It's the perennial favourite...

....although admittedly I did fall out of love for a short while. 

But what it did mean that when I discovered how much I adored them again, it was like falling in love for the first time all over again. 

Of course I'm talking about classic jeans. 

And whilst packing for over here in Ireland, I realise, seeing as I only packed one pair, how useful they are.  As I should have packed at least two.  Fool.  Eejit.

Just to torture me, I then get three emails telling me how denim can be the immediate injection of new into my wardrobe.  Yeah, thanks for that Mango, Gap and The Outnet.

So in memory of the jeans I didn't bring with me, I'm thinking forward to jeans that I will be wearing over the coming months with pure pleasure. 

It's the versatility of them that I've come round to realising makes them so special.  They work for every sort of outfit (ok I'll give you maybe not black tie or super smart occasion wear).  The ideal throw on for days when you're verging on hobo but throw on a pair of heels and a blazer and you could easily wear them out for dinner.  And that's the same pair. 

My current favourites?  Well, I'll be honest, it's two pairs - the newer wide leg crops which I have and shall be exploring in more detail shortly (currently with 10% off at Me+E though using the code TREAT10) but it's the classic loose, straight legs which I'm all over today.  The one pair I have with me - although I'll be honest, mine are a very loose leg.  And to prove how useful they are, these are old. Five years old now - a vintage pair of Current/Elliott I in fact bought from ebay as they didn't make them anymore.  

Perfect with sneakers and a tee for during the day.  The ultimate in dress down with a sweatshirt and Uggs for slobbing round the house.  And as I said, a blouse (or tee), sequin jacket or blazer and heels - be them boots, sandals or courts - just perfect for nights out.

You will wonder how you ever lived without them.

Now these aren't quite as loose as mine but I find Current/Elliott does come up big so I'm wearing my normal size which are I would say a good two sizes too big.  I also have the Industrial Pants by C/E and again, I would say you could size down with them.

The Vintage Straight Distressed Mid Rise Jeans was £220 now £99

And the same size in a different wash with a frayed hem which I adore, this time £98 down from £245

I think the C/E boyfriend jeans might be better. 

The Boyfriend distressed low rise jeans were £210 now £94.50

Alternatively there is The Fling from Current/Elliott which is a mid rise loose boyfriend style, available in loads of different washes and finishes. 

This would be my pick. 

The Fling distressed mid rise boyfriend jeans from Current/Elliott were £210 now £95

Another boyfriend pair which I would definitely be taking a look at, from Acne.

Boy high rise boyfriend jeans from Acne were £240 now £120

But were I to be picking a new pair, these are the ones that would get my vote from the designer end of the scale. 

Mid-rise distressed straight leg from 7 for All Mankind were £210 now £90.30

However denim on the high street is absolutely not to be sniffed at.  One of my favourite pairs of jeans which I have worn for about four years - the old Real Straight which they unfortunately don't make anymore - are from Gap.  However they do now make a shape which I would say is very very similar - and now with 30% off at Gap on all their denim until Wednesday evening. 

Original 1969 destructed vintage straight leg jeans were £64.95 now £45.46 in regular, petite and tall.

Or a classic vintage style indigo, also in the new straight style was £54.95 now £38.47

The other shape that is loose and I think looks worth trying is their Girlfriend leg.

Authentic 1969 destructed girlfriend jeans £49.95 now £34.97

Although I have to say I am also loving the two tone girlfriend jeans - these definitely don't look as loose as their vintage straight style but would work perfectly if you didn't like the very loose look.  Now also with the 30% off at £34.97

Another store which is definitely worth looking at is the sister company of Gap, Banana Republic.  When I went to New York earlier in the year, my friend got the most amazing pair of (admittedly skinny) jeans from here.  And I think the UK prices have in fact come down.  They were definitely this sort of price, if not more over there.

Boyfriend Jean in regular and tall from Banana Republic £59.50

Or in the Indigo again in tall, petite and regular £59.50

However my bargain of the day is from Mango and yes, even in the sale.  I cannot justify another pair of jeans, even at this price, but they are fabulous. 

Kate high waist jeans from Mango were £39.99 now £19.99

And here I am in mine yesterday - the one pair I bought with me.  Is it wrong to say I can't wait to get home to put on more denim?  This Autumn, I'm thinking jumpers and polo necks, jeans, jeans and more jeans and long chunky cardigans.  RIght now, I have a hankering for cardigans.  Or long chunky coats.  Oh my lord, I mentioned coats in August.  Which is wrong of me, seeing as we are, according to my Irish family, "sweltering" in 22 degrees.  When I've begged to differ and say it's not "that" warm, my mother in law pointed out that her plants were already dying after two days of "this weather" and she's had to go and water them.  I did mention that it's wall to wall rain for the next week according to the weather forecast.  You have not seen a happier set of faces!  

