It's more new season mayhem

This time at La Redoute.  Now as I've always said, La Redoute isn't normally on my list of go to places, but when you get sent an email with 30% off EVERYTHING and the husband insists on watching the rugby (seriously?  Is this godforsaken sport on every weekend of the blasted year?  Am I the only person on the planet who loathes rugby with a complete passion??), I took advantage just to have a "peruse" to see if there are any gems we should be looking at. 

Bearing in mind my predilection this season for all things maxi, midi and leopard (not to mention metallic and velvet but we won't go there yet... not even I can legitimately talk about velvet in August, regardless of how pants the weather).

But we're starting with the item that first caught my eye (I can't even remember what I was looking for).  I predict this being one of the most useful items in your wardrobe next season.  Perfect for work, ideal with jeans, under dungarees, with a leather skirt, with any skirt, not to mention culottes.... I have a gorgeous one from Warehouse but I'm not going to lie - finding something to wear under is a pain in the proverbial.  Mostly because I am lazy as hell but finding a vest that doesn't look like my stomach rolls and I have been vacuum packed into it, is really really hard. 

So I'm tempted to just get this one... all prices by the way are pre the 30% off code is BANKHOL (I'm therefore assuming it lasts until at least the Bank Holiday which is a week and a bit away?)

Ruffled lace blouse £39

 Or maybe in the black to ring the changes.... 

Alternatively there is this one... which does leave you with my problem of what to wear underneath.  I did wear it once with a nude bra and to be honest, it was fine lookswise as the lace on mine (like this) is very close.  But oh lord, was it breezy... 

High neck lace blouse £35

And again in a black...

Staying with lace but now moving into my beloved midi territory.  Although I would say this is a mini midi as opposed to a maxi midi (clear as mud?) 

Lace panel midi dress £59

The Obi belt is a brilliant idea - this would be so useful with all midi or maxi dresses this Autumn.  I think this is the one.  Or if not, it's pretty much identical and would do the same job.

Wide Tie Belt £19

Would also look amazing on the green version of the dress. 

Another midi that isn't a midi so ideal for those who prefer their midis shorter. 

Printed button through dress £69  Although not sure the belt comes with it.... Very DVF the print though no? Love the idea of this with a trench and ankle or knee boots. 

This is the belt I would wear with this dress - gives it a bit more edge.

Leather Belt with press stud fastening in brown £21

And the black would also be super useful.

Back to green now and this is a gorgeous dress.  Again apologies, like the Dotty P dress from yesterday - for the more diminutive amongst us who are not blessed of chest (I'm the latter.  Clearly God put my boobage on my knees instead..).  But I can't not put it in as it is so cute.

Ruffled bib dress £49

Also in the black again £49 pre discount

I have made no secret of my love for culottes and for me, as I've always said, the longer the better.  These look amazing.  Amazing at the price they're originally at, rude not to with 30% off.

Culottes R Edition £29

And a navy pair.  I have worn mine from the Alexa range at M&S more than I ever thought and for sure, they're going to be a staple going into the Autumn .

Or if you prefer more trouser style as opposed to skirt style, I would be trying the flannel look ones.  And a colour I would never thought of trying but how amazing are these colour combos?

Flannel look culottes in brick red £35

And the black versions again £35 pre discount

Finally, not forgetting the print that I mentioned yesterday.  I feel that I need this to go with all my waisted jeans (although to be fair, the above lace tops will be earning their keep with them.  Just thought how well they'll go together.  Can't believe I haven't thought of wearing my Warhouse one with them before.  Love a bit of inspiration).   The 70s meets Marimekko.

Loose fit printed blouse £29

Speaking of tops that go with wide leg jeans (or culottes and I'm going to throw in my skirts as well now), this is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.  

Striped Jumper in navy and red £24 pre discount (yes you get 30% off this price)

And in the navy and ecru again £24 pre discount

Seems rude therefore not to include some flared jeans... £49

Another item that would work perfectly with the above jeans, not to mention the culottes and dresses above would be a little leather jacket.  Rather like the Gerard Darel one which I've just bought.  Which, I will admit, definitely falls into the realms of... dare I say it...yes it's a  bomber jacket.  But definitely on the shrunken side (not that that makes my volte face any more acceptable.  Duh).

And I have found a couple of gorgeous options which make the 30% off a really good idea.

The first one is really quite special.  The detailing, in my opinion, does make it worth the money and I would assume that the leather will be amazing (apologies I can't confirm that!)

Leather Bomber Jacket in Plum £195 pre discount 

Oh as if by magic withe some flared jeans....

Also available in black and green.

But if you want a more reasonable option, I've had this one on before and then happened to buy the GD one that is remarkably similar.  For the money, as much as I love the detailing of the one above (shoulders...) this one would probably get my vote.  Although it is faux leather and not real... but for the money, if you don't think you're going to get that much wear out of it, this has to be worth trying.

Bomber jacket £49 pre discount

And in the green....

Whilst we're on the topic of jackets, I have a myriad of posts coming up on Autumnal outerwear but as a sneak preview, I have to show you this waterproof. 

I am constantly being asked about styling raincoats and do they exist.  Well, voila.  Ok ok sp it doesn't have a hood which is a teensy, tiny bugbear of mine (seriously, what's the point of rainwear without something to cover my head?  My hair is not waterproof).  But I guess you're supposed to wear a hat (good luck with finding one of them) or a brolly - which is about as much use as a chocolate teapot with any number of small children.  

However as stylish waterproofs go, this is the best I've seen in a long time.  And with 30% off, not to be sniffed at.

