn't be bothered to tan my legs so jeans it was. 

Silk blouse - Isabel Marant for H&M
Boyfriend jeans - Current/Elliott
Falcon Black Espadrilles - Seven Boot Lane 
Black Mario bag - Jerome Dreyfuss
Hat - Zara Men

The weather does look like it's improving so maybe I should be buying new espadrilles and not new boots.   I may have to rethink.  

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19 comentarios:

  1. I ordered the TS Maximum boots last week - in black - and really excited about them. Fingers crossed. I bought Toppy's Magnificent sock boots about 6 weeks ago - bagged them after they'd been out of stock for ages and then popped up again. Love them. Hoping with both pairs I cover a few mid heel bases to take me through AW. The dark red Chloe's are gorgeous. Splurge if you can. We can live vicariously through you! Sort of thing you'll keep/love long after they're not so current. IMHO. But hell, what do I know! �� Jill

    1. I love the Magnificents but I know they're too high for every day for me ergo I wouldn't wear them. DAMN! The chances of me buying the dark red Chloes as it stands (after too much wine!) are high...!!

  2. Some of them are quite similar to the Toga Pulla boots you've posted about. But hey don't let that stop you. If you're anything like me, when you find something you like, you have to have it in every colour!

    1. at the moment, the only contenders are the dark red Susannas. Which I know are sort of similar to the TPs. Definitely similar. Very similar. But different... ish...!! And I have to say I am also loving the Marant leopard print ones. A lot.

  3. Nooo I'm all over the burgundy this season. Definitely stick with them!

  4. Definitely get the Chloe burgundy boots. You will get so much use out of them that cost per wear, they will work out as practically a bargain.

    1. I could get them on next day delivery... (forgetting she has to pay for the holiday - DANG it.) I will have them as a treat on my return! If I still want them after a week.. and LOADS of new stuff will be coming in, then I'll definitely get them. x

  5. Go for the burgundy. They look fab. Just that little bit different but classic enough to not go out of style (I don't think burgundy ever does)

    As ever I am totally smitten with the Toga Pullas. Think I might have to eschew all other boot purchasing this year and fund them. I bought the Office and Asos 'alikes' and was disappointed by both. Having said that those asos Ashleigh look interesting...

    1. The Toga Pullas are amazing - I have LOVED them but am planning on wearing them so much this year - I reckon I can get away with another pair too... Although I am still torn between the Gucci Marmonts and the Chloes... Do I sell a kidney and go for both? I have a HUGE clear out to do which I've done once and then put loads back (which I've randomly then worn damn it!) but need to do again...

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous boots! I love the Toga lace up ones too, they appeal to my inner teenage goth ;). But seriously, they look really lovely on the model. Boots with uckles, studs, snakeskin, what more could a girl want!

    1. Ha ha ha - I've weaned myself off them!

    2. And they're OOS in my size anyway and Matches are the only place that sell them! Clearly they weren't on every buyers wish list...!!

  7. Replies
    1. Oh I could happily happily wear them all. I Love love boots.

  8. Oh is that what Claudia was wearing. I thought they were the Pullas and got over excited and ordered a pair of the ASOS dupes, have worn them once and love them!

    1. No they're quite different from the Togas actually. They're very much flatter and more Chelsea style with regards to sole whereas the Togas and the Chloes have a western influence, I would say. If it helps, the real Givenchys are HUGE in real life. I picked one up in Selfridges and thought oh that must be a 7 and it was only a 5! They're enormous..

  9. Horses for courses and all that and I love almost everything on your blog but some of these boots bring me out in a bit of a rash! they are waaaaay too reminiscent of Michael Jackson in the 'Bad' video for my liking!!

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  11. I requested the Topshop greatest boots in burgandy this evening and just had email to say they've been dispatched ..... Presently I'm contemplating whether I ought to have had the dark :-/