A little faux love and I fear it's obsession no.5.

It's faux leather bottoms.  If we include real leather than it can definitely be classed as obsession number 5.  In real leather, my poison of choice is of the skirt and leggings variety which, on its own doesn't seem too out of hand. 

But when you throw in faux leather as well - things start to look iffy.  My obsession is definitely with the trouser variety.  Joggers, check, peg leg trousers, check, dungarees, check (in fact, I dedicated a whole blog to them back in January), culottes, check and now the awkward length trousers.  Which, if you ask me, are basically wide leg crops.  Which, we all know I absolutely absolutely love. 

Why do I love them?  Their versatility, the fact they are a cool and groovy (the fact that I've even typed that is testament to the fact that I need on trend trousers to help me even though there is officially no cool way to say cool in fashion without sounding like a tool) and can transform the most dull jumper into an outfit that you love.  They work with heels  - of either the shoe or boot variety and all sorts of flats, from trainers, to loafers, to ballet flats, to sandals.  Not to mention they go with pretty much every sort of jacket you can think of - biker (personally I'd avoid leather with pleather unless Hell's Angels is your thang), blazer, coat or cardigan.  Have I sold you yet?

We then come onto the faux leather bit.  Pleather is my new favourite fabric.  These days, it is such high quality, it's often hard to tell the difference from just looking, between the faux and the real mccoy.  The price and the washing instructions are the biggest give away.  Which means, when you're looking for an item that you're probably not going to be keeping forever - faux is your friend.  It adds instant chic to a usually dull garment.  For a printphobe (no it's not a word but it should be - actually there probably is a word for someone who doesn't like print - which isn't in fact me, thinking about that riot of a dress I had on yesterday.  But you know what I mean) like me who can think of nothing she would prefer than to be head to toe in black (throw in a bit of white so I don't like look like a 44yr old EMO), the difference in texture works in the same way as a print.  

These are what I bought (about a month ago in fact for a big meeting I had and then I didn't wear them and *may* have forgotten about them till I saw them hanging in my wardrobe yesterday).  I will be wearing them a lot in the coming months, you have been warned.  Primarily as they are so versatile.  And comfortable.  I even sized up (old lady alert) so that they wouldn't be too snug on the waist (the. shame).  

And they have pockets.  On that basis alone, that's enough reason to purchase. 

Faux Leather Awkward Trousers from Topshop £38

Now I like them plain but if you are looking for a twist on something that's already a twist I guess, then these may be up your street. 

ASOS Frill Side Leather Look Culotte Trousers in khaki £38

Culottes again in a perfect Spring shade. 

ASOS Premium Leather Look culottes in neutral were £40 now £16

Moving on to trousers.  Which again, I love and have, in fact, worn for a couple of years now.  The ideal trousers that will take you from the school run and supermarket shop with trainers to out in the evening with heels.  I wore a similar pair to these last Christmas in fact with a pair of velvet flats.  They are so super versatile and the easiest trousers I know to dress up or down.

Faux leather trousers from La Redoute were £79 now £39.50 with an extra 30% off the sale price with the code BIG30 (that's 30% off everything).

I have these (they also do them in Tall on the site).

ASOS Leather Look Joggers with tie £35 

Moving away from black.

Leather look cigarette trousers from ASOS in oxblood was £38 now £22.50

Or ASOS Premium Leather Look Peg Leg Trousers with Obi Tie were £40 now £16

And then I am rather taken with these. 

Faux Leather Trousers from La Redoute £29 with 30% of using the code BIG30.

Skirts.  I have found some absolute bargains which are great to give the look a go if you're not a fully paid up member of the pleather tribe.  AND THEY ALL HAVE POCKETS (that definitely needs shouting about).

Love it styled with a simple tee.

Faux Leather Midi Skirt from La Redoute £39 with 30% off BIG30

Similar at ASOS. 

Dr Denim Leather Look Midi Skirt was £50 now £35

This one also has pockets. 

ASOS Skater Skirt in midi length was £40 now £26

ASOS Pleated Leather Look Midi Skirt in Khaki £45

Another khaki skirt again, a better midi length for lots of you. 

ASOS Skater Skirt in leather look with belt was £50 now £40

And then.  BUGGER.  Bugger bugger bugger.  I had so thought I could blithely write this blog in the smug knowledge that I had this trend covered.  Totally covered.  And then I see this.  

ASOS Asymmetric Hem Skirt with Ruffle Detail in Leather Look £48

And here I am in my cropped awkward pair from Topshop.

Je ne regrette rien jumper - Orwell + Austen
Awkward length trousers in black faux leather - Topshop
Coat - Autograph at M&S
White trainers - Veja at Quattro Rish
Black Tools Bag - Balenciaga

Lovely lazy Sunday afternoon here after a rather manic morning - going half the way to a rugby tournament until we realised it was cancelled.  Due to monsoon like conditions and a waterlogged pitch.  One then refused to go to training, so dropped him at home and instead of heading back to bed, I dutifully took the other who lasted an hour and then decided he'd had enough.  I will admit I didn't even attempt to persuade him otherwise.

And the husband is cooking dinner so I now feel I am winning on a Sunday!  Hope everyone had had a great weekend.  Are you a pleather lover or loather?  Have I managed to persuade you, were you already a fan or are you still a dissenter?   Tomorrow, I'm back with what I know is going to be my staple top for this season.  

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10 comentarios:

  1. As a fully paid-up member of the pleather/coated trousers (of every conceivable variety) gang, I thought I could safely read this blog without being tempted. But then, DAMN YOU, you lure me in with skirts. Now, I know I hardly ever wear skirts (highly impractical in my line of work) but the first two - especially the La Redoute one - are very, very appealing. Polo neck & studded boots (now), T-shirt and mules (summer)....SOLD.

    1. And it's such a bargain isn't it? I may well lose hours of my life on the La Redoute site tonight...

  2. I've always shied away from pleather trousers as I'm afraid that they'd be an unbreathable as a bin bag. If that's not true then a whole new pleather world just opened up before me....!

    1. I hate to break it to you but not at all! They are so easy to wear - the backing isn't pleather, it's usually a fauxe suede feel to it?? If that makes sense? You should just try (although I'm warning you - it's a very very slippery slope....)

  3. I have the ASOS joggers and absolutely LOVE them ! Really comfortable - as you say - the lining is more soft and fleecy, not the sticky plasticky feel I had anticipated at all. Wardrobe staple . You gave me the heads up, so thanks !

    1. Oh I'm so pleased! I've had mine for a year or so now and wear them more than I ever thought I would. In fact, I also got a Topshop pair which are thinner and slightly more cropped as I wear them so often!

  4. i love all the wide, cropped, trousers and the skirts on you, i do have the pleather legging [zara] but at 5ft 3in i do struggle with anything that is wide or cropped any suggestions please.xx

    1. How about one of the shorter midi skirts? I don't think they're that long at all and would probably be the perfect *midi* length on you!

  5. Accidentally ordered the La Redoute skirt. £27.30 with free delivery. Bargain! Thank you! Jo