A holiday must for me.

When that holiday is in this country.  Or perhaps Northern France.   Or Northern Europe full stop.  Definitely Ireland.  Seeing as they mostly have the same weather as us.  And if you're a regular holidayer (apparently a word - I'm not convinced..) of these regions, you will be more than aware that the weather can be temperamental.  

Which is code for "often shite".

And frankly, swanning around in a vest top can be a punchy move.  What are my staples for me when I go to Ireland or Suffolk?  (which we do every year a couple of times)  Tees.  The classic tees. 

Except that a classic tee can be... well... dull.  It's fine for one day of normcore chic but after that, I find it all becomes a bit samey.  It's my inner fashion magpie that can't be quiet.  Grey tee, black tee, white tee.  Of course you could ring the changes with colour but my holiday wardrobe is always very much of the super neutral variety.  Don't get me wrong, I always do fling in a bit of colour with a jumper, a bag or a scarf.  But a coloured tee has never worked for me (she says slightly concerned that she has a whole drawer of coloured tees somewhere...). 

If you read the blog regularly, you will know that my tee of choice has stuff on the front.  It may be a slogan, it may be a picture but emblazoned with something it is.  It's my version of colour. 

And my tees of choice?  Hush and Zoe Karssen.  Both I find are perfect.  They fit incredibly well, in that they're fitted without being clingy.  Dear lord there is nothing worse than a tee that vacuum packs your rolls of fat for you.  Ok so maybe you're fortunate enough to be roll free but I have a wine baby that is nestled around my waistband.  And I don't need anyone else knowing it's there. 

So a tee that is forgiving around the middle is the only tee that makes it into my wardrobe. 

Starting with good old Zoe Karssen.  Now these are not cheap.  But you can find them on sale and it's worth snapping them up when you do.  In fact it's the perfect time to buy these tees as I think all the ones I've found (and bought!) are on offer.

Kiss & Tell Printed Jersey tee from Zoe Karssen was £60 now £27

And another Zoe Karssen. 

Forever Cowboy printed cotton jersey t-shirt was £60 now £30

And one that I've treated myself to for my hols.  The ultimate in versatile.  Perfect for throwing on with jeans and a blazer or biker jacket but would easily double up with a pair of leather leggings and heels for a lunch or night out. 

Printed Modal Cottton tee from Zoe Karssen was £80 now £35.20

And others that I'll be taking with me from hush which are now a bargain in the sale. 

This I love.  The small is a perfect size 10/12.

Etoile Tee from hush was £30 now £20

Another which I don't have which is new to the sale.  Love a grey one.  So perfect for putting with navy as well as black. 

hush Smiley tee was £30 now £20

Another grey, this time with pink (and I've mentioned how much I love pink.. I have a sales jumper from Me+Em that I shall be taking on holiday with me for over the tees).

Graphic Palm Print Tee was £30 now £20

Or more pink with the flamingo tee.  This with boyfriend jeans, a black blazer, black sliders and a black bag and you're off. 

hush Flamingo tee was £30 now £20

Another brand that I've hankered over but have never got round to buying, is Etre Cecile.

In Fries We Trust (hell yes) from Etre Cecile was £49 now £27  And an outfit that I completely love.

And v neck now although we're upping the budget but we're still in the sale. 

Printed modal jersey t-shirt with metallic from Halston Heritage was £85 now £42.50

So I am packing my black and white selections that I have from Zoe Karssen and hush but will be back with some other summer must haves for packing if you're going away in the UK. Or Ireland.  Which is like the UK minus 10 degrees plus rain...  On the upside, totally legitimate reasons to start googling new boots and sneakers that can deliver tomorrow.. obviously. 

And here today in some old favourites.  This top I bought for my sister in law's wedding when I was 7 months pregnant.  Said baby is now 8 next week!  I wore it back to front with white skinnies and beige and pearl strappy heels from LK Bennett, as well as a huge pearl bib necklace.  Clearly the fact I can remember what I was wearing but have no idea if I've locked the car, 5 seconds after I walk away from it, probably isn't something to be proud of.

Linen and crochet top - By Malene Birger
Paint splattered khaki trousers - Zara
Tan gladiator sandals - Aldo
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

Tomorrow I have a ton of things to do before we go away - you know how it goes.  You assumed you're organised and don't have to much to do.  Every.  Time.  *weeps*.  On the upside, I now have my head around what I'm taking with me.  It's just how to actually fit into the budgie sized carry on that is slightly perturbing.  Packing.  Anyone else's idea of hell on earth?!