Peter Pan Collar Raincoat £49

But finishing with the look that cemented it for me.  You know when you see an outfit and think - I need that.  The colour, the proportions, the fabrics, the details (ok so it's normally, the location, the model's figure and hair colour which have a huge part to play too.  Which we all gloss over of course) are all perfect. 

The fact the chances of it looking the same on you being totally non existent, are clearly neither here nor there.  

Midi Skirt £59 It has pockets.  POCKETS.

I have failed totally in that I can locate neither the shoes nor the jumper but the skirt itself I think could be emminently wearable on so many occasions.  I have a skirt itch I have scratched and have come up super trumps with so will be reporting back on those this week.  I think we may have mastered them (and and the tops to go with them.  *punches air*). 

So hope you had a happy Sunday and happy La Redoute browsing.  If I've missed a gem, do let me know, please.

Today from me, super casual outfit for long walk in the park and a longer BBQ with friends.   Thank you sunshine for holding out till dusk.

Navy tee - Zoe Karssen
Wide leg jeans - Me+Em
Copeland glitter trainers - Air & Grace
Navy boucle jacket - Zara

Tomorrow I have a host of articles to write, the boys are going to football (all the fingers crossed whilst I jump up and down with glee at having a couple of hours boy free...) and the 11 yr old has friends over to make macaroons (this seems like a good idea.  I have bought a sugar thermometer as per her strict instructions.  She is already counting down the days till she can file an application for Bake Off.  In the meantime, I am still at the "weeping as the mess she makes when she cooks" stage.)

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  1. Lovely one does end up going Le Redoute. Wonder why? The midi skirt looks good. Can we please have a post dedicated to midi skirts again...leather midi skirts from M&S in particular.

    1. Yes definitely midi skirts on the horizon xxx

  2. I know that cooking with children feeling. My eldest is really good but oh my, the clear up. I have to leave the room when she's baking. I am now feeling the need for all of those lace tops despite having a wardrobe full of them - there always seems room for one that might just be that bit more perfect :O Love those shoes that you can't track down also although not sure how much I'd wear them anyway so try not to find them! Not sure if I should foray into culottes or another hoodless coat but I like it all... Can you tell it's nearly pay day!

    1. Although I'm not qualified at commenting (not having kids myself) on clearing up skills of the youngsters of today, I can only say that one adult who is rushing towards her 50th birthday at an alarming pace (closely followed by her younger sister - me!), has yet to learn the art of clearing up in the kitchen. I honestly can't remember how I was at the age of 11, but I do remember mid teens cooking with big sis, it was always easier to let her do the actual cooking while I did the clearing up on the go!
      When sis and family came to visit last, she made the good decision to leave all the cooking to me, which meant I could pander to my obsession to have a neat kitchen when I sit down to eat (yes Mum, that's your fault). A necessity in a kitchen diner!
      I totally agree about umbrellas being useless, my reason is living on the windy West coast of Denmark - even my storm umbrella hasn't been a total success, and has already had a little repair job after comparatively few outings! But then most hoods that look stylish always end up getting blown off my head too, which leaves hats that I always look like a dork in! Help is needed...
      Danish Pastry

    2. Ha ha ha - yes I'm not sure how much I'd wear them definitely....

      Coat with a hood that falls down. SO right.

  3. Hi, ... that was a teeny bit of a tease! I thought you had found a perfect raincoat with a hood (I am on the search!) Would love to see what you could find :) Love your blog xxx

    1. I will continue with the search, fear not!

  4. Hi Kat. Do you have any idea what the sizing is like at la redoute please? The lace panel midi dress reminds me of your warehouse embroidered one that I saw your photo of and I love! Kit x

    1. Oh gosh I don't, I'm so sorry. Like I say, it's somewhere I always think I should end up buying from buy don't. ARGGHH. Yes it's quite similar to my Warehouse one, isn't it? I think it looks amazing with the belt x

  5. You are a trooper - I just don't have the strength to do the Le Redoute website there is SOOOOO much stuff to wade through to find a star piece. I am also believing I could look like the model if I find the shoes and jumper (and buy the skirt) - if only!!

    1. Quick update - Le Redoute has confirmed neither the top/jumper nor the shoes are available (most probably owned by the stylist or the model!). I suggested they might want to find those shoes!! :)

    2. Oh - and the 30% is off the sale prices too!!

    3. Oh well done you!! Did you email them?? How completely random is that - putting an outfit on a website yet you can only buy one out of the three things featured... 30% off sales prices is amazing isn't it? AND it's off branded things too !( the 11yr old is gutted they don't sell Superstars....adidas, not Golden Goose!!)

  6. Thanks for code tip but gosh their site is pants isn't it? So much to wade through and so badly presented. I like the lace blouse but think I would look preg in it (medical miracle) and the midi skirt too long for me but will explore their house section as duvet covers beckon (the glamour!)

    1. I know people who rave about their interiors. Personally I'm the biggest H&M Home fan but maybe I should have a wade through La Redoute too. Yes, the website is a MARE!

  7. As you say hit and miss but over the years more hit...Their wool boxy jumpers have always been great value

    1. oooh I will hunt them down, thank you x

  8. Love the grey outfit... Here's the jumper, no luck with the shoes though.

  9. I've just ordered a knitted turtle neck dress from La Redoute in a camel/beige which looks lovely on the site and comes in a few other colours. Fingers crossed it works out.

    1. Fingers crossed... Can't believe we're thinking about turtle neck knitted dresses in August!!

  10. I love everything about that gray outfit!!! The silhouette, the tones, those shoes. Will definitely use this as inspiration for fall.

  11. I love everything about that gray outfit!!! The silhouette, the tones, those shoes. Will definitely use this as inspiration for fall.