But here I am "sweltering" yesterday... (and no of course I didn't have to take my jacket off!)

Feather tee - hush
Jeans - Current/Elliott
Black blazer - hush
Black Sandals - & Other Stories
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci

So today... we are off the the races.  And then, I think we may go to Bingo again later.  I have to say, any friends of mine at home be warned - I am organising a Bingo night as it is officially THE best fun you can have.  Even better when you win.  I was 15Euro up the other night.  Best feeling ever!  And I shall be bringing my dabbers home...

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21 comentarios:

  1. I'm all for a straight leg, and recently discovered that skinny does look okay on me just as I start to hear that skinny is on the way out! Still seeing a lot in the shops though.
    Not so keen on wider legs, they swamp my petite figure, even bootlegs seem to make me feel bottom heavy! That said I can appreciate on other people!
    Today is warm enough for shorts, need that fake tan though, so I can't quite muster up interest for autumn dressing today.
    My main objective is how to stop me looking too washed out in black for a funeral I'm attending on Friday, obviously can't brighten my outfit up too much, I'm leaning towards touches of navy.
    Danish Pastry

    1. Oh no honestly I think you're fine with a skinny leg. I actually find them easier to wear in the A/W as the proportions work better for me with a chunky longline jumper over the top. For the funeral - you could always wear shades of grey too. Hope it goes as well as can be expected x

  2. Happy to hear that I won't be out of date in skinnies, just seen a pair of navy pinstripes I'm loving!
    As for the funeral I'm in two minds, choice one is a mock wrap silk dress (I misplaced the tie belt so I'm using a skinny silk scarf in black/navy) with a 'pale' navy top underneath. Choice two is charcoal grey trousers with a tux stripe and black blouse. It's going to be fairly warm, so the dress is best for that, but I'll be going into work on the train first and am thinking trousers are more practical. It's a close friends mother who has passed away, so it's really important to be giving support when they need it.
    Danish Pastry

    1. Can you change at work? To be honest, both outfits sound lovely and perfectly appropriate. Really hope it goes well xx

  3. I have the Banana Republic boyfriends in two different washes - love them. I like my boyfriends really baggy, and found that my usual size was just right for that. So may be worth sizing down if you want them a bit closer fit. I've also got a pair of the authentic real straight from Gap (the almost-no-elastane version), and they're great. Like a slim fit rather than dead straight, and I got the shorter length ones so that they sit right at my ankle. I've also got a pair of the original real straight from years ago, and they're definitely different - feel more like boyfriends in comparison!

  4. I like jeans but they don't like me! Bought a pair in US last year and haven't worn them once! Big hips and short legs alert! The last time I wore them regularly was when Bananarama and Dexys were in the charts and I had an oversized pair with a high waist that I wore a belt round 'Tooo ra ay" - you look lovely in yours though!

    1. Oh noooo. Have you tried them with different tops? But to be fair, there are lots of things I can't wear that others love. Would be a dull world if we all wore the same thing anyway x

    2. True, and I love reading about them.....

  5. Hi Kat did you see the deconstructed worker jeans right at the bottom of the Gap promo email? They were great but sadly I can't find them on the website. I tried googling but no joy. They'll probably come in stock when the deal ends ... Just my luck

    1. Yes they're the ones at the top - the Vintage Straight deconstructed one I' msure.....

  6. I can't see any on the website with a let down hem like on the email ?

    1. Hmm I see what you mean. Ok I think either a) they're the decontructed Girlfriend jean which I think is above - scroll through the pics on the Gap page for where the hem isn't rolled up... or b) they've had them altered via their hem personalisation thingy which it says you can do (although the link won't work for me..)

  7. Current/Elliott Flings are my favourite jeans in the world - I have about four pairs in different washes. Have to say though that my illusions are somewhat shattered by your Ugg boot confession!

    1. They are THE best slippers in the Winter!!

  8. THANK YOU for the Me+Em code! I've been lusting after their leather skirt and waiting for one before going for it!! xx

    1. oh so so so worth it. I still have my eye on the wide leg culottes....

  9. Oh perfect! I am up for some straight blue jeans. I have some gap old real straight jeans in black that are ankle length. They are now the perfect washed black. I will be distraught when they eventually die... I have been turning them up more for slightly cropped look this summer. Thanks so much for the info on their new styles, I will have a good look.

  10. I've got the banana republic boyfriends in the first wash pictured, they were my holiday bargain from my States trip at the end of May, found one pair which happened to be in my size on the sale rail in the Boston Newbury St store for $20! They are fab, flatteringly slim around hips and bum, but still perfect boyfriend style.