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18 comentarios:

  1. I detest packing... It's in my Room 101, the locking the car made me laugh, I'm glad it's not just me
    Have a lovely holiday

    1. Every. TIme. Someone told me to say something bonkers when you do it (the same every time) and then you can remember saying that as opposed to the locking of the car. Except that I even forget to do that... honestly, it's woeful. I even call my children by different names and end up yelling YOU - YES YOU at them. I should just buy more boots and be done with it, shouldn't I?!

  2. Strangely I love packing but hate unpacking! Sitting here drinking vodka and watching Made in Chelsea after a week in Suffolk, can't stir to load the washing machine - have a fantastic holiday!

    1. Oh dear god don't even get me started on the unpacking. VIle - truly vile. Can't watch Made in Chelsea! But I am so so looking forward to our Suffolk holiday later in the Summer. Although I tend to wash everything on the last day we're there so I can bring home a suitcase of clean clothes. How sad is that?!

  3. I followed your blog for a few years and overtime you wear this top ..... I swoon..... one of my favourites. xxx

    1. that should read every time .... hate Predictive!!!!! xx

    2. Oh it would look so lovely on you! They do come up on ebay from time to time..!

  4. Ever thought of going somewhere with reliable warmth and sunshine? It really is a pick me up... Xx

    1. We are going to Florida in October. Main problem is that my husband absolutely HATES the heat (seriously - wtf?) and the Med Summer heat doesn't work with my Aspie son, bless him. Plus we have to fit Ireland in (family) and the kids absolutely love Suffolk (they prefer it to anywhere else!). Problem with the summer holiday months is that it's either not reliable sunshine (northern France!) or it's too warm. ARGGHH. Florida in October will be fabulous though - can't wait!

    2. I take your points!! How about Portugal, the Algarve? Gorgeous sunny warm weather but not quite Mediterranean heat as it's on the Atlantic Coast. You have to do what's best for your family, but years of rain just got to me... All the best xx

    3. Brilliant idea - I'll have a look at that, thank you xx And I know EXACTLY what you mean. I'm so so used to proper long summer holidays (we used to live in Spain as children - we had a villa there!!!) that it has come as a shock to the system, but it's not as if we don't get a break at all - we're lucky in that respect. Plus I'm also v fortunate that I do get time away on my own with the girls and with the husband. Although since my mum died that hasn't been possible bar for the one night as we've no one to leave the children with!

  5. We're very similar on the holiday front, hardly ever go anywhere hot - kids prefer surfing in wetsuits which personally I don't understand. Love the T-shirt selection, they do add a bit of interest to any outfit;

    1. If you asked my kids would you rather go to Italy or Suffolk, they say Suffolk!!

  6. Love your blog and style. Your holiday packing is making me laugh as we do Ireland (Donegal, going on Saturday) and North Norfolk (just got back) on rotation so we have very similar packing dilemas. No dilema really, just which layers and waterproofs to take! On the subject of waterproofs, any chance you could do a blog on practical but stylish coats for rain, if such a thing exists??

    1. I will do that when I get back! (or maybe when I'm away if the need is there...!!) And you're right - the only dilemma is when you get that odd day of scorching weather and you've got nothing to wear! Hardly a dilemma though and only happens once every three years!

  7. Love the Halston t shirt, especially the v neck to flatter my huge chest! It's out of stock though on the Outnet, any other bright ideas where I can get it?
    I also detest packing, it takes too long for a start. Back this morning from 2 weeks in Gran Canaria and have missed my fashion fixes. Now to decide what to wear to flash my golden tan, being fair skinned it really won't last long but being allergic to fake means I've got to make hay whilst the sun shines!

  8. OMG I can't imagine being allergic to fake tan! The other place you could try for Halston is Flannels? Otherwise I'd just try a good old Google search. GOod luck xxx

  9. Just come back from 2 1/2 weeks in Brittany and am catching up on your blog - been looking forward to it, you always make me smile and often laugh out loud. We're not usually warm holidayers, it's been west coast Scotland for the last 8 years ( camping) so that means taking every stitch of clothing from winter to summer as the weather is so unpredictable and I have no means of washing until we get home! This year we tried Brittany at my insistence, it was mostly v warm but I confess to missing the wilds and solitude of Scotland and I think the boys probably feel Scotland has the edge too. So I think next summer I'll be avoiding the strappy dresses as no occasion to wear and loading up on tees like the ones above. Thanks as ever for an entertaining and informative blog, only been following for a few months but you've already been influencing my shopping habits and